Lulu: Do I have to???? What if he’s lips are gross?
Owen: Oh please! Now let’s do it.
Adrianne: Oh I’m ready………. To kiss Cody!
Cody: oh great!
Lulu: oh come on I need to kiss him not you
All: cause now we are Kissing!
All: Kissing oh Kissing
Duncan: Bucker up! Now let’s kiss!
Natalie: Ok ok let’s get on with this!
Natalie and Duncan: Cause we are Kissing
Duncan: Yeah we are Kissing
Gabriella: He’s ugly! I don’t wanna kiss him!
Harold: Come on we have to win.
Gabriella: Oh man!
Gabriella and Harold: Cause now we are Kissing!
Jax: no way am i kissing a boy.
Blaine: i'd rether kiss my dog's choo toy!
Blaine and Jax: cause we are not kissing!
Zoey: We are almost in dead last!
DJ: We have to do this fast!
DJ and Zoey: So we can win! Win win! For our team. Now we are Kissing!
All: Kissing oh yeah kissing!
Zoey: To win!!!
All: YEAH!!!!!!