Okay, well, here we go!
Please do not be too critical with the reviews. I love getting constructive criticism, but don't be too harsh. This in no way summarizes all people on the street. Noting makes me hungry. Let's have some pizza.
Seventeen days. Seventeen days on the streets, and I already have scratches and bruises. I guess I shouldn't test my luck, considering I haven't gotten shot or stabbed, yet. I haven't learned that teenager's name yet, (Write in comments of name suggestions! It really helps!) but I'm not sure if I want to.
I would say that I want to go home, but.... this is my home. Although I was close.
I saw Ms. Reyna. I couldn't believe my eyes! I never noticed before, but she really is beautiful. And young, too. I would say she is, I dunno, about 29? She recognized me first.
"E...EC? Is that you?" She said, I was so glad to see a friendly face.
"Yes, it is me. What are you doing here?" I asked.
"EC, the orphanage closed down." Wait, WHAT?
"Huh!? Why?"
She nodded. "It's because of Mrs. Mona's abusive behavior towards the children."
"But...What will this mean for the children?"
"The police are taking them to a better orphanage."
"But....don't you live there?"
"Me? No, I don't. I live near right here, actually."
"....Ms. Reyna-" I started.
"Please. Just call me Reyna."
"Reyna, how about I live with you?"
"Oh, EC...there's nothing I want more than to be raising someone as gifted as you. But..." Uh-oh... "But it's not that easy. I need to sign papers, and because the orphanage closed down..."