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Fan fiction by _Ares2002_ posted over a year ago
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Chris: Previously on Total Drama Stranded! Our final 8 had to give a birthday present to yours truly *smirks* Some like Zoey and EC give me nothing. Some like Sayu and Ace gave brilliant presents but it all turned out good for Ace getting him invincibility. Natalie’s alliance was planning to eliminate Yasmin to reunite her with Nicko while EC manipulated or controlled Riley to take out Natalie. And it was Yasmin AND Natalie who went home. But that wasn’t the end of the drama. EC kissed Mary! Or was it Molly? ONLY 6 remain? Zoey, EC, Ace, Jinx, Sayu and Riley? Who will win it all? Find out on Total Drama Stranded!

(Zoey and EC)

zoey: final six :DDD

EC: wow, this is FAR.

zoey: :D hi dude

EC: ..hey...

Zoey: guess what i know :D

EC: know what?

Zoey: :D you kissed mariam congrats mister tough guy kissed the girl

EC: who told you?

zoey: you just did :3 i was just guessing since you had the grin on you're face
Fan fiction by colecutegirl posted over a year ago
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'no- would you quit that?'

'Quit what?' He was smirking, I knew it. Idiot. For the past 20 minutes of math that idiot has been distracting me, with his stupid jokes and his stupid teasing,his stupid grin and- dammit. 'Cut it out!' I shouted he just laughed 'Calm down miranda,' He grinned drawing another guitar on my math work, I sent him the darkest glare I could but he obviously didn't see it...or he just ignored it. I bit back a growl as he decided to play with my hair. Messing it up. 'You're a idiot Pierce. Such a idiot.' I said finally looking up at him, he was still grinning, so he found it amusing to see me annoyed. Dick. 'What's up miranda? You're crankier than usual' I looked away, as if I'd tell him I was annoyed because I was starting to like him and his stupid habits. No! I didn't like him. How could I? I'm sure I was just annoyed because he was being stupid as usual. That had to be it right?

I sighed before pushing my chair back and standing up, Pierce looked confused for a moment before he shrugged and turned around to talk to Francis. I decide to go and talk to Adrianna, I walk over to her desk and drag a chair over before sitting down, she...
Fan fiction by princess2109 posted over a year ago
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Aednat (5): Give it back Daichi! *jumps up and down trying to get it back from her 10 year old brother*
Daichi: Then do a trick for me Candy Apple~
I hate my Daichi's nickname for me, I'm not a Candy Apple. I'm not sweet, I;m not candy coated, so why Candy Apple!
Nikki: *laughing*
Aednat: Nikki! This isn't funny! Your older than Daichi! Get it back!
Nikki: No way, I may be older but Daichi could kick my @$$ any day of the week
Aednat: *tries a few more times* DAAAAAICHIIIIII! *gets fed up and bites him*
Daichi: Ow! *drops her doll*
Aednat: Thank you Daichi~ *prances off*
I never liked having to hurt my brothers, but I had too if I wanted what I wanted.
Jacen: Aednat.
Aednat: Hi Jacen! :D
Jacen: I now you bit Daichi.
Aednat: *hugs her doll tightly* He was teasing me!
Jacen: go Aednat
Aednat: Jacceeennn *pouty face*
Jacen: Go.
Aednat: *screams, rips the head ff her doll* I SAID NO! *storms to her shared room with Daichi and kinda slams it, hard atleast for a five year old*
Fan fiction by _Ares2002_ posted over a year ago
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Natalie: *writing in a book*

jinx: *sat on a log alone*

Mariam:*putting her hands IN the fire**sighs* feels good....

Zoey: hey there ^^ *see her hand* OMG *tackles Mariam and pours her water she had on her hand* :OOOOO WHAT HAPPEND

Mariam: Ouch!

EC: whoa, turn off.

Natalie: *looks at mariam oddly * what the- .....

Jinx: doesnt it h-hurt?

Mariam: Not really

Riley: *walksi in* What happened??

EC: Mariam is acting weird, that's what's happening.

Natalie: is just... uhm.. wow....

