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Message to all viewers do not attept this at
home you could seriously hurt

Chris: welcome to season 5 of total drama we have new contestants of four teams now we're going to do 1 team of each episode
Chef: ok so since team fire has the most we'll do them first
Chris: eeeeewwww you want us to do our contestants sick chef
Chef: never mind that *rolls eyes*
Chris: first up riley
Riley: yo whats up
Chef: ok stand on the stage
Riley: alrighty
Chef: next jaideoth
Jaide: grrr don't call me that!
Chef: just get on the god damn stage
Jaide: .........
Riley: .......... Lol
Chris: next up jorden
Jorden: hiya
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*Hey guys liagirl123 here, I know this is early but I thought that I get some of this done with the people that wanted to join and for those that want to join then I can add you guys more and more into the story*

Lia's P.O.V
Man I can't believe I'm already a 9th grader. Seriously a NINTH GRADER!!! "You ready for your first day honey" Oh my mother... She can be so over protective "Yes mom I'm fine stop being so protective" "I'm sorry your just growing up so fast" My mother said sobbing "Mother please I got to go" I open the car door and headed into Total Drama High "Man this place is big" I muttered...
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gender bent dayton to daisy
gender bent dayton to daisy
hey guys welcome to the next issue of tdif times

and im sorry but mike and wisp arent here sorry guys

secret serria: what do we have today

dear secret serria how do we send entrys in ~paris everhow

secret serria: :/... well if your a tdi oc send me your problem and all awnser you but you have to get the person who created you to send a question to sorandom15 not all question will be awnsered at once but i will get to all of them eventuly

contest update: i have one entrent if you would like to enter there will be a question posted on this club right after tdif is posted



*new article...
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The couple theme for Izan(mine)XChris(Aydan's)
gay boyfriend
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Sorry it's short. This challenge was a little tricky to write.
But super-mega-ultra thanks to twitdrama for the comment on my wall post about Total Drama Disney; saying that the next challenge should be Hercules and they contestants should have to dress people like gods.

“Last time on Total Drama Disney.” Stella began. “The contestants had to face a brutal Alice and Wonderland challenge against their worst fears. Some people succeeded, while others had mental breakdowns, and some just stuck with the ones they love. In the end, it was the schizophrenic Kiki that was sent packing,...
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