Parker's hair bounced around the sides of her head while she ran, panting from the run across the park and still running to her mommy's unlocked car. She tugged at the handle when a man trudged up to her. He was dirty and old, His un-cut grey hair was frizzed all around his head, his eyes were blood shot and he had a bottle in his hand.

"Umm, Hello si-" Mya started
"Don't 'Hello sir' me." He scoffed back
"You call me a fu*ktard then leave and think I wouldn't find you?"
"Sir I don't know what you mean." Mya said with a high pitched voice
"Your a mistake, a worthless piece of humanity"
"You know what you mother fu*ker, I'm here to finish the job."

All Mya could remember was the sound of glass on concrete and a sharp pain in her left eye.
Mya woke up in a plain white room with her mom looking above her. Her lips moved but nothing came out.
"What?" she said while sitting up
"I-I said, Morning...Sleepy head~" Her mother's voice was shaky but she manged a smile
Mya closed her eyes, counted to 3 and opened them again. Why did everything look so different? like she could only see out side side of her head.

She felt for her right eye, and she could see her fingers. she went for her left eye, she felt the cold eye patch over her left eye. And let out a terrified, ear splitting scream.

"Mommy! W-Why?"
Her mom just looked down and bit her lip.
And not another word was said, no matter how hard she pressed.


School was plain horrific after what happened that day. She was never called Mya anymore, not even by the teacher, it was always. One eye, or Cyclops, or Party the Pirate. But it never made her cry, making her cry was the bullies goal, and she knew it, so she never did. About a month after she got back, a new kid came in, He had tan skin, dark hair and green eyes.
"Hi." He said with a sweet voice.
"... Hi"
"What's your name?"
"Mya, Mya Cross"
"I'm Leo~ But you don't look like a Mya, I'm gonna call you Parker~"
"Cause it's a pretty name!"