The pictures will be up soon. I got a commission for RealTDIRay on DA, but he did finish it yet so yeah. Oh and this will be taken from his P.O.V.

Name: "...............K-Kohaku Takara"
Meaning of name: "It means amber in Japanese"
Nickname: "Cody....."
Meaning of nickname: "Helper"
Stereotype: "The Average Gay I guess..."
Age: "17
Race: "1/2 Japanese and 1/2 French."
Hometown: "Kyoto, Japan."
Birthday: (I forgot it so I'm making him a new Bday) "August 23rd."
Species: "Human."
Gender: "Male,"
Religion: "Christian I guess."
Allergies: "I don't have any."
Sexual preference: "I'm gay, so what?
Occupation: "I'm a pretty good Japanese Artist!"
Way of speaking: "Normal."
Theme Song(s): "Stronger by Kelly Clarkson"
Personal Quote: "You never back down!"

Hair color: "Brown..."
Hair style and length: "Short and curly. I honestly don't like it.."
Eye color: "Blue."
Eyesight: "20/20"
Height: "5'12."
Weight: "136 pounds"
Clothing style: "Depends on what you define Normal...."
Abnormalities: "I don't think I have any."
Distinguishing Marks(scars, tattoos, etc.): "None..."
Self Care (makeup): "Nope, do not wear make-up"
First impressions on people: "It kinda depends on how they act when I meet them."
Skin Color: "Not too pale, not too tan."
Body type/build: "We'll built."
Usual Expression: " A sexy smirk"
Posture: "I stand straight."
Piercing: "I dont really want piercings....they seem like they hurt"
Describe your voice: "Meh...Its not too deep."
Weapon of choice: "Ninja stars."


Mom: "Jessie Takara"
How do you get along: "Mom's awesome!"
Dad: "Masiki Takara"
How do you get along: "Dad is awesome! He teaches me all about the Japanese culture!."
Siblings: "I'm an only child""
How do you get along: "........."
Children: "I plan on having kids. Just not now."
How do you get along: ...............
Other family members: "3 aunts."
Past lover(s): "Well, I had a few boyfriends before...... "
Current lover: "I'm dating this awesome guy Ryan!."
Reaction to meeting someone new: "Get to know them first."
Ability to work with others: " I'm an awesome team worker!"
How Sociable(shy, etc): "Pretty outgoing...but sometimes I can be shy...."
Pets: "None.."
Least favorite type of person: "Homo-Phobes.."
Favorite people: "Well, my friends and boyfriend"
Least favorite people: "Gang members.."


When you first meet someone: "Greet them"
As you know them better(and they like you): "Try to hang out?."
As you know them better(and they hate you): "Why be friends with them if they dont like you. I would ignore them"
Positive characteristics: "I have some game. I think"
Negative characteristics: "I'm really sexual I guess
Favorite color: "Yellow"
Favorite food: "Piaya!."
Favorite animal: "Bats"
Favorite instrument: "The Violin"
Favorite element: "Earth."
Favorite remembered moment in life: "When I lost my virginity in 10th grade."
Least favorite color: "Blue"
Least favorite food: "Cucumbers."
Least favorite animal: "Cats"
Least favorite instrument: "Drums"
Most hated moment in life: "When someone was yelling at me for being gay...."
Hobbies: "Playing video games. "
Usual mood: "Joyful"
Drink/smoke/drugs: "I drink sometimes......"
How serious are you: "Not very"
Soft spot/vulnerability: "Saying my most embarrassing secrets aloud."
Opinion on swearing: "I don't care, its not really bad.."
Daredevil or Cautious: "Kinda both."
Favorite music type: "Hip-Hop."
Favorite movie type: "Comedy."
Favorite book type: "Easy....Manga"
Favorite season: "Autumn..."
Sleeping pattern: "I sleep on right.."
Cleanliness or sloppy: "Both."
How do you pass the time: "playing video games."
Biggest secret: "I don't know. Everyone doesn't know I'm gay.."
Hero/who do you look up to: "My parents I guess...."
Fears: "Heights...that's a common one. Oh and I'm clostrophobic"
Comforts: "Um...Sex...and hanging out with my friends
Drunk type: "I'm a sexual drunk."
Special abilities: "Hmmmmmmm. Pokemon! I can name every single one of them! Is that an ability?"
Abide the law?: "Not really.."
Which 7 deadly sins are you most like: "Envy, I'm really the Jealous Type!"
Dance style: "I don't dance."

What role would you be in you were in...
Romance movie: "The guy who has a girl fall in love with him but then she realizes he is gay."
Action movie: "The genius sidekick."
Cartoon: "The fun loving Happy-Go-Lucky character.."
Horror movie: "I wouldn't want to be in that movie >.<"
Porno: "The one guy who has sex with all the guys.....I guess.."

How do you act when you are...
Sad: "I sigh a lot?"
Happy: "I do my usual routine"
Angry: "Um...Pissed? I don't know...
Afraid: "Panic."
Love someone: "Say I love them.......And hopefully get them in bed with me.."
Hate someone: "Stay away from them."
Want something/someone: "I get it.."
Confused: "*shows a confused look*"

How do you react to...
Danger: "Try to stand up for it"
Someone you hate has a crush on you: "I would be flattered, but sorry..."
Proposal to marry: "Depends...If I really love the guy."
Death of loved one: "Depends on who really..."
If something is very difficult: "Keep trying.."
Injury: "I shake it off."
Something irresistibly cute: "*GASP* :O IT'S SOOO CUTEE~!!"


Languages: "I know English Japanese, and a little French"
Schooling level: "Senior.."
Favorite subject: "Gym. I get to see hot sweaty Guya change and stuff! That is awesome!! "
Interested careers: " I don't know.."
Expertise: "Acting? I don't know?
Puzzles: "I'm okay with them."
Sciences: "Biology"
Math: "Wrost!"
English: "Good."
Geography: "Not bad at it"
Politics/law: "Pretty good"
Economy: "Ehh...."
Cooking: "Horrible"
Sewing: "I don't sew.."
Mythology: "I really like Greek Mythology."
Other Classes: "All the other classes I've taken I've passed with ease."
Talents: "Same as my expertise."
Reading level: "Good."
How are you at planning/plotting: "I don't know. I'm not a good planner"


How do you act: "I ast like my self..."
Gentleman/Ladylike or Klutzy: "Gentleman"
Go slow or jump into relationships: "Slow"
True love or testing different people: "Testing so I can find True Love."
Act like friends or lovers: "I dont know.."
What kind of presents would you buy: "Video Games and other guy stuff."
Type of kisser: "A slow sexual kisser.."
Do you want kids: "Sure, one day."
Do you want to marry: "Sure, not a bad idea."
Make good or bad decisions: "Both. Obviously."
Are you romantic: "Yes...."
How are you in bed: "I'm pretty good I guess...."
Virgin?: "No, lost that in 10th grade"
Fetishes: "What?"
Gets jealous easy: " that bad?"
Wife/husband abuser: "No...."
Marry for money or love: "Love of course"
What would happen on your dream date: "Maybe a nice stroll in the park, then maybe back to my place for late night sex?"
Opinion on sex: "We'll its not bad.....I really want to have sex with my boyfriend Ryan, but I don't know if he wants to..."


Favourite Total Drama FEMALE Contestant: "Dawn, she was an Animal Whisperer!."
Favourite Total Drama MALE contestant: "Cody, he is so darn cute!"
Least Favourite Total Drama FEMALE contestant: "Heather"
Least Favourite Total Drama MALE contestant: "Duncan, he was kinda a bully.."
Favourite Total Drama Couple: "Cody x Noah, it's so darn cute!
Least Favourite Total Drama couple: "Sam x Dakota, ehh... Doesn't look right.
If you participated in Total Drama Action, which movie genre would you like best?:"Romance Movie!!"
Which Total Drama guy/girl would you date if you had to pick one?: "Cody easy."
If you were in any season, who would you have been in an alliance with?: "Izzy, Cody and Noah."
If you were in any season, who would you have been enemies with?: "Heather, or Scott."
List every contestant that would be on your Total Drama dream team (10 people): "Izzy, Gwen, Bridgette, Cody, Mike, Dawn, Zoey, and Noah, Tyler, Duncan

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