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So, this is my third interview-type bio with the typical teenage girl, Madelyn :) Thanks to smartone123 for allowing me to use this outline. :D<3
Name: "My name is Madelyn Alicia Acosta."
Meaning of name: "It means Woman Of Magdala... boring."
Nickname: "The Klutz..." *frowns*
Meaning of nickname: "I'm really clumsy, like, REALLY clumsy."
Stereotype: "Like my nickname, the klutz."
Age: "15, almost 16."
Race: "Strictly English/British, I have a bit of Spanish, hence my last name... but since my father was adopted, I don't really have any of that in my blood."
Hometown: "I was raised in Hampton, New Brunswick."
Birthday: "November 4th."
Species: "Human?"
Gender: "Female,"
Religion: "Christian,"
Allergies: "None that I know of..."
Sexual preference: "Boys."
Occupation: "I tutor afterschool sometimes, but that doesn't pay for anything..."
Way of speaking: "I speak with a slight British accent, but it's not very strong."
Theme Song(s): "Clumsy by Ferbie."
Personal Quote: "I love you not because I need you, I need you because I love you. Okay, maybe I didn't invent that quote... but it's still my motto."


Hair color: "Brunette."
Hair style and length: "Really long."
Eye color: "Hazel-brown eyes."
Eyesight: "It's alright, we always assumed I'd need glasses eventually."
Height: "I don't know, somewhere around 5 feet?"
Weight: "Um...."
Clothing style: "I typically dress like a nerd. Plaid skirt, long-sleeve shirt and my occasional black leggings."
Abnormalities: "My ring finger on my left hand is longer then my middle finger."
Distinguishing Marks(scars, tattoos, etc.): "I needed stitches in my leg once, and I have a scar there now."
Self Care (makeup): "I believe beauty should be natural, not fake."
First impressions on people: "I'm always friendly when I first meet someone."
Skin Color: "Normal."
Body type/build: "Skinny in my actual stomach... but not that way in my hips."
Usual expression: "Thinking."
Posture: "Straight as can be."
Piercing: "None,"
Describe your voice: "High pitched I guess..."
Weapon of choice: "A weapon...? Um... dagger."


Mom: "Sue Acosta."
How do you get along: "She's really great, supportive and caring."
Dad: "Chester Acosta."
How do you get along: "He's also really great, supportive and loving."
Siblings: "I have an older sister named Joanne and a younger sister named Betty."
How do you get along: "I love them both, although we don't always get along."
Children: "Um.... no..."
How do you get along: *silence*
Other family members: "There's far too many to count."
Past lover(s): "Well, I dated Alejandro from Total Drama Island, but that was a mistake... then I dated Travis, and that was the worst mistake I had ever made... and I've dated a few more boys, but nothing else too bad."
Current lover: "None... I'm not the type to easily trust someone."
Reaction to meeting someone new: "I typically ignore them, cause I know if I try talking to them I'll seem like an idiot."
Ability to work with others: "Depends on who."
How Sociable(shy, etc): "Shy"
Pets: "Three budgies, Mango, which is mine, Marshmellow, which is Betty's and Gumdrop, which is Joanne's."
Least favorite type of person: "The type to make fun of you for pretty much anything you do."
Favorite people: "My friends that are ACTUALLY my friends."
Least favorite people: "Manipulative people."


When you first meet someone: "Ignore them. ."
As you know them better(and they like you): "We might hangout."
As you know them better(and they hate you): "Ignore them."
Positive characteristics: "I'm artistic, really smart and funny."
Negative characteristics: "I have trust issues, I've been hurt a lot in my life... "
Favorite color: "Chocolate Brown."
Favorite food: "Chocolate."
Favorite animal: "Birds, their so free and peaceful."
Favorite instrument: "Flute, I suppose."
Favorite element: "Air or Water."
Favorite remembered moment in life: "I don't know..."
Least favorite color: "White,"
Least favorite food: "Tofu."
Least favorite animal: "I don't have one."
Least favorite instrument: "None."
Most hated moment in life: "The countless days I've been backstabbed, or cheated..."
Hobbies: "Drawing, specifically drawing pictures of buildings. I'm trying to become an architect."
Usual mood: "Content."
Drink/smoke/drugs: "No!"
How serious are you: "Not very," *smiles*
Soft spot/vulnerability: "My ex-boyfriends, or my ex-friends."
Opinion on swearing: "I don't often swear, but I don't mind if you do."
Daredevil or Cautious: "Very, very cautious."
Favorite music type: "Pop,"
Favorite movie type: "The sappy love stories."
Favorite book type: "Also sappy love novels, like the book version of the Notepad."
Favorite season: "Winter, the snow is beautiful."
Sleeping pattern: "I roll around a lot."
Cleanliness or sloppy: "Clean."
How do you pass the time: "Sketching."
Biggest secret: "I made out with my best friend's ex-boyfriend... I'm so, so, so sorry Taya."
Hero/who do you look up to: "So many people...."
Fears: "Falling in love... because I'm afraid to get hurt."
Comforts: "Chocolate and sappy romantic movies."
Drunk type: "I've never been drunk..."
Special abilities: "I'm really good at sketching buildings, and I tap dance too."
Abide the law?: "I always follow the law."
Which 7 deadly sins are you most like: "To be honest, Lust."
Dance style: "I don't typically dance, I do tap dance though."