Jinx: *blinks a few times*.... how w-was she doing that?

Jinx:. i-im going to go read..... *takes a book* uhm.. b-bye ..... *walks over to a bench and starts reading*

EC: *rolls eyes*

Natalie:.... soo.......

EC: what?

Natalie: *shugs* i dunno.

EC: whatever.

Natalie: *goes away*
Fan fiction by RawrMonster123 posted over a year ago
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(outside of the studio)

Brooke : Okay, campers. Before we go to the second part of the challenge you people need to discuss what insturments you'll be playing and what genre of music you'll be doing. You can also just not do the instrumental yourself and I could get the interns to do it. Now huddle up!

Riley, Ronnie, Trinity, and Ember : *huddle up*

Gabriella, Lilyth, Autumn, and Molly : *huddle up*

EC, Drake, Blaine, and Marcus : *huddle up*

Jason, Jake, and Liam : *huddle up*

(in Rirotrinyem's huddle)

Ronnie : Okay, guys. We should do some rap music.

Trinity : But none of can rap.

Ronnie : Don't worry about it. I gots it in the bag. TUT

Riley : So we're having othe

(in Fallen Angels' huddle)

Gabriella : I'll be the singer since I better than all of you.

Autumn : But Lily's really a good singer.

Gabriella : But I'm cooler and awesomer than her.
Opinion by Cody-Sierra posted over a year ago
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oh god.. the episode title XD

I changed the teams :l … Crindoela and Marcus switched and I added Brittany because I forgot about her XDD then I asked elkhat to add someone because i needed one more spot for it to be even...

Eliza: Hey campers! So know you all got the pleasure of meeting each other...
Eliza: …
Eddie:no i’m kidding, i did’nt--
Eliza: please...stop talking...
Eddie: OKAY
Eliza: Todays challenge will be simple.. it will just be a quiz!
Maddie: ...a written quiz?
Eliza: Noooo... Like in TDROTI--
Eliza: … will you shut the hell up?
Veto: Pfft kay!
Eliza: Bad co-host! but anyways.... it will be a romance quiz to test how much you know about romance!
Veto: I’m glad I’m not a contestent.
Drake: This will be easy!
Eddie: Ohohohoho. will it ever!
Fan fiction by _Ares2002_ posted over a year ago
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Chris: Last time on Total Drama Stranded! Our top 10 met the two returning contestants. Sayu and Allison. Then they participated in a flexibility contest. Even though Mariam had told EC about the challenge he lost. Nicko was struggling from the beginning! And in the end it was between Zoey and Sayu but Zoey won. At the elimination ceremony 4 people went! They were Nicko, Wisp, Allison again and much to EC’s delight Jayden. Now that only 8 people remain who will win? Find out on Total Drama Stranded!

(EC and Zoey)

EC: *strolling*

Zoey:*notices him and walks next to him*

EC: What?

Zoey: Nothing. Can’t I just walk with you?


Zoey: Never mind

*after a bit of silence*

Zoey: Yesterday was quite interesting, right?

EC: I guess

Zoey: When you get off the streets what will you do

EC: I-...none of your business

Fan fiction by RawrMonster123 posted over a year ago
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Brooke : *behind a mic*

Nicole and Tyler : *behind background singer mics and holding tamborines*

Intern 9 : *hold a bass guitar*

Intern 10 : *behind a drumset*

Brooke : *sings as the music plays and Nicole and Tyler background sing and play their tamborines* Today on Total Drama Insanity, the campers will be making their own band. What surprises will they unfold? Who will win? This will all be unfolded on Total

Nicole, Tyler, Intern 9, and Intern 10 : *stop playing and/or singing*

Crowd of Interns : *cheer*

Intro : *plays*

(in 1G)

Molly : *reading*

Ronnie : *eating her Snickers*

Trinity : OMG, Ron. You're, like, AWESOME!

Ember : Yeah.

Ronnie : Umm... Why?

Trinity : Obviously because you helped us win the challenge!

