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TDGIRL said …
season 6 Posted 13 days ago
TDGIRL commented…
Season 6 was pretty cool only thing I would fix is I would bring the best player back in some way! Who you wonder....MAL!!!!!!! 13 days ago
99148770 commented…
I'm sorry, TDGirl, But Mal is replaced by Nervous Percy (A Made-Up Character). 12 days ago
99148770 commented…
I beg a thousand pardons, my dear TDGirl, Mal is replaced by a made-Up Character is a joke. 9 hours ago
TDrocksand6teen said …
#MissingTheOldTotalDrama Posted 28 days ago
DandC4evacute commented…
Ridonculous Race is just as good, if not better. 28 days ago
RidonculousRace commented…
i totally agree 20 days ago
TDGIRL commented…
ridonculous race, please more like cheap fake, the only thing I liked about it was that the goth adored a bunny(sarcasum) 13 days ago
99148770 commented…
The Bunny Rabbit name is Loki. 12 days ago
DandC4evacute said …
Another thing I noticed in TDPI, if Amy and Sammy hated eachother so much, why did they wear THE EXACT SAME OUTFIT? Posted 2 months ago
99148770 commented…
It's Their Cheerleader Uniform for their College/High School. 2 months ago
99148770 commented…
I wish They would wear something Different Clothing in Different Color. 2 months ago
99148770 commented…
At least Emma and Kitty loved each other as siblings. 3 days ago