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Total Drama Island Fancharacters Fan fiction Article

Total drama talent off meeting the girls of rocky horror ch 1

Fan fiction by Girlyloving32 posted over a year ago
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Chris: hi im chris and this is my beutiful fiance miranda and here is chef
Mirandnla: millions have auditioned for tdto but only 20 will compete and 1 will win
Chef: first up is mirra
Mirra: hi it's so great to be here *drops black suitcase*
Miranda: ok you can sit on the stage
Mirra: ok *sits on stage*
Chef: next is storm
Storm: how's it going it's so awsome here *drops blue luggage*
Miranda: you can sit on the stage ok
Storm: *sits in chair next to mirra*
Mirra: hi
Storm: hey
Chris: nest is hannah
Hannah: hello im obviously going to win *sits down next to storm and drops pink bags om storms foot*
Storm: ouch watch it
Chef: next delilah
Delilah: *says in a cheery voice* omg it's so good to be here *squeals* *sits next to hannah drops baby blue bag* nice to meet ya
Hannah: whatever *rolls eyes*
Chef: next is kelli
Kelli: im so glad you guys chose me your shows are awsome *drops green luggage*
Chris: why thank you
Kelli: ummm oookkkay *sits next to delilah* hi I like your hair
Delilah: thanks
Chef: last girl for rocky horror rexie
Rexie: yo wazzup im tha chain gang princess im in to win it *sits next to kelli and drops john cena bag*
Chris: congragulations all of you girls are the first girls for rocky horror
Miranda: stay tuned for TOTAL DRAMA TALENT OFF

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thts good :) whens team jazzhands?
posted over a year ago.
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I won't have enough of time to do jazzhands bcz not many people joined I tried asking some people but they didn't join plz ask more people to join my story I need 4 boys 4 boys jazzhands 3 girls jazzhands plz ask peopkle
posted over a year ago.
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well i could let my friend use my oc if u want
posted over a year ago.
user photo
Yes that might work
posted over a year ago.
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posted over a year ago.
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ha im ditzzy XD
posted over a year ago.
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Love it! XD
posted over a year ago.
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Animetama said:
i like it :D
posted over a year ago.