Ronnie : Oh yeah. That. *chuckles*

Ember : How did you do it?
Fan fiction by Elkhat-Law posted over a year ago
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so um

4 people voted

but I’m not gonna wait any longer e_e

Daniel: So, you guys lost...


Daniel: UPUPUUP. NO! Since we’re in Japan.. and this ..thing is ... popular here... *lifts up a small Hello Kitty ..toy*


Daniel: CALM--

Boxxy: *picks up a toy* :O HELLO KITTY!

Daniel: >:U SAVAGES! NO *elbows Kitty and Boxxy*

Boxxy: *passes a toy to everyone but Billy and Bradley*


Bradley: *sighs*


Bradley: e_e because I know I’m going--

Daniel: *throws a toy at his head*

Bradley: Ouch!

Daniel: going... to stay.


Boxxy: D: Billy!

Daniel: ...YEESSSS
Fan fiction by twitdrama posted over a year ago
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Maybe i'll change the title
and i need more characters so enter!!
Mariam's POV

I've been working hard and i could afford a cheap sharehouse. They said that a girl would meet me at the train station. I came at time but nobody came so i looked at the address. I guess they forgot about me. I went to the house myself,it did take a really long time to get there by feet but i'm used to these kind of ways. I've never actually been in a car i only walk even in the rain it feels more refreshing than sitting inside a car well......
for me....
When i came i knocked at the door. A man opened it.....

??? POV
When i opened the door i saw one beautiful girl. With dark blue hair, sky blue eyes with a beauty mark under her eye. Her clothes were more elegant than any of mine. She wore a white puffy t-shirt that looks like a blouse and jeans with boots on. While i kept staring she suddenly just asked "What happened?" She asked with a confused face I suddenly answered in shrug "Oh! Come in!"
Fan fiction by Zmidy313 posted over a year ago
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Boxxy: Welcome back viewers! Last time on TDTM, people sang songs to their sweeties! x3

Liam: And things got heated up between the spicy love triangle of Bradley, Cassie, and Lila!

Kristyn: And in the end, Lila got the boot.

Boxxy: So what will happen next on....Total....Drama.....THE MOVIES!

(Theme Song)

*Boxxy's Trailer*

Boxxy: *digging through stuff* Where's my eye liner? I lost it? NOOOOOOO!!!!

*Mess Hall*

Cassie: *feeding Bradley......some......food*

Veto: *kissing Valencia*

Max: *whispering something to Paige*

Lana: *riding on Eddie's back* GO EDWARD!! XD

Edward: Man....look at all these couples. I wish Kitty was here. *sighs*

Kendall: *appears out of nowhere* Well, if it helps, I don't have a chick either.

Edward: Who are you?

Kendall: The name is Kendall. I'm the new intern along with her. *points to Kaitlyn*
Article by twitdrama posted over a year ago
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Oh what if in total drama stranded the final two will be ZOEY and Ec and they needed to rap...........


I'm not gonna let this battle be dictated by facts
I'm gonna be rich ill win you just like that
We all know what went down in that last competition
You're a decent nerd with a winning complexion
You're all Smart with no strength , with no change and they're all still hoping
That you'll shut your mouth, but like they're still open
You're from the little city, where you're looking pretty with your blowhards
But come The final, you'll be left as a loser and with no hope
Raw rhymes stronger than my jawline when I spit a phrase
Knocking you harder than front doors in my own days
You see this silver spoon, this the chance that you get
It took you episodes to drop winning down below 8%!
You feel that Zoey? You're old news, everyone's having doubts
Opinion by twitdrama posted over a year ago
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Hey guys me have idea and this is my opinion on you
Lets start!!!

Ninjacupcake88: Oh i love your articles and stories that's why I always try to enter in your stories. Your OCs are cool and I actually thought that Francis was a girl XD. Hope you get to write more me crazy for reading!!!!!!

Danc4evacute: Ha! Heh I love EC I'm obsessed with EC and Mariam cause I think that obsessedTDIgirl doesn't care about that couple oh sorry. Anyways me waiting for ECs story

Elk-HatLaw: I think I spelled your name wrong XO! I just love ypur OCs and art and articles and ugh EVERYTHING!!!!! And especially the Harriet and Ike family WAIT! What will be their surname? Maybe Garett? Yo fanpop sista'!