What role would you be in you were in...
Romance movie: "The main character who falls for the heartbreaker boys."
Action movie: "Dunno."
Cartoon: "Dunno."
Horror movie: "A party guest, maybe?."
Porno: "EW!"

How do you act when you are...
Sad: "I cry and use my comfort food and movies."
Happy: "I do everything I normally do."
Angry: "Scream and cry."
Afraid: "Run away!"
Love someone: *sigh* "I spend every second loving them, and even when they make me cry... I still love them. What wrong with me?"
Hate someone: "Cry..."
Want something/someone: "Hope I can get it..."
Confused: "Try my best?"

How do you react to...
Danger: "Flee!"
Someone you hate has a crush on you: "Um...."
Proposal to marry: "Uh... I'm flattered... but..."
Death of loved one: "I'll cry, like, a lot.."
If something is very difficult: "I get stressed, and lose focus, and probably trip on something and have everyone laugh at me."
Injury: "It depends on how bad."
Something irresistibly cute: "AW!"


Languages: "I know English... that's all."
Schooling level: "Junior."
Favorite subject: "Math and art."
Interested careers: "Architecture, I hope my clumsiness won't affect that."
Expertise: "Math and sketching."
Puzzles: "I'm okay with them"
Sciences: "My best is physics due to the math."
Math: "Excellent!
English: "Good!"
Geography: "Could be better, but it's good."
Politics/law: "My worst class, but it's still 80%"
Economy: "Good"
Cooking: "Great."
Sewing: "Great."
Mythology: "Great."
Other Classes: "All the other classes I've taken I've passed with flying colours."
Talents: "Math, sketching and tap dancing... and I have the unnatural talent of being able to trip over ANYTHING."
Reading level: "Excellent."
How are you at planning/plotting: "Depends on what I need to plan."


How do you act: "Really, really, really stupid. I'm a moron around people I like!"
Gentleman/Ladylike or Klutzy: "Ugh, klutzy... and idiotic."
Go slow or jump into relationships: "Slow... I've jumped into relationships before and I'm not EVER doing that again."
True love or testing different people: "I often test, just to see if I can trust them."
Act like friends or lovers: "Both."
What kind of presents would you buy: "Depends on what they like."
Type of kisser: "How am I suppose to know?"
Do you want kids: "Not yet!"
Do you want to marry: "Not yet!"
Make good or bad decisions: "Good, I think..."
Are you romantic: "I try to be."
How are you in bed: *uncomfortable silence*
Virgin?: "Yes,"
Fetishes: "None."
Gets jealous easy: "No."
Wife/husband abuser: "Never!"
Marry for money or love: "Love,"
What would happen on your dream date: "I want to go out with Ryan Goose, on a romantic dinner..."
Opinion on sex: "I haven't had sex yet..."


Favourite Total Drama FEMALE contestant: "Gwen, her drawings were amazing, and she's really nice. Leshawna too, they're to of my closest friends, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Zoey yet, but I'm sure she's the same way."
Favourite Total Drama MALE contestant: "Mike, Cameron or Trent, all are sweethearts."
Least Favourite Total Drama FEMALE contestant: "Easily Heather, she is awful."
Least Favourite Total Drama MALE contestant: "My ex, Alejandro..."
Favourite Total Drama Couple: "Gwen and Trent, I miss them."
Least Favourite Total Drama couple: "Alejandro and Heather, that's a team of evil."
Favourite Total Drama World Tour Song: "Gypsy Rap. Go Gwen!" *grins*
Least Favourite Total Drama Would Tour Song: "Versus."
If you participated in Total Drama Action, which movie genre would you like best?: "Um...."
If you were in Total Drama World Tour, which song would you have wanted to be a part of?: "Maybe Come Fly With Us?"
Which Total Drama guy/girl would you date if you had to pick one?: "Trent or Cameron, both seem really nice."
If you were in any season, who would you have been in an alliance with?: "Gwen, Leshawna, Trent, Zoey, Cameron and Mike."
If you were in any season, who would you have been enemies with?: "Alejandro..."
List every contestant that would be on your Total Drama dream team (10 people): "Gwen, Trent, Leshawna, Zoey, Mike, Lindsay, Cameron, Beth, B, Bridgette."


*Turns on camera*
"Hey everyone, I'm Madelyn and I'm auditioning for Total Drama. I'm really nice, smart, and a team player, but that doesn't mean I won't fight for the win." *squints and notices something* "There's something on the camera lens." *walks over to it, tripping and hitting the tripod, knocking the camera on her head* "Oh.... ow... that hurt..." *quickly picks up camera and pretends she didn't trip* "Haha..." *nervous laugh* "Pick me for Total Drama..."
*turns off camera*
Note: Teyonce is a parody of Beyonce, Ferbie a parody of Fergie, Green Eyed Peas is a parody of the Black Eyed Peas, Ryan Goose is a parody of Ryan Gosling (as Gosling means baby goose), and lastly, "The Notepad" is a "The Notebook" parody.
Anime image found on google, and thank you to smartone123 for allowing me to use this outline :)