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Opinion by Elkhat-Law posted 3 months ago
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#tbt to when I used to do these

1.Veto and Blake both started out being white and ended up being asian
2. eddies was dating manny when i wrote this half but i just broke them up yesterday
3. manny just turned 18
4. eddies 20
5. eddie keeps dating people who arent legal stop that
6. i gave danny a story as to why he wont admit to being gay. its sad
7. jakes my pastel goth bb aaf
8. blake got hot
9. vetos sexuality and gender is forever changing
10. james reminds me of eddie
11. i have like 4 ships that arent with just my characters why
12. i have a story for veto thats totally different from his original one but idk if its gonna be canon-y bc it involves him actually being 100% asian born in china type shit and i, i dont know. his mom would get a new last name and hed have 2 names and fucking his white dad would be his step dad see like idk if thats gonna be a thing
13. Ophelia was supposed to be bipolar originally but now idk
Opinion by totaldramafan34 posted 3 months ago
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Hello I'm your host,Belle Bellic! Where 14 Contestants fighting for 1,000,000 dollers in cash! So it works like TDROTI except with a whole new cast! Speaking of which here our first contestant is Taylor Sky! Taylor:Hello!:) Belle:OK put your stuff over there -points towards the end of the dock- Taylor oh ok..-Thinks:Our stuff is gonna fall in the water.- Belle:Our next contestant is Zachery Smith! Zach: You can call me Zach. Belle:OK "Zach". Zach: -Zach looks at Taylor- Taylor- Hi,What's your name? Taylor: It's Taylor. Zach: Nice name :). Taylor: Thanks :) -Blushes- Belle: -Cuts in- Our next contestant is Amy Green! -Pop music plays loudly- Amy:WooHoo Hey Ya'll! Taylor and Zach: Hi:). Amy :Ohhhh Love birds. Taylor and Zach:We're not... Amy:Sureeeee.-Belle cuts in again-Belle: Our next contestant is Brandon Rogers!Brandon:Sup. Amy: -looking at him in love- Taylor: Who's in love now Amy! Amy whispering: -blushes- Shut up hippie! Taylor: What you just call me?!? Amy: A freaking hippie that's what! Taylor: -Blushes angrily- Why you little?!?! Zach and Brendon: -Separate the girls-Zach:Stop ladies! Amy and Taylor:-Calms down- Belle:Anywaysss our next contestant is Breanda Collins!...
Article by sorandom15 posted 7 months ago
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Okay so let me explain some things before i start the first episode. Honestly the way i am gonna do this is i am gonna be doing it story format. And honestly its because i do not wanna use script cause I just don't want too. One other thing i really wanna say first of all DO NOT COMPLAIN IF YOUR CHARACTER IS VOTED OFF If you have a problem with it Private message me please...If you can prove i did something unfairly or something then i will accept that. Also i will message you all when a new episode comes out and post on the wall. Each time a new one is posted i will post a poll asking a few questions...Secondly I would like some feedback okay. Leave some confessionals and the like vote bitchs off whatever. Also one other thing is i may or may not have comebacks but if i do i will decide what i plan on doing when the time comes. Also if you think i am writing your character wrong again Private Message me. I don't really wanna go through comments of what i did wrong when you could just talk too me privately and get it settled.