Smartone123: love your OCs and drawing style your creative and nice. Sorry nothing else I can describe about you

Ares2002: Heh can't wait for next episode of total drama stranded XD XD XD XD me crazy for reading!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorandom13: I want prom story I want something to read i guess it will be epic!!!
Opinion by twitdrama posted over a year ago
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Ugh idk elk hat doesn't want to continue so ill put some little ideas inside so she can continue my continue.......

Blake's POV
Today was the best date I ever had. Well exert for the fact they tricked us about the dance and movies. So I actually thought and accidentally said it in sound "Hey Nicole would you like to go to my house tommorow." She said yes. But know my parents will start getting so happy about and they will be stuck looking at us. Then we both went home.

Nicole's POV
I loved this day but I'm so tired. I think I brused my feet with those heels. I took of my shoes and started to fall. And then I remembered that I need to ask my dad about going to Blake. When I went down he gave me a hug and said " Oh my beautiful flower!" I giggled and said thanks. We talked abou the visit he thought that we are getting married. That was kinda annoying.

Ronnie's POV
Blake? I tried to call him the whole day but he wouldn't take the phone I was starting to get scared. So then I called Veto maybe they just bro time because was also not connectable.
Fan fiction by Zmidy313 posted over a year ago
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It was a warm Saturday morning. Days where I usually sleep in. Warm sunny days...that's how I always liked it.. I was sleeping well and good, I couldn't hear Luke snoring, or the birds chirping. But then I heard a loud thump at the door... It was like 9 o' clock in the morning. Which is early for me. "Who is here this early in the morning?" I said. I got up and walked to the door. There was another loud thump. I put my ear up to the door and I heard a, "Are you sure Uncle Gabe is hear?" from a little girl. "Oh no..." I mumbled under my breath. I also heard a little boy say, "I think Luke and Uncle Gabe are sleeping." Right then and there I knew who it was. It was Zak with his and Tawni's kids. I figured Zak heard me at the door because he said, "I can hear you breathing!" Luke stumbled out the bedroom. "Who is it?" He asked. "My brother." I replied. His eyes widened. " I never met your brother before!" He brushed past me and quickly opened the door. "Welcome!" He exclaimed. Zak gave him a quick look. "So you're Gabe's boyfriend?" Zak asked. Luke nodded. Zak came in and sat down while I went to go put on some clothes.
Fan fiction by jadeISmaNAME posted over a year ago
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Zara: welcome everyone!

Maddie: we are now on episode 2 of total drama awesomest!

Zara: today we are going to wake up our contestants, then watch some movies!

Maddie: SASHA! or megan... whatever your name is >-< WAKE THEM UP! *maddie and zara cover their ears*

Sasha:...*shouts into microphone* GET UP YOUR LAZY PIECES OF SHI-

Jasmine: WERE AWAKE! *everyone walks out in their pjs*

Eddie: o3o ....

Lana:eh eh eh *Staring at eddies bat man boxers* XDDDDDD

Eddie:... you cant say much lana! your stood there in a super man t-shirt.

Lana: but superman is amazing! bat man is just.. bat man.


Maddie: anyway, after you guys have had breakfast and changed, your going to be watching a movie!

Zara: so go change and get breakfast from the canteen!

*after they did all that.. stuff...*
Fan fiction by Zmidy313 posted over a year ago
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NOTE: Every OC will NOT BE in every episode. So please don't get pissed when your OC isn't in an episode. This is not a competition series, it is an everyday life series.


*At Paige's Hose*

Carli: *in her room singing Save Me by Nicki Minaj*

Paige: *walks in* BOO!

Carli: *screams* What was that for?!

Paige: *laughs*

Carli: Get out my room Paige! >.<

Paige: *can't breath from laughing so hard* That.........was so........funny....

Carli: ...

Paige: *stops laughing* Hey you know school starts today.

Carli: Yeah, why?

