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Girlyloving32 posted on Dec 10, 2011 at 02:23PM
So here's how it goes your stuck on an island the ship sank in the ocean there kids,pre- teens,teens,babys,toddlers,adults there and your trying to find your bags that fell in the water ill start of
Ronald: *wakes up from unconcious ness,sees lots of people* kyra don't ever leave my side wheres mom and dad?
Kyra: they went down with the ship *crying with teddy bear in arms* look theres yuri
Ronald: yuri yuri YURI!!
Yuri: huh
Both: *crash in sand*
Yuri: you can get off me now -_-
Ronald: @.@ sorry
Addie: liddy liddy liddy
Liddy: *her body washes on shore with alive baby in arms*
Addie: liddy *takes baby and puts in warm blanket* kyra hold the baby *takes liddys body and burys her*
No god-modding
Keep it R-rated,pg-13
No killing unless you get permission
No owning wild animals you can keep a cat or dog
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over a year ago Strawberry0020 said…
Tomoyo: *Nods* Did you?
*It starts getting dark*
~Over by Katie and Lance~
Katie: Did he really say that? *Blushes*
Hazel: Totally! But he said there's another girl he likes.
Katie: Who?
Hazel: I don't know. I bet it's someone at school, maybe even his ex-girlfriend. She's fugly though.
Lance: Jenny? No! She's pretty cute.
Hazel: Oh, hush up. You think any single girl is cute.
Lance: Not true! xD
Hazel: But either way, Katie's the only girl on this island that he'd go out with.
over a year ago tdiCxTlova18 said…
Mary: *walks back from waterfall* hey guys what did I miss?
over a year ago Strawberry0020 said…
Austin: Mary, would you like to assist me in creating a new diagram for our new transportation? There are a few other islands not too far from this one, and were planning on exploring those. But first, we have to build a raft. ^-^
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
melody: *humming a luluby is land against tree hugging knees*

sayu: so what do we do now?
over a year ago dxarmy423 said…
*At the Camp*

Chilly: If I can build a raft out of bamboo, then I can travel between the two islands in a mater of hours

Chilly: hey hazel can you find me some rope or vines to tie this raft together
over a year ago Strawberry0020 said…
Hazel: Sure!
Austin: *Pushes up glasses* This is a team effort. If I'm correct, there is no 'I' in team Christopher. >:i
Hazel: Uh, any clue where Austin got the glasses from? ._.??
~Over by Katie and Lance~
Christian: *Comes back* O-O
Katie: Finally, what took you so long?
Christian: *Shakes head*
Lance: Alright. I think we've found enough, let's get back to the base.
~The base~
Katie: This is all we found so far. Should this cover it?
Lance: I hope so, I'm exhausted!
Christian: *Quiet and not complaining*
Katie: Christian? Are you okay?
Christian: Oh, I'm fine! ^-^'
Katie: *Smiles* Just checking.
Austin: It depends. It looks like a sufficient amount for now. *Turns to Chilly* Yes, for our raft!
Katie: Uh, did we miss anything? O.o
over a year ago Zoey1315 said…
Uummmm dxarmy423,strawberry0020,coolcutegirl, tdiccxlova18,smartone1are the only ones who can rp on stuck on an island and I won't be rping on here if courtneyfan214 always ignores my comments,falsley accuse me
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over a year ago Zoey1315 said…
And zeebem11
over a year ago dxarmy423 said…
Chilly: *to Austin* hey I'm the only one with Survival training here

