but this is my first short story :3
like... I made this before I even made Veto.

He slammed the door, frustrated with the world. It seemed as though his room was the safest place in the world. Whenever he'd go in there, it was like everything around him just stopped. His parents never seemed to care enough to go check on him when he goes in there, to see if he was okay. Instead, they just carried on with their lives. As if everything was fine, but everything was not fine. In fact, everything was horrible.

He sat there on his floor and cried. All he ever wanted was for everything to be okay, for the bullying to stop, for his parents to actually care. But the bullying got worse everyday. ''Why me..." He quietly sobbed. "What did I do to deserve all of this?"

It was almost an hour later, and he was still sitting there, crying into his hands. Then he looked over beside his closet. There was a belt in the distance. Maybe all this will stop... he thought. He went over, grabbed the belt and sat back down in his small puddle of tears. He very gently wrapped the belt around his neck and pulled.

But then he stopped. "I can't.." He whispered. As others would say he chickened out, but his friends would say he did the right thing. He laid down, in the small puddle, and continued to cry. For the rest of the night he just laid there and cried.

Until Jake finally cried himself to sleep.

So how was that?

Pretty good?

well, its based off a true story anyways...
its not legit :P

probably grammar fails in there, but SMHEEHHHH
I just really want to start on another short story now :D:D
I'll try to make it less sad

maybe I shouldn't have added a ' :D ' in the title...

but anyways
I'm re-thinking about Jake committing suicide at 18..