Chris: last time on total drama aroudn the world: Ramayana! the home of vanpires! and somethings you never want to see. Noah gets kid nap by one. and wally and Jared scream for help by one. and so diid Tyler and Abby........ alittle. Heather and Alekjandro just keep kissing. Team Mexico won! so they got scary movies. what will happend in this episode of....... total drama around the world!

*first class*

*Scary movie is playing is DJ is sreaming*
DJ: make it stop.
Jordan: oh don't be a wouse.
Owen: Owen likes scary movies............... only because Izzy likes scary movies.
Ray: yeah.............
Zoey: so where are we heading next?
Rochelle: who knows???
Lulu: chris.
Rochelle: well no duh.
Cody: don't go for the door!!!!!
Adrianne: yeah don't go for the door!!!!!!!


Lulu: ever sence the kiss in Parus Adrianne been doing everything Cody wants or says.agggggggg i hate that kiss. that should have been me kissing him not me kissing Owen. *shivers* i hate the moment.


*Non-first class*

*Katie is crying*
Duncan: aggggggggg
Draven: what the crying????
Duncan: no. team Mexico is in first class watching scaru movies. I love scary movies. i live for scary movies.
Draven: your girl friend is in that team so maby she will give you some.
Duncan: maby but dout ful.
Buddy: i can't stand anymore crying. she's gone next time!
Katie: will you vote me off Buddy???? i'll do anything.
Blaine: No buddy i know someone els you could vote off.
Buddy: who???
Blaine: come to the mess hall with me.
Buddy: ok.
*Buddy and Blaine walk out*
Draven: *loosk a Katie crying* hummmmmmm.......


Draven: sure no girls got me votted off yet. but she wants to leave. but too bad she is on my team......... maby i can brive chris to make em change teams so i can make Katie's team vote her off.......... or maby when we leave i can convence the team to vote Katie off. hummmmmmmm..... good idea Draven. good idea.


*mess hall*

Buddy: what is it????
Blaine: Vote off Tyler.
Buddy: no katie is anoring. *walks back in loser class*
Blaine: but why not??????
Chris: perpare to land!


Ray: so what's our challange. *looks around*


Ray: it fills good saying What's the challange with out anyone saying "agggggggggggggggg"


Chris: our challange us to make toys.
Owen: will santa get thease toys??????
Chris: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........... yeaaaaaaaaaaaah.
DJ: sweat!
Chris: First you make the out of clay. then you but it in the kilm Afer an hout you color it. than you put it in this glazer. first team to do that wins.
Kasey: we better win!
Chris: ready set GO!!!!!!!!!!!
Owen: time to make toys for santa!
dJ: yeah! santa is going to get them
*owen and DJ High 5*
*Rochellle rolls eyes*
*song bell*
Owen: oh oh i got a good one!
Chris: than lets here it!

*Song starts*

Owen: Santa makes them!
Zoey: Oh please!
Owen: Santa wraps them!
Zoey: Yeah right!
Owen: Santa gives us our toys! Santa makes them! Santa wraps them. And I want them to be mine! Yeah yeah! Santa makes them! He makes them for us! Now we are helping him! Make them! The toys! Santa makes them! Santa wraps them! And we get them! Yeah we are making toys! if we don’t get them.
DJ: that’s just not right!
Owen: Santa makes them!
DJ: Santa wraps them!
DJ and Owen: yeah Santa makes them.
Owen: for me
DJ: and me
Owen and DJ: and all of us!
Owen: Toys are the thing that Santa gives us!
DJ: if we are good!
Owen: Santa makes them
DJ: Santa wraps them
Owen: yeah!!!!!!!
DJ and Owen: Santa makes them!!!!

*song ends*

Chris: aaaaaaaaaaaaa.......... good song. well let's check on the others.

*team london*

*Heather and alejandro make out*
*Blaine stars at Lindsay and Tyler*
*Kasey and Ezekiel make out*
*Jared screams while anniie makes out with him*
*Jasper kisses Duncan*
Natalie: agggggggggggg....... there not doing anything!
Jax: i know! Guys we need to do the challange.
Jared: *can't here him good cause Annie is making out with him* I'm trying but this zico is kissing me.
Natalie: anyone????????
*no answer*
Natalie:*sigh* why don't we just lose the challange now????

