Gabriella’s Confessional
I failed..? I...failed?
Adriana’s Confessional
“Ugh, I HATE losing. I don't wanna vote anyone!!!” *picks randomly and picks...Amberlyn.* “Sorry! Sorry!”
Neil’s Confessional
“You failed us, toots. Now you have to pay the price.” *votes Vlad*
Mariam’s Confessional
“Seriously. These people had redo culprits fears. Fire? Clowns? GOTH HOUSES! I mean, really? And was mine even supposed to be a fear. I mean talking with my "mom". And since I can be ruthless. Meeh*shrugs* By that way I’ll be hated. So... I don’t even know.”
Edward’s Confessional
*shrugs and votes Raymond*
Minka’s Confessional
*pokes braces* “Ow,” *frowns*
Kat’s Confessional
“Sorry Vlad.” *picks Vlad* “I can't believe I'm still wearing this crap.” *shivers*
Kyle’s Confessional
*shivers his eyes are twitching* “THAT WASN’T FUN AT ALL. ALL THOSE PALE SKINNED CREEEEEPS.” *sucks his thumb*
Later that night was the time of the bonfire ceremony. Stella stood by a podium, marshmallows placed on a platter.
“This. Is the elimination ceremony. The marshmallows, are your life.”
The campers looked at each other, they all knew the drill.
“If you don’t receive a marshmallow, you have to leave. And you can never come back. EVER.”
The campers felt the suspense building.
Edward nodded as he went up to receive his marshmallow.
Neil held out his hand and his marshmallow was thrown to him, him tossing it into his mouth.
Valencia grinned as the marshmallow was tossed to her; she smiled to Vlad, who sat beside her.
Adriana smiled and received her marshmallow.
Kat smiled to herself, wearing that hideous outfit was worth it.
Miranda grinned to herself and grabbed her marshmallow.
Amberlyn grabbed her marshmallow and looked over to Vlad, who seemed nervous.
“This, is the final marshmallow.” Stella said.
Raymond and Vlad looked at each other, Raymond was more confident then Vlad was.
“And the marshmallow goes to...”
The camera zoomed in on Raymond, who looked mad to be sitting in his position. And then switched to Vlad, who was twiddling her thumbs in nervousness.
Raymond smirked, “I knew you guys wouldn’t vote Raymond out!”
Vlad gasped a little, “But... but why...?”
“You were the only one who didn’t complete the challenge,” Miranda said. “Sorry...”
Two men grabbed Vlad’s arms and picked her up; they dragged her to the Boat of Losers and onto the boat ride home.
“There’s episode two, what will happen next?!” Stella yelled. “Tune in next time on Total. Drama. THE NEXT GENERATION.”