Chris: Yo... What's up it's your host with the most Chris McLean. This season... Im dealing with the movies... Each of our 17 contestents will test there knowledge with the movies from the past and present with EXTREME challenges... Oh yeah :3. Heres our first two now... Both identical yet one has got held back... Please welcome... Jake and Lia
Lia: (Gets out of limo) Oh my god... Jake can you believe it?!
Jake: This better have drama
Chris: Oh trust me... It will ;). Next up is Danny
Lia: :O
Danny: (Gets out of limo) Lia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lia: Danny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Runs and gives a hug) I can't believe why didn't you text me that you were gonna be on this show!!!
Danny: Surprize. I just hope that there are some cute guys ;3
Lia: I know right. Meet my twin Jake
Jake: Hey (Blushing)
Danny: Hi (Blushing)
Jake: Okay... So this is a first... So Danny... Yeah... Really nice to my sis Lia... Okay he's really nice and cute... Did I say cute? No I didn't mean that
Chris: Next up is Spike
Spike: (Get's out of Limo) Oh my god oh my god oh my god!!!! This place is huge!!! (Runs to Danny and Lia) Hiiii!!!!!!! :) I'm Spike
Lia: Oh my god your so cute!!!! I'm Lia
Danny: She is!!!! I'm Danny
Spike: Haiiii!!!! (Hugs the both of them)
Chris: Awww next up is Boxxy, Cody, and Leah
Cody: (Waves to camera)
Boxxy: This... Is... AWESOME!!!!!! HEY WORLD!!!!
Leah: Hopefully this will have something to do with Howl's Moving Cadtle I know everything about that movie!!! xD
Chris: Good to know... Next up is Timothy
Timothy: (Waves to the camera and reads book)
Danny: Woah....
Danny: Wow... That Timothy guy is sexy :3
Chris: Lets give it up for Marissa and Ava
Ava: Oh god... Why is this place so dirty. I better get to act
Marissa: (Whispers) Stuck up snobs... As always
Chris: Wow... A shy girl... Okay well too speed up things along before another person wants to interupt me welcome Brenden, Wyatt, and Elias
Wyatt: Hey Chris :3
All the girls: :O
Lia: Damn he's hot!!!!!!!!!!!
Ava: Wyatt is cute!!!!!!!
Marissa; That Wyatt guy seems nice
Brenden: Hey everyone
Elias: H-Hi
Jake: Look theres a giant geek
Everyone: Hahahaha!!
Lia: Jake shut the fuck up (Walks over to Elias) Hey I'm Lia don't listen to Jake he's a jerk
Elias: I'm Elias thanks for sticking up for me
Lia: Of coarse :)
Elias: :)
Elias: Wow... A girl is sticking up for me :) And a cute one at that
Chris: Now the last three... Stevie... Morgan and Nicko!!
Stevie: Morgan can you believe it were here!!!
Morgan: I know right!!!!
Nicko: Hey you guys
Chris: Now that everyone is here... Lets put you guys onto teams.... Team one is going to be Lia, Ava, Danny, Spike, Yasmin, Morgan, Cody, Timothy, and Nicko
Morgan: Wait... Me and Stevie have to be on the same team
Stevie: Come on Chris!!!!
Chris: Fine!!! If you guys be the hell quiet... Um... Morgan switch with Elias, Elias your on team one. For team two its Jake, Brenden, Wyatt, Stevie, Morgan, Boxxy, Leah, and Marissa... Now think of your team names
(With Team One)
Lia: Hmm... How about Team extremeness
Ava: That sounds like a stupid name
Lia: Your stupid!!!
Danny: Hey stop fighting... Hmm... How about Team Ridiculousness?
Timothy: I like that
Lia: Me too
Danny: :3
(With Team Two)
Jake: We need to think of something
Chris: You only have two minutes
Marissa: (Reading) Come on Edward you can't leave Bella like that you love her!!!
Wyatt: How about Team Free Love
Stevie: I like that
Morgan: I agree with Stevie
(On the movie set)
Chris: Okay guys lets here it
Danny: Team Ridiculousness
Jake: Team Free love
Chris: Wow cool names. Now go get some rest we'll start the first challenge tomorrow. Who will win? Who will loose. Find out on Total Drama The Movies!!!!!