*team Japan*

Katie: I know what to make.
Buddy: what?????
Katie: you'll see! *starts making spmething*
Natalie: *walks closer to team Japan to see TRent and Abby right by each other* grrrrrrr..... Ja make the toy.
Jax: alone???????
Natalie: yeah sure what ever. *grabes Trent by the ear and drags him out side*
*out side*
Natalie: what's wrong with you?????
Trent: what do you mean?????
Natalie: ever sence the kiss with you and Abby you've been go go gaga over her.
Trent: i had to for the team.
Natalie: i better not see you even near her!
Trent: what ever! *walks in side*
Natalie: don't what ever me! *walks in side*

*in side*

Natalie: aaaaaaaaaaaa.... where's Jax??????
Jared: last time i saw him, he was by the kilm.
Natalie: oh ok. so annie soped making out with you????
Jared: no she has to go botty.
Draven: *over heres them* hummmmm..

*Out side of girls badroom*

*Draven locks door*

*in side girls bathe room*

Annie: *trys to opan door* hellow???? anyone there?????? CRAP!!!!!!!!

*team Mexico*

Zoey: man we are almost done.
Noah: i know.
Zoey: so did you really see a vanpire?????
Noah: yeah. he was scary.
Zoey: wow...........

*team Japan and London*

Jax: I have to go!!!!!!!!!! *runs to the both room*
Draven: hummmmmm.....

*out side of bath room*

Jax: *runs in side* got to go got to go!!
Draven: *locks door* like to see your team win.

*in Girls bath room*

Annie: hellow?????? anyone there????? hellow????? cookies?????

*In boys restoom*

Jax: *sighs of relife* that fills goooooooood! * flushes tolet. *washes hands* *trys to opan door* what????? who locked it.

*Team Mexico*

DJ: we are done! *runs to the kilm*

*Tean Japan*

Katie: done!
Gabriella: what did you make?????
Katie: *holds up a toy of Sadie* Sadie!!!!!!
Wally: you built Sadie???????
Katie: Yep!
Sam: well we have to do this so lets go!

*Team London*

Jared: Jax should be back by now.
Natalie: i know. and it's only us with out him.
*Jordan walks in*
Jordan: guys your toy is done.
Natalie and Jared: sweat!


*Natalie and Jarde take the toy out
Natalie and Jared: HOT!!!!
Jared: oven mits.
Natalie: right! *natalie gets an oven mitt and takes the toy out*
Jared: Panit time!
Natalie: yeah lets go!

*Team London but annie, Jax, Jared, and Natalie*

Blaine: *staring at nouthin* *wakes up* oh no everyone is gone!!!!! *runs over to kilm*


Blaine: where's my team????
Harold: Panit room.
Blaine: ok thanks! *runs to panit room*

*panit room*

Blaine: hey guys!
Jared: your done staring?????
Blaine: yeah. where's Jax and Annie. i didn't see them over there.
Natalie: they both went in the both room and never came back.
Blaine: oh. so how is the toy car going?????
Jared: almost done.
Blaine: sweat! we might win.
Natalie: i know!
Jared: were done!
Blaine: to the kilm!


Cody: were done!
James: to the kilm!
Tyler: were done!
Lindsay: Panit room

*Panit room*

Courntey: man! team London is in the lead.
noah: let's do our best! go go go!
Sam: team London is winning????? we can't lose!
Draven: let's try our hardest!


Blaine: were done!
natalie and jared: oh yeah!
chris: everyone to the plane!
Harold: but were not finshed.
Chris: just come on!


*Chef brings in annie and Jax*
Kasey: where were you too??????
Jax: loxked in the bath rooms*
Natalie: you shouldn't be talking kaseyu. you were making out with Zeke.
Kasey: so???
Ezekiel: yeah so????
Chris: ok team London won.......... but not all there teammates was with them when they came to me.......... so........ Team London lost!
Natalie, Jared, and Blaine: what?????
Chris: and sence team Mexico got the the panit room first and was the farthest. they win first class!
Rochelle: oh yeah!


Blaine: ugh today sucked we lost again. I am VOTING FOR ANNIE CAUSE ALL SHE DID WAS TRY TO MAKE OUT WITH JARED!!! but I just need tyler to lose. I am not some desperate loser. I know how to play the game!!!

lulu:well yay team mexico wins again but not so yay with this whole cody fangirl bussiness i really love him and i want him to pick me soooooooooo badly
cody:*walks in*
lulu:ohh **** i didnt lock teh door
cody:locks busted
lulu:*blushes like mad incase cody has herd wat she said*umm well uhh bye *runs out the door*
cody:i hope i havent done something wrong

Jared: UGHHH! I HATE MY TEAM! The only people who acctully does the challenge is me,Blaine and Natalie! Alejandro is going home! Heather is awesome at challenges! But she keep's making out with AL! UGHHHH!

Natalie: Today was really fun! We lost, but I feel their pain. I got locked in the confessional last season, remember? But who could've locked them in? Oh, I just wanted to say that in art class in like the 2nd grade, we made clay sculptures and I made a pegasus and it turned out pretty good for the work of a 7-year-old. Oh and as for the vote? *stamps own passport* I should've gone to find them. I was caught up in competition...

Gabriella: At least we didn't loose this time. I'm kind of mad at Katie. Stupid Sadie toy. If we loose the next time, its HER who I vote off! I am tired of hearing Sadie this and Sadie that! -.-

Adrianne:Wow Drama is starting already eh oh well thats why i LUV this show!

Jasper:*Facepalms.* I can't believe I kissed Duncan! Ugh! He probably will never look at me again! *Sighs.* I vote for.. Annie. *Frowns and looks at her notepad drawing of The heart with Duncan in it.*

Annie: Ugh! Im so stupid! Why am i stupid all the time! *crys* *wipes tears away from her face* Why do i keep making my team lose! Im SO stupid! I've really gotta step up or else ill lose! I vote for *sighs* Alejandro... And everybodys getting mad at me cause im making out with Jared! Heres three letters that describe him! H-O-T! nobody else here is as hot as him...well maybe Jordan... *blushes* WELL ANYWAY! if anybody on my team sees this! IM SORRY! I didnt mean to lose for our team! *crys*

Ray: (ice pack on her knee) Do you know how hard it is to hold that big lug up every time sparks flew out of the kiln? DJ weighs about twice as much as I can carry, and that much landing in her arms, plus screaming for his life for about three hours straight at like evelen at night is not a good thing. >.<
(flashback from last night's movie marathon)
("blood" splatters the TV screen)
DJ: (screeches and jumps into her lap) Noo! Don't kill me, mister vampire! T3T
Ray: Gah! (falls over, him landing on top of her) DJ! >///<

Jax: *mubbles something about roaches* well any ways....... i vote off Kasey! How can you kiss someone like Zeke knowing that he thinks bad stuff about girls. aggggggggggg! how can you do that Kasey???? *shivers*

kasey:i,m am so sorry zeekey but your out... just kidding nattile is really driving me crazy so is heather but since jax was not even in the room i vote off jax bye bye hehehe


Chris: well the votes are in. and may I say so much hate is going around! well 1 vote for Natalie.
Natalie: why do i always get votes????? how????
Chris: 2 votes for Natalie.
Natalie: 2 this time?????
Chris: 1 vote for Kasey.
Kasey: what?????? who?????
Chris: 2 votes for Kasey.
Kasey: what??????
Chris: 1 vote for Alejandro.
Alejandro: what???
Chris: 1 vote for Annie.
Annie: i thought so.
Chris: 2 votes for Alejandro.
Alejandro: what??????
Chris: 2 votes for Annie.
Annie: huh????? 2?????
Chris: 3 votes for Alejandro.
Heather and Alejandro: what?!?!
Chris: 3 votes for Annie!
Annie: what????? 3???
Chris: and the finle vote is for......................................................................
Alejandro and Heather: *looks scared*
Chris: .....................................................................
Annie: *looks scared*
Chris: ....................................................................... JAX!
Jax: only 1 vote who cares????
Chris: no one is laveing this time!
Annie: YES!
Alejandro and Heather: * high 5*


Duncan: wow......... 3 elmation caramnoys and only 1 person leaves........... that's just................. WOW!