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Opinion by blueranger4eva posted 18 hours ago
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Name: Jessica Marie Gonzales

Nicknames: Jessi (she prefers to be called that because she hates being called Jessica), Jess (by her brother)

Age: 17

Personality: Jessi's a sweet and caring girl but can have anger problems at times, she isn't very tough even though when she gets mad she can hurt anybody with her insensitive words, she's outgoing and loves outdoors, she's also very romantic, she's a charming young lady.

Likes: singing, dancing, outdoors, write poems, see romantic sunsets, hanging out with friends and chocolate.

Dislikes: people that think they're better than everybody, mean people, gross things, being stuck up and jerks.

Bio: Jessi was born in Seattle, Washington. She lives with her parents and one brother named Oliver. She loves to write poems and see romantic sunsets. She's on ballet class since she was a little. She is a senior student. She originally was from Portland, until her dad got a job in Seattle and in that moment her family decided to moved there.
Opinion by heatherfan124 posted 1 month ago
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Name: Mal Elizabeth Sanchez
Age: 19
Birthday: December 25th 1996
Personality: kind,honest,friendly,easily jealousy,gets along with everyone
Likes: sharing with friends,singing,boys,shopping,milkshakes,clothes,hanging out with girls and pizza
Dislikes: mean people,porn stars,bullies,jerks,haters and liars
Bio: Mal lives in San Antonio,Texas with her parents and two sisters,Jessica and Hannah.She is around with boys but likes to hang out with girls.She loves to shop and to sing.
Crush: Felipe(tdifan214 's OC)
Friends: everyone except enemies
Enemies: Alejandro,Justin,Zeke and Blaineley
Favorite singer: Taylor Swift
Favorite color: purple
Favorite animal: cats
Favorite food: pizza
Opinion by tdifan214 posted 1 month ago
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Name: Alexander "Alex" Joseph Marcano
Age: 16
Birthday: December 9th 1999
Personality: nice,kind,easily angry,caring,quiet,but rude,a good friend and sometimes shy
Bio: Alex lives in Maturín,Venezuela with his parents,a grandmom,two stepsiblings and a little brother named Azael.He is a average student since he was a kid.
Crush: Bridgette
Favorite color: blue
Favorite Singer: either Pitbull or Daddy Yankee
Favorite animal: dogs(even though he was bitten by a dog named Bongo at age 5)
Favorite food: spagetti
Friends: everyone (except enemies)
Enemies: Heather,Alejandro,Justin,Cody,Sierra,Harold,Chris,Chef and Blaineley
Favorite sport: volleyball
Least favorite sport: soccer

Name: Felipe Gabriel Jones
Age: 17
Birthday: September 24th 1998
Personality: carefree,relaxed,sexy,protective,rich athletic and fast
Bio: Felipe has been "The hot guy" in his school and all girls they fell in love with him.He lives in Miami,Florida with his grandparents because his mom died when he was 5 and his dad left him when he was 11.