Chilly: So I'm going to the island to find food and supplies

Chilly: *ties the raft together* now this raft is only big enough for two people

Chilly: so who want's to go with me to the other island?
over a year ago Strawberry0020 said…
Hazel: I'll go! ^-^
*A few passengers raise their hands*
Austin: Well, Mr. High and mighty, I beg to differ. You're not the only thing who knows a thing or two about survival. After testing my hypothesis over these past couple of months, we've had help from a camp counselor and a botanist. And I don't mean to brag, but I am possibly the most knowledgeable person on this island.
Hazel: Don't flatter yourself. -_-
Katie: Hey. Austin's right, we are a team. Nobody gets left behind, but Austin, you can't just take credit for being the smartest dude on this island. You still haven't asked any of us for ideas on how we're gonna get to the other island in flying colors.
Austin: Fine then Katherine. I'm willing to help out however I possibly can.
Lance: Good. Can we start off by getting a snack or something? xD
over a year ago dxarmy423 said…
Chilly: *puts the raft in the water* Austin look talk to me when you can tell the difference between the plant thats gonna save you and the plant that will paralyze you for life

Chilly: Ok, so me and hazel will go look for supplies and report back if we see anything important

Chilly: *jumps onto raft*
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over a year ago Strawberry0020 said…
(The power of google. xDDD)
Austin: *Takes a deep breath and starts talking really fast*
Cape Aloe
Wormwood- originated in Africa
Wild willow
Pineapple weed
Red and blue elderberry
Stinging Nettle
Sheep Sorrel
Katie: D8 What the?
Lance: *Blankly stares a Austin*
Hazel: O-O
Austin: *Keeps talking*
Christian: When will he stop?
Austin: And Buck-bean. Should I continue? >:i
over a year ago dxarmy423 said…
Chilly: *on the raft* Hazel hurry up or get left behind *starts pushing the raft away from the island*
over a year ago Strawberry0020 said…
Hazel: *Hugs Katie and Christian* Later! Love you guys!
Katie: *Sighs* Later...
Christian: *Whispers in Hazel's ear*
Hazel: *Eyes widen and she looks at Christian in shock*
Christian: *Has a serious look on his face*
Hazel: *Jumps on the raft then takes one look back at Katie*
Katie: *Waves*
Hazel: Oh my god... Is he gonna tell her? *Frowns*
Katie: *Turns to Lance* (Sarcastically) Well that went smoothly...
Lance: Oh well. Let's go back and get something to eat.
Katie: Alright.
over a year ago dxarmy423 said…
*On the raft*

Chilly: *paddling the raft to the island* we should be there in an hour

Chilly: *to hazel* you ok back there?
over a year ago Strawberry0020 said…
Hazel: *Nods*
~The base- Katie's tree house~
Lance: *Drinking one of Austin's smoothies*
Katie: *Drinking a smoothie*
Christian: *Staring off into space*
Lance: Christian? Yo, you still there?
Katie: Hey, what's wrong?
Christian: I can't keep this secret anymore.
Katie: About?
Christian: About Scott!
Katie: *A bit surprised* What about him?
Christian: I can't tell her... (Lying) He has a dead girlfriend and he misses her!
Katie: Aw, really? That's so sad! I'll go talk to him.
Christian: I don't think now is a good time to do so.
Katie: Why not? <:(
Christian: He probably wants to be alone right now.
Lance: What's her name?
Christian: Uh... *Looks at the clouds* Uh... Cloudia- Claudia! That's her name. Yep I remember!
Lance: Hmm.
Katie: That's sad...
Christian: I know right?
over a year ago dxarmy423 said…
*On the raft*

Chilly: *takes a break* looks like just another half hour or so and were on the next island

Chilly: *looks down into the water* oh look sharks *kinds sarcastic*
over a year ago Strawberry0020 said…
Hazel: Is there really sharks? O-O Just asking...
~The base~
Katie: *Getting ready to go bathing with the other girls*
Marcus: Can I go with you today?
Katie: Alright, put on your bathing suit.
Marcus: *Digs in book bag and gets his swim suit and towel*
Katie: *Puts on T-shirt over swim suit*
Marcus: Soogie, why is Angie so said? (It's hard for him to pronounce Evangeline).
Katie: It's getting stressful living here. Maybe you and I can go out to the beach and find some seashells to make her a gift or something. Maybe you can make one for Melody?
Marcus: *Blushes*
Katie: Alright, let's go. *Grabs towel and starts climbing down the tree house*
over a year ago dxarmy423 said…
*On the raft*

