Felix: hi Kenya
Me: *hugs him* hi Felix
Dontay: aw thats so cute
Me:shut it dontay
Dontay: never u and him belong together but what u going to tell Derange
Me:first its Deandre and i have no idea
Lady: i dont care if his name was Bing Bling he is hurting u
Me: true and im not fighting a girl for a pathetic nigga like him *walks to deandre* were over
Deandre:what why
Me: i met someone else duh
Deandre: *growls*
Me: *smacks him*dont growl at me
Deandre: i do what ever i please bitch
Me: a bitch nigga u aint shit with out Markers
Marquise: keep my name out of it
Me: shut it Markers