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Fan fiction by colecutegirl posted 10 days ago
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So before you read lemme tell you a thing.
Riley belongs to me
Veto & Eddie belong to Elkhat
Renee belongs to Sora (or Josh)
Edward belongs to Ares (who's deleted his account *sobs 87ever)
Kendall belongs to April
America belongs to Jadeismaname or nat
This is unfinished n idk if i'll finish it but have what i got so far.

‘So then me and serenity were fighting...y’know before I liked he-’
‘Hey dickwad can you pass me the sugar?’ Veto asked, an unamused look on his face, interrupting Kendalls somewhat...boring story. Kendall looked at Veto ‘But you don’t even have any fo-’
‘Just give me the sugar.’ Veto said glaring at him. Kendall blinked a few times then shrugged and handed Veto the small bowl of sugar that had previously been stood on the wooden table of the cafe that they were sat in. Renee exchanged a worried look with Edward but both said nothing. Kendall returned to his story, though only America seemed to be paying attention to what he was saying. Veto lazily inspected the sugar bowl, occasionally glancing at Kendall. Renee watched him do so with a strange...
Opinion by obssesedTDIgirl posted 11 days ago
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What happened?
What is this place?
Am... Am I dead?
Slowly, I open my eyes looking around lazily. I would have tried harder but, my body wouldn't move. It weighed as if I was filled with sand, even my eyelids felt this way. Sand, dim lighting above, and a deep darkness around my sides is all I could notice around me. The numbness of my limbs began to fade, but not at a very quick rate. At this point, I could probably at least move my head, maybe even my arms yet it seemed like something prevented from doing so. Fear perhaps? Of what? The environment around me was unfamiliar and nothing living seemed to be around me. So what was stopping me? I began to turn onto my side when I saw bright white lights flash on right in front of me. A man covered in something of a white color went into the bright room holding...
What was it?
My eyes are still trying to adjust to the bright light. The man had dark chocolate brown hair and a pale skin tone. From my distance, it was hard to tell anything else, aside from his movement. He seemed to move forwards and back like anyone else, but his body stood vertically.
Fan fiction by cupcakegirl31 posted 2 months ago
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Name: Sherane Reed
Meaning of name: It means numbers..i think .-.
Nickname: Sher,Ra-Ra
Meaning of nickname: stuff n' thangs :p
Stereotype: "The Social Media Girl"
Age: 16
Race: African-American
Hometown: Houston,Texas
Birthday: March 29th
Species: "Human."
Gender: female
Religion: Christian
Allergies:Wasp's im deadly allergic to them ;c
Sexual preference:straight.
Occupation: "High-school Student"
Way of speaking:
Theme Song(s):
Personal Quote: "You dont say?"


Hair color: Dark brown
Hair style: long and a put in bun or wearing down.
Eye color: Dark Brown.
Eyesight: 19/20
Height: 5'4
Weight: 119
Clothing style: swag filled c:
Distinguishing Marks(scars, tattoos, etc.): ...