Chilly: yeah there's sharks *starts paddling*'

Chilly: look the shore is right ahead *points to the island*
over a year ago Strawberry0020 said…
Hazel: O.O *Shakes head* Need any help paddling? ^-^
~The Waterfall~
Katie: *Washing Marcus' hair*
RCA Girl: Aw, he's so cute! Is he your son?
Katie: No, he's my baby brother, Marcus.
RCA girl: I was gonna say. You look way too young to be a mom. xD
Marcus: *Hides behind Katie*
Katie: Say hi, Marcus.
Marcus: *Waves*
RCA girl: Aw, he get's shy easily?
Katie: *nods* xD
RCA girl: I'm Maxxie. It's nice to meet you!
Katie: I'm Katie, you too. *shakes hand* ^-^
RCA girl: *Holds hand out to Marcus* It's nice to meet you, Marcus.
Marcus: *Shakes hand*
RCA girl: ^-^
~Scott's hut~
Lance: So gonna tell her?
Scott: What?
Lance: You know exactly what I'm talking about.
Scott: Wait, how did you know?
Lance: I knew, even when we were back at home. Are you even gonna tell her?
Scott: It's none of your business, Lance!
Lance: Fine then, I tell her myself. All she does is talk about how amazing she thinks you are. "Scott's nice, Scott's funny, Scott's cute!" It's pathetic. The bottom line is that you're not all that great.
Scott: You might wanna rephrase that before you get yourself in trouble.
Lance: It's your choice, man. You tell or I tell. And you better choose quick, because Christian is horrible at keeping secrets. *Gets up and walks out of hut*
over a year ago tdiCxTlova18 said…
seth: *walking along the sand* *notices his suitcase in the water*
aw sweet! *opens suitcase* wha? *face turns white* its......his......
over a year ago smartone123 said…
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
melody: *walking near shore takes small golden locket out and looks at picture*
over a year ago smartone123 said…
gets up-jade
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
bailey: *sat on a fallenn tree tuning his guitar*
over a year ago smartone123 said…
(join TDLOD :3
link )

grabs her gutair-jade
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
bailey: *playes a small tune then plays greenday- deadbeat holiday*
over a year ago smartone123 said…
(did u 030 )

looks up,plays the simple gutair-jade
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
(ive started it but me dont know wt oc to debating between sayu, riley or dahvie)

bailey:*plays this then stands up and begins walking back to base*
over a year ago smartone123 said…
(yay one person i hope more join :3)

over a year ago colecutegirl said…
bailey: *smiles* so you better now jade?
over a year ago smartone123 said…
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
bailey: aww c'mon jade don't be upset *hugs her*
over a year ago smartone123 said…
stiffens alittle"im ok...."-jade
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
bailey: *lets go* c'mon lets find the others


sayu: *asleep leaning against nate*
over a year ago smartone123 said…
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
sayu: *wakes up and sees jade and bailey in distance.* you guys!! over here!!

nate: *looks down and smiles* see youre awake
sayu: *nods and kisses his cheek*

bailey: well we found sayu and nate
over a year ago smartone123 said…
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
sayu: hey guys! how is chu
over a year ago smartone123 said…
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
sayu: gud!!! did chu know wehaz found more survivors!!
nate: *nods*

bailey: well do you know any of them?

sayu: yeah actually! theres dahvie, miranda,alice and alex

over a year ago smartone123 said…
"oh thats good"-jade
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
sayu: nods* apparently pixie is here too but we havent found her

nate: maybe thats good remember the last time her and alex were put in a room together

sayu: *shudders* living hell

over a year ago smartone123 said…
smiles alittle-jade
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
bailey: *nods* glad i wasnt there
sayu: well we're gunna go to the waterfall wanna come with?
over a year ago smartone123 said…
"..i geuss"-jade
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
sayu: lets goes den!!
nate: yeah k
*all go to waterfall*
bailey: its awsome
over a year ago smartone123 said…
"oh nice"-jade
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
sayu: ok?
over a year ago smartone123 said…