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Girlyloving32 posted on Dec 10, 2011 at 02:23PM
So here's how it goes your stuck on an island the ship sank in the ocean there kids,pre- teens,teens,babys,toddlers,adults there and your trying to find your bags that fell in the water ill start of
Ronald: *wakes up from unconcious ness,sees lots of people* kyra don't ever leave my side wheres mom and dad?
Kyra: they went down with the ship *crying with teddy bear in arms* look theres yuri
Ronald: yuri yuri YURI!!
Yuri: huh
Both: *crash in sand*
Yuri: you can get off me now -_-
Ronald: @.@ sorry
Addie: liddy liddy liddy
Liddy: *her body washes on shore with alive baby in arms*
Addie: liddy *takes baby and puts in warm blanket* kyra hold the baby *takes liddys body and burys her*
No god-modding
Keep it R-rated,pg-13
No killing unless you get permission
No owning wild animals you can keep a cat or dog
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over a year ago colecutegirl said…
(lolz okiez)

matt: I play keyboards :)
over a year ago smartone123 said…
"oh thats great,i do too"-jade
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
matt: really?! thats awsome! i need to find something to do aftr my ds broke
bailey: he has a obsession on games
over a year ago smartone123 said…
"oh nina always loves those fighting game,shes a boxer so..."rolls her eyes-jade
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
bailey: yeah... so what do you guys wanna do?
over a year ago tdiCxTlova18 said…
Mary: well we cud find sum more survivors
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
matt: yeah
bailey: lets go
over a year ago smartone123 said…
"oh,if you are here, nina here"-jade

A huge explosion goes off at the other side of the island-nina(other side of the island)
sighs heavily"ya....ya shes here"rubs her eyes-jade
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
sayu: how does she explode stuff like that??? that reminds me so much of my friend mihael... he blew up many things
nate: yeah he was but reckless
bailey: so lets go find her?
matt: naww cant you guys go ahead im mourning for the ds!
biley: matt!
matt: what?!
bailey: c'mon dude

over a year ago smartone123 said…
"shes very handy with those stuff"sighs in exasperatin,starts to walks to the other side of the mountian-jade

over a year ago colecutegirl said…
matt: *to bailey* I'm goig to try find riley
bailey: what if
mat: Dont say it!
bailey: sorry

sayu: me nate ad melody will keep working on the shelter then try to find more survivors

bailey: ok...I'll try and find mikami
matt: but you hate him
bailey: so it doesnt matter right now
matt: true well im gunna go *walks away*
over a year ago smartone123 said…
they locate nina-both

has a bomb in her hand-nina


"hi guys!"-nina
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
bailey: sees mikami* mikami! you ok?
mikami: do i look ok to you?
mikami: so what d you think!
bailey: woah! calm down i was only tring to help
mikami: *sighs* whats the point were all going to die anyway
biley: shut up mikami you want help or not?
mikami: fine

matt: *comes back to shelter tears in his eyes*
sayu: whats wrong?!
matt: shes dead
nate: who is?
matt: riley!
sayu: riley...riley evernite as in riley riot?
mtt: yeah! who else!
nate: oh man...
sayu: thats horrible
melody: *comes in* whats wrong?
over a year ago smartone123 said…
comes back with nina*"what about you guys how did it go?"-jade
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
matt: riley is dead
bailey: walks in with mikami* for the last time will you stop complainging!
mikami: but you arnet even helping!
bailey: fine! *drops mikami*better?
mikami: idiot!
over a year ago smartone123 said…
"oh...."is sad-jade
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
sayu: jade whats wrong?
bailey: sit down *leads jade to hammock*
mikami: Hello!!!
matt: shut up!
over a year ago smartone123 said…
"....poor Riley"-jade
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
matt: it'll be ok...
bailey: yeah *sits next to jade* we have to accept it
over a year ago smartone123 said…
"...we were friends..."-jade
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
matt: we were dating
sayu: i knew her too we met on th ship when she ran past me singing...
matt: laughs sadly* sounds like her
bailey: hugs jade* it'll be ok...
matt: we have t find other survivors
over a year ago smartone123 said…

is shocked-jake

over a year ago colecutegirl said…
(c ya)

matt: were all going to miss her
sayu: I wish we could bring her back *starts so sob and cries on nates shoulder*
over a year ago tdiCxTlova18 said…
Mary: I'm sorry.....
Seth: I found someone else guys
over a year ago Girlyloving32 said…
Terra: guys I found two little kids covered in blood no no ashley,addie *tears up*
Ashley: *opens eye a little* terra *holds terra's neck*
Brian: jessica *kisses her*
Jessica: oh brian don't ever leave me again
Addie: looks around sees s bsby crawling in diapers
Jackson: *fineshing upgrading the shelters* there 87 rooms