Paige: You should join like choir....or something.

Carli: No way! You know I have stage fright!

Paige: Such a chicken. *walks out* Dad! I'm gonna drive the Ferrari to school! *grabs her bags and stuff*

Idk why I started with Carli......

Fan fiction by jadeISmaNAME posted over a year ago
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* confessionals*

Nate: eeh I feel so dizzy >.< But jay hugged mee! *does a fangirl/fanboy squeal XD* And I- I don't wanna vote...EVERYONE IS EPIC!

Ashleigh: oh god, who to vote? Um...*stamps Moor* sorry?

Moor: Blood is red bruses are blue I'm so cold and I vote off you! * votes off Kiki *

Mathew: T-that w-wat-ter w-was s-so c-cooold.*votes Ryder*

yufi: *starts shivering alot and try to vote kiki but ends up voting malina* o-opps i n-need a h-h-hot shower.

Ryder: i want more time with the ladiesssss! *votes jay*

Lana: i vote... *stamps the camera* X3
Maddie: *walks in * LANA! you cant vote the camera man!
Lana: actually i ment the camera e-e

Jay: i vote... u-uhm... *votes ryder* he s-scares me.

Maddie: looks like the person going home is-

Zara: maddie, give them the rewards first!

Maddie: ohh yeah XD wait..was the rewards?
Fan fiction by Cody-Sierra posted over a year ago
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no fancy episode title :P

Eliza: Hello everyone! Welcome to Total Drama Romance! Where everything is all about love! Lets meet the lovely co-host.
Veto: Oh, bitch. you’re too kind.
Eliza: Haha. Eyup! Lets meet the contestants now!
Veto: *grabs the camera* D: No meet me more!
Eliza: … *pushes Veto away from the camera* This is Rikki!
Rikki: *waves*
Eliza: Cassie!
Cassie: Hi!
Eliza: Kacey!
Kacey: HE-
Eddie: -LLO *gasps* MY BABY! *runs and jumps on Veto*
Veto: *laughs* EDDIE!
Eliza: … Thats... Eddie... and this is Paige!
Paige: Hey!
Eliza: Lana!
Lana: >:O EDWARD!
Lana: Must...jump...
Eliza: Valencia!
Valencia: H--
Veto: SAVE ME!
Eliza: Kiki and Bradley!
Bradley: H-hi!
Cassie: Bradley? I didn’t know you were gonna be on this..
Bradley: Um... *blushes*
Eliza: *quietly* romance....and heres Drake!
Article by Cody-Sierra posted over a year ago
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im just that original! XD

lilly was my first OC and she was just a heather colour over, and im gonna bring her back. ... shes really bubbly!

Marcus was originally really nice and funny, but now hes like a prankstery jerk who wants a girlfriend XD

Brittney is best friends with Mae (elkhat-law) i dont have any good facts D:

Eliza-Mae is pretty much myself, expect I never lived on a farm and i'm younger than her :p

Guy I got from the amazing jadeismaname! I think hes my favorite character <3 hes really shy and friendly.

Lilly: UGH! I hate pink! I hate everything! I'm soo stupid. I just want to hide under my bed and never talk to anyone every again!

Marcus: Justin bieber is my god! and Nicki minaj is soo ugly but she can sing really good! Justin is just so hot i can't control myself!

Brittney: i am NEVER going to be mean to Marcus every again! i'm so thankful he is my younger brother. hes so smart and just epic!
Fan fiction by Elkhat-Law posted over a year ago
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but this is my first short story :3
like... I made this before I even made Veto.

[i]He slammed the door, frustrated with the world. It seemed as though his room was the safest place in the world. Whenever he'd go in there, it was like everything around him just stopped. His parents never seemed to care enough to go check on him when he goes in there, to see if he was okay. Instead, they just carried on with their lives. As if everything was fine, but everything was not fine. In fact, everything was horrible.

He sat there on his floor and cried. All he ever wanted was for everything to be okay, for the bullying to stop, for his parents to actually care. But the bullying got worse everyday. ''Why me..." He quietly sobbed. "What did I do to deserve all of this?"

