Chris: Last time on Total Drama Around the world: China! The place where most Toys are made. Witch are contestents made toys. and all of Team London was coutgh up with loooooooooooove. so Natalie and Jax was on there own. Natalie had a huge talk with Trent....... and Jax and Annie were locked in the bathrooms by............... lets say he's name starts with a "D". So Braine, Natalie, and Jared got first to finsh but not with everyone there...... so they lost. and no one was out cause Alejandro adn Annie both had 3 votes. Who will win????? who will lose???? find out on this episode of... Total drama around the world!

*Theam song*

*non-first class*

*katie is crying*
Harold: will she ever stop?????
Sam: is there an off botton on that thing????
Abby: ok that's it! When we lose, she is so off the show.
Tyler: i know.


Abby: OMG!!!!!!! Tyler agreed with me! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! ................. oh man! now i sound like Serra.


Natalie: so you were locked in the bathroom.
Jax: yeah.
Annie: me too.
Jared: well who locked you in???
Jax: don't know.
Duncan: wait how can a door be locked from the out side?????


Draven: it's a thing i learded from my couzen, Romen. It's so easy!


*first class*

*scary movie is on*
DJ: *screams and jumps on the flore* what???? where's Ray?????
Courtney: I think she said something about Making out with Noah.
Noah: i'm over here.
James: than where is she?????
Adrianne: Ray!!!!!! where are you????


Ray: *walks in* ok this is the only place i can hid from scarycat DJ. agggggg...... Lucky we might never go to Hawii cause we went there so many times last season. thank god! But Noah and I aren't working out. the other day I got to pick the next scary movie, and he went all crazy about the movie I picked. Aggggg.... why am i with my team. at least we are the only ones who havn't had an elmation camnoy. right????? OMG! i hope i didn't jinx my self! aggggggg!


Chris: ok everyone to the main room!

*main room*

Zoey: oh there you are Ray!
Kasey: *shivers* wwwwwwwwwwwww...........hhhhhh.yyyyyyyyy is it sooooooooooooooooo c........... c............ cold!
Chris: we are going to Antarctica!
Jasper: gggggreat!
Adrianne: why are we going there?????
Chris: we were going to the North poll, but... the perdusers said that it wasn't safe, so they let us go to Antarctica!
Heather: so what is the challange????
Heather: what ever.
Alejandro: so what is it????
Chris: i will tell you when we get there! witch should be any secound now.


Wally: where is our jactets?????
Chris: aggggggggg! the perduses said i HAD ti gte you some so........... CHEF! oh and we might have got 1 less for each team! Team Mexico you will be orange, Team Japan purple! and Team London green!

*Team Mexico*

*everyone but Noah and Cody put on Jackets*
Noah: aggggggg! why why why??????
Rochelle: you can where my Jacket Noah! I will share one with Cody!
Noah: ok..................
Cody: cool! *shivers*
Rochelle: *grabs the kacet left* lets snuggle up!


Lulu: how am i the only one that hasn't done anything this season with Cody. Adrianne KISSES cody! Now Rochelle is snugling up with him???? aggggggggggg!


*Team Japan*

*Katie is crying*
*everyone but Katie and Draven put on jackets*
Draven: what?!?! i'm stuck with cry baby over here????? aggggggggggg!
Katie: lets get in the jackets! *crys harder*
Draven: oh man!

*Team London*

*eveyrone but Blaine and Heather puts on Jackets*
Heather: what???? i'm stuck with him????
Blaine: hey!
Heather: please alejandro!
Alejandro: fine! *trys to take off jacket but can't* what the????
Chris; oh yeah Team London you guys can;t take off your jackets cause you lost last challange!
Heather: grrrrrrrrr!


Chris: ok! there are 2 FAKE Santa's out There! the first team to get there snata's win first class. the team with out an santa will vote someone off tonight!
Owen: ooooooooooo! i love santa's!
Chris: oh and...........
*song bell*
everyone but Owen: alman!
Owen: oh yeah i got one!
Zoey: oh great!

