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Fan fiction by Duncan-superfan posted over a year ago
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This is a Skyle article. (LylexSkeater)
Warning:There may be slight lovely-doveyness and mild sexual scenes [More in the 2nd part, but it won't be too dirty.].
There might also be some OOCness. ^^;
Oh and this is yaoi. [BoyxBoy] So don't read if you don't like. >3<

"A-a date?"
Skeater said through a slight smile as Lyle sat down on the couch beside him. "Yeah, I bought two tickets to the fair. It'll be fun." Lyle smiled as he took out the tickets from his shirt and showed them to Skeater. Though Skeater didn't seem like it, he was super excited about the idea of going to the fair with Lyle, his boyfriend of 3 weeks. "O-okay. I'll go." He smiled at Lyle, blushing slightly as Lyle hugged him.
"I'm so glad you want too, Skeater." Lyle holds him closer. Skeater smiled and hugged back. "M-me too."

Skeater stood at the entrance of the fair and looking around, waiting for Lyle. After about three minutes, he saw Lyle walk quickly up to him. "Hi, Skeater!" Lyle said happily. Skeater smiled and then blushed as he slightly checked out Lyle. He was wearing a light blue mini-skirt, a sleeveless white shirt that...
Fan fiction by dxarmy423 posted over a year ago
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Another season of the most insane reality tv show ever has just been unleashed!

Chris: I'm Chris Mclean! and this is my show!

Chef: not really, the producers just want to milk the show dry of all its money

Chris: quiet! Now this season will be called Total Drama Money in the Bank!

Chef: I came up with the name

Chris: what ever! 12 Contestants will be split up into 3 teams!

Chef: the teams are Bling, Chaos and Chill

Chris: *whines* I was gonna say that!

Chef: just get on with it!

Chris: fine, lets go to the contestants!

*Camera fades to black for commercial*
*On the main stage*

Chris: ok lets meet the members of Team bling!

Chef: first up is Ruenna!

Chris: is that how you pronounce that?

Chef: idk I never took 9th grade Spanish

Ruenna: Im gonna win and that money is mine!
Opinion by FireFlys113 posted over a year ago
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Carly: Okay you all have voted and when I call your name you will get a rock!
Sam: Jared!
Freddie: Lia
All: *Gets hit with a rock* OWWW!

Freddie: This is the last rock

Carly: And it goes too.................


Brandy: YEAHH!

Breeze Awww! Well by guys! *walks onto the plane of loosers*

Breeze: How did I felt? Sad. I was the first person voted off because I tripped! Who am I rooting for? I guess im rooting for Hollow