It was almost an hour later, and he was still sitting there, crying into his hands. Then he looked over beside his closet. There was a belt in the distance. Maybe all this will stop... he thought. He went over, grabbed the belt and sat back down in his small puddle of...
Fan fiction by colecutegirl posted over a year ago
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Ok so things that my ocs would never say XDD

Sayu: I hate video games. Ew chocolate is gross

Matt: Nah, I don't want to make a video today. I think I'll just sit at home and play the violin.

Billy: I'm not gonna hang out with you. I gotta go to the gym and work out. Also I hate ronnie and boxxy.

Louis: Everything and Everyone sucks. I hate Jacob. He's not funny. -.-

Grace: Woweee!! Really? I would neever smoke or drink!! And jade is suuuch a bad influence

Nate: That is waaay too mainstream. I totally hate jay and everyone sucks dick.

Timothy: Pff screw school! Like I need that anyway. I'm just gonna go and smoke crack

Gabriel: Pranks are stupid. And being a neko is so last year *is a neko himself*

Alex: I love rap music!! YAY!! And no, I'm not gonna dance. That's boring.

Jayden: I think I want a long term relationship (Pffffffft XD I can't-she would never be able to say that)
Fan fiction by Zmidy313 posted over a year ago
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Uhm..yeah..This is that story I was gonna write for Zak and Gabe... It's kinda like them and their group [Billy, Riley, Luke, Veto, Lana, Megan/Sasha] search for the sword Excalibur! I got the idea from a Phineas and Ferb episode, I was watching it with my little brother. But yeah, they have fairies, wizards, witches and all that other shit... Also for the characters, I tried to keep it 2 OCs per person who entered.. I kinda didn't wanna work with too many people. Hope you like it.. x3

Zak's POV

"Wake up Zak!" Gabe shouted while throwing it at me. "Ugh.." I groaned... "Hurry dorkface! We have to meet the elders!" He said. I slowly got up, got in my clothing, and headed downstairs. "So have you boys gathered some friends to meet you at the Elders?" Mom asked. "Yeah! We chose--" I cut Gabe off. "You mean YOU chose." I sneered. Gabe and I didn't get along great. I mean, he's a magic user, or "wizard", and I'm a fighter, one who fights physically and not with magic. Sworn enemies, we would end up killing each other if we weren't brothers. Anyway, he just ignored me. "We chose, Veto, Lana, Billy, Sasha, Riley, and Luke." He said. Mother nodded and...
Fan fiction by Elkhat-Law posted over a year ago
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because the middle of chapter 4 is when I gave up...

gfhdjk you don't even know how much I hate this >_<
its all over the place and it makes no sense to my simple mind.

Chapter 1

Vetos POV

Blake invited me over to his house, I’m not sure why, I think he wanted to ask me something... I’m not sure what though.It was all quiet at his house, probably because his parents, brothers and sister weren’t home. Still, it was awfully quiet. So I sat down on his couch, and he just stared at the floor. ‘’Hey Veto?’’ he said, still looking at the floor. ‘’Yeah?’’ I turned to face him, he looked sad. Not like he had been in a fight, just like he had something big on his mind. ‘’Have you ever met a girl, that you really liked.. and you couldn’t figure out a way to tell her?’’ He wouldn’t stop staring at that floor.‘’No..’’ I said looking at him. ‘’Well, theres a girl I like and I can’t tell her, or Ronnie, because I think Ronnie likes me, and I can’t hurt her...’’ he said looking up at me with a worried look on his face. I didn’t know how to respond to that....
Review by totaldramafan4 posted over a year ago
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read every week the newest fasion romeans page here is a oweak rewiew blaze:come lets go to lilys house kaylen:no i wont go to that back stambing lying little......................girl blaze:ok but we need to make peace kaylen you can make peace i dont even want to see the little ........................ girl of............... kind an staying blaze;ok you miss the goth fashion show kaylen:i joke lets go before its over blaze:lols dont mis goth girl drama neth week here its the new fab,romactic blog its going to be great and a lot of drama.