*song beagans*

*a bell rings 4 times*
Courtney: Ho ho ho what a golly day it is!
James: I’m am slipping and it’s so cold.
Courtney and James: we are in the north poll!
Owen: I hope I can see santa!
DJ: yes me too!
Blaine: Guys santa's not real!
Owen: santa is so real.
Eveyrone: Santa's not real! Yeah yeah yeah!
Rochelle: this fills good! right next to Cody!
Lulu and Adrianne: grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Cody: this is.... OK!
Blaine: me and heather????? This isn't good!
Heather: be quit! put up the hood!
Draven: why oh why am i stuck wiht her.
Katie: my eyes are shut!
Draven: gr gr grrrr!
Everyone: santa's not real!
DJ: yeah he is.
Owen: santa is real! Ho ho ho!
Duncan: Santa's not real!
DJ: Santa’s to real. Hoady ho!
Ezekiell: Santaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’s……………………………………….. NOT REAL!

*song ends*

Chris: start!
*eveyrone starts running*

*team Japan*

Draven: Katie where are you going?????
Katie: sorry i can't see.
Draven: why????
Katie: my eyes are shut from crying.
Draven: oh great!
Abby: comeon guys!
Buddy: yeah come on!
Draven: her eyes are close shut!
Buddy: geat!
Katie: sorry!
Gabriella: well me Trent, Abby, Tyler, Lindsay, Harold, and Sam will keep going.
Wally and Buddy: what about me??????
Gabriella: make sure Katie dosne't die!
Wally: great!

*Team Mexico*

Courntey: how are we going to find a Fake santa dummy here???????
Owen: santa's not a dummy!
Courntey: what ever.
James: where are we?????
Owen: Antarctica silly!
James: no i mean where are we in Antarctica!
Owen: oh.
Noah: aggggggggggg! we might never find it here!

*Team London*

Natalie: *shivers* man it's still cold!
Kasey: so where is the fake snata dummy????
Duncan: welll for all we know chris could have put it on the other side of the Contrey.
Jared: it's also a content!
Duncan: what ever!
Jasper: wait! what is the red thingy?????
Ezkeiel: is it Santa eh?????
Annie: lets find out! *starts to run* I"m coming Santa!!!!!
Jax: oh great!
*Annie stops running*
Jasper: what is it Annie??????
Annie: *starts to run* Lova!
Heather: Lova???????????
Jax: LAVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Team London: RUN!!!!!!!!!! *runs*
Blaine: how is there hot lave in Antarctica????
Alejandro: maby some scream of Chris.
Heather: most likly!
Ezkeiel: it's almost by me!
Kasey: NO!!!!!! Zekeypoo!!!!!


Duncan: Zekeypoo??????


*Kasey grabs Ezekiel and pulls him back*
*Lava frazes*
Natalie: welll that's good!
Heather: wait is that a santa in the ice?????
*everyone looks through the fozen lava and sees a Santa*
Kasey: How are we going to get it out????


*Team Japan comes in with a Fake santa and without Wally, Draven, Katie, and Buddy*
Lindsay: we got Santy!
Chris: where is the other 4????
Sam: i'll get them! *runs out*

*Team London*

*They try to get the Santa out of the ice*
Ezekiel: This is hard eh.
Kasey: i know.
Heather: work it work it people!
Natalie: you know you can help.
Heather: hellow i'm tied to this!
Blaine: hey!
Heather: no obfences.
Blaine: and yet i'm obfended.
Duncan: ok i know how to brake it! everyone back off. *takes 10 steps back and runs into the ice and brakes it and comes out with the fake santa in he's hands*
Team London: *chears*
Jax; let's go!
jasper: yeah! *everyone starts to run*


*team London runs in with the santa*
Chris: team London wins first class!
Jasper: YES!
Trent: wheree are they???????
*Sam brings in Katie, Buddy, Wally, Alejandro*
Sam: got them.
*Tema Mexico runs in*
Zoey: bare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris: everyone in!!!!!!

*inside plane*

Chris: ok team London first class and team Mexico time to vote someone off for the first time!
Team Mexico: man!


Jared: YES! WE WON! And Zekeypoo? O_______o

lulu:i whish i could have 2 votes for a certian 2 cody fangirls ahh were are the days were there was no cody fangirls in my life
*flash back*
lulu and cody are walking on a beach eating icecream
lulu:cody i love*blushes and hastily says* this icecream
cody:*blushes* yea this icecream is really good
lulu:ohh just shut up *thows icecream on the floor and makes out with cody*
*flashback ends*
lulu:ohh yea i guess DJ cuz of poor ray next thing y'know well have a team member ina cast but you better bewere rochelle and adrianne cuz you will feel the rath of LULU!!! *fake evil laugh* yea right im just jokeing about....or am i??? *fake evil laugh again*

Natalie: YES! First class! *dances around like and idiot* Haha, YEAH! *sits back down* Mmm, I can already taste the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. But I'm gonna need a better game approach if I'm going to make it further this time. Let's hope some challenges get my strong points like swimming and swordfighting. I just hope that if we go to Greece at one point, we don't go to Athens. That would be major bad for me. If you didn't think a goddess could hold a grudge, heh, you were wrong.
*end confessional*

Jasper: Well, We're getting better each day. That's good. I'm hoping it'll keep happening that way

Blaine: I dont know why we would be in the arctic?? oh well hopfully tyler will be gone soon.

Annie: Of course i dont belive in santa, I Just did that becuase everyone thinks im dumb, well of course im not, i just want them to think that. Im atually really smart, not kidding. *grins*

Ray: (big bruise on her forehead) I'm voting for Courtney...she's annoying me again...(rubs head) DJ saw a seagull fly in through the airplane window...guess who he fell on in order to get away from it? (rubs head again and winces) I'm afraid for if we go to Australia...(eyes widen and she grabs a cross out of her pocket) oh, please, oh, please, oh pleeaase don't let me get stung by a three-ringed octopus! Neither DJ nor Noah! T.T

Adrianne:......Why did i come on this show knowing that Chris is freaking crazy!!!?? *breaks camera*oops...CHRIS
*Chris walks in*
Adrianne:I broke the camera...
*Chef walks in and fixes camera*
*end confessional*

*Rochelle and Cody are still in the jacket and sweating hard*
Rochelle: Okay Lulu's probably mad at me but hey its not my fault three contestants including me have a crush on Cody. *Starts hearing Lulu's voice* Oh crap! Is there another exit in this thing?! More importantly is there any way Lulu will not see this footage?!
Cody: can we get out?????
Rochelle: maby in 9 weeks/
Cody: *grouns*


Chris: ummmmm........ Rochelle you know yuo can get out of the jacket at any time right?????
*Rochelle and Cody are sweating*
Rochelel:no thank you.
Cody: please!!!! i'm going to die in this!
Rochelle: fine! *takes off Jacket* happy.
Cody: very.
Chris: ok you all votted and here is the finle makrings.......... 1 vote for Cody.
Cody, Rochelle, Lulu, and Adrianne: what?????? Cody????? who?????
Chris: can't say. ok.......... 1 vote for Noah.
Ray and noah: what????
Chris: 1 vote for Owen.
Owen: that's only one.
Chris: 1 vote for Ray.
Noaha and Ray: what?????
Chris: 1 vote for James.
James: it's only 1.
Chris: 1 vote for Zoey.
Zoey: only 1.
Chris; 2 votes for James.
James: 2?????? hope someone gets 3.
Chris: 1 vote for Courntey.
Courntey: welll James got 2.
Chris: 1 vote for DJ>
DJ: like Courntey said, james has 2.
Chris: 2 votes for Courntey.
Courtney: what?????
Chris: 2 votes for DJ.
DJ: what????
Chris: this next vote is eather James, DJ, or Courtney. who will leave????? and it is.......................... Courntey!
Courntey: what???? *chef throughs her off the plane*
Chris: well than.........