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Girlyloving32 posted on Dec 10, 2011 at 02:23PM
So here's how it goes your stuck on an island the ship sank in the ocean there kids,pre- teens,teens,babys,toddlers,adults there and your trying to find your bags that fell in the water ill start of
Ronald: *wakes up from unconcious ness,sees lots of people* kyra don't ever leave my side wheres mom and dad?
Kyra: they went down with the ship *crying with teddy bear in arms* look theres yuri
Ronald: yuri yuri YURI!!
Yuri: huh
Both: *crash in sand*
Yuri: you can get off me now -_-
Ronald: @.@ sorry
Addie: liddy liddy liddy
Liddy: *her body washes on shore with alive baby in arms*
Addie: liddy *takes baby and puts in warm blanket* kyra hold the baby *takes liddys body and burys her*
No god-modding
Keep it R-rated,pg-13
No killing unless you get permission
No owning wild animals you can keep a cat or dog
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over a year ago Courtneyfan214 said…
jamie: yuri you guys are you ok?
jamie: yuri you guys are you ok?
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
sayu: *wakes up* owwww *looks at cut up arms and legs*... what the?what happened?
over a year ago Courtneyfan214 said…
jamie: the ship sanked and now were stranded on an island. what are we gonna do we don't have any connection.
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
sayu: I dont know... wheres nate??
nate:* walks over to her* sayu! you ok?
sayu: yeah you?
nate: *smiles* apart from a few cuts and bruises im fine *kisses her cheek*
sayu: *smiles and hugs him then turns to jamie* well we had better start making a shelter for a start then hunt for food if we want to survive here we had better stick together

???: *crying* mommy? daddy? where are you *falls to floor crying*
over a year ago Courtneyfan214 said…
Jamie: hey there whats your name?
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
melody: me? im...mel-melody have you seen my parents?? *still crying*
over a year ago zeebem10 said…
Levi:*wakes up with torn clothes and scratches all over arms and legs and looks about 12 years old* Ugh...*sits up* what happened?*has a fairly large bruise on forehead*
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Levi:*wakes up with torn clothes and scratches all over arms and legs and looks about 12 years old* U
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
sayu: *walks over to levi* our ship sayu and you are?
over a year ago zeebem10 said…
Levi:*stands up*I'm Levi,hi sayu.
over a year ago Courtneyfan214 said…
Jamie: *thinks* i think her parent might have died.
* Talks to the little girl* m-maybe they-they are on there way.
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
melody: but...but *hugs jamie* im scared! what if they never come back *crying heavily*

sayu: Hi levi. do you feel any pain?
over a year ago Courtneyfan214 said…
Janie: dont cry *hugs melody* I promise if they dont come back then ill protect you from any danger. * