Todd's POV

I've been told a lot of strange things happen at this school, the examples don't exactly help it either. But hey, maybe in this story it won't be THAT strange....right?

Walking in, annddd we got a strange story. Cheers to shirtless Takashi. And the massive fan girl blushing begins
(I don't gave a shit if that's not what happened xD I wasn't to see this part but I felt like it needed to be here!)

Takashi smiled "Oh hey!"
Alright dude. First of all.
"What's with the shorts?" and i'm not exactly sure it was anger or disgust alllll over his face when he said
" Oh. It's Corrina "
And i'm not surprised because? This two have had it out for each other from the start. Corrina will beat the life out of Takashi if she really feels like it.
"I could help you to get it back then~"
and so Takashi found a temporary [?] shirt while we searched. There was some kind of shirt in a bush. Not 100% sure why but when I asked he said it might be Jade's....Um, moving on!

"Corrina might still have mine."
"Oh, I think I see her. Is that her?"
Corrina looked up at the sound of her name and held up Takashi's shirt
"Looking for something Taka?"
"Yes. Could I have it back now?"
She smirked
"Awww, you think i'm going do what you say! Dream on."
and Takashi like a freaking ninja grabbed the shirt and ran. I followed, These things up either funny or someone, someone meaning Takashi, needing the nurse. Corrina looked shocked for a moment, then proceeded to ran like a mad man after us. And then we got the one place where girls were 1000% percent not allowed to go in.


--Corrina's POV--
Damn it! They always cut me off this way. Takashi and his smart ass
"What's wrong? Not gonna come after us?"
I know he laughed. him and smug little laugh. I took out the Swiss army knife that, even though I've cut Takashi with it 4 times they still have yet to take it away.
"Just you wait pretty boy! you can't stay in there forever!"
"You know I take 'pretty boy as a compliment!"
It took all the strength I had to not stab the door and if I stabbed him in the face. I would NOT care. I closed the knife and hissed
"This is not over." and walked away.

--Takashi's POV--
Todd and I walked out, Corrina walking down the hall
"Hey i'm alive!....Wait,wait,wait. I'm alive? I was expecting her to murder me this time."
Corrina's never backed down like that...ever.
Todd shrugged
"Uhh, I don't think she'll cut me? i'll go see what's up?"
"Alright. See you in class?"
I'm calling bullshit on Corrina just giving up, she's so out to murder me in my sleep.

--Todd's POV--
I caught up to Corrina.
holy cows
I think I just pig fly by.
"What's up tomato face!"
She quickly covered her cheeks.
"W-What are you talking about?!"
"You ma'am are blushing. I call tomato face c:"
"I'm black,mixed, whatever the fuck you wanna call it. I don't 'get red' "
"I'm still calling tomato face on you cx "

We got into class. Corrina and I sit next to each other. pretty far back in the room. Takashi sits two desk in front of Corrina.
The teacher's just pass out work and let as talk all we want. Yessssss.
"So. Why were you blushing?"
"I'm not saying Todd."
"Tell me~"
"Come on."
"If I tell you will STFU?"
"Mhm c:" I nodded

--Corrina's POV--
I sighed. Dear god this kid better be able to keep a secret. I whispered to him
"I might have the smallest,tiniest little crush on him."
He balled back and grinned
I slapped my hand over his mouth
"And you say ONE THING. one little thing to Takashi about this you will not forgot about it."
he laughed "I swear I won't."

After a bit and broke off a piece of my eraser and threw. and I nailed the sleeping Takashi. I giggled
Todd laughed as well when Takashi woke up confused as hell.
I don't remember what he said but I put me hand on his shoulder, he looked at me and blushed. Seeing he was...unconformable I took me hand off of him and blushed a bit as well.
Oops I made him feel strange, I took my hand off of him and felt embarrassed about it.

Of course Takashi threw in his 2 cents

"Aww~ Look at the lovebirds~"

Because of all the things I do when I get angry. I can up and leave class if my getting angry. I don't know if this was the same thing. but it felt like it.
I gasped. like everyone else in the room. All eyes on us, I got up so quickly I had knocked over the chair. I walked out the class room, slamming the door.

-- Todd's POV --
I'm not sure what happened but, I think Takashi thinks Corrina and I, are...together?! Pfft.
"No, we aren't just really good friend-"
Just then a lot of glass breaking came from outside the room. We have a trophy case next to the class. Oh, no.
Takashi and I ran out the classroom first to see not only the trophy case had a giant hole in the glass and Corrina was sitting with her hand in between her legs. Her hands bright red with blood and still some glass in them.
I didn't know what to do! Luckily Takashi had some idea. He Uh, pulled off his shirt and and wrapped her hands.

--Takashi's POV--
Not exactly the best thing when you see your girl friend ,See that space. yeah. pay real close attention to it, I think she was crying, and her hands bleeding with glass in it. All we could get out of her was.
"I lost it."
We got her to see the nurse. and when she got back Todd whispered something too her. She looked at me then back and Todd. He whispered something else and Corrina straight up KISSED. HIM.


Corrina was in school again the next day. but she just kinda stood in one spot, staring at her hands in horror.
After awhile I ended up going to my
'private room'
to pratice.

-- Todd's POV--
I finally got a hold of Corrina!
I put my hand on her shoulder
"I'm sorry. I think yesterday was all my fault..."
she sighed not taking her eyes off the cuts in her hands
"But Ummm... Abou the kiss. Why?!"
"I didn't have the heart to tell him. And it was the only thing I could think to do...I'm so sorry Todd I-"
a thud came from somewhere above us.
Corrina's only words being "Dafuq?"
I for one
she rolled her eyes "Todd! We have to find it what it! What ever it is..."
"I think it's coming from upstairs"

We went upstairs and started to search pretty much out of luck.
At some point though, Takashi walked out into the hall and he looked horrible. All he had to say was Hi and then he walked off
and I followed Corrina right after me.
He started to act dizzy, or drunk, or something.
I yelled "TAKASHI?"
"What. Uh...ugh so out of breath ;-; What just happened?!"
"I fainted...that's all."
Too be continued~

Meh, I tried. Twit,smarts and I felt one of us should write the fic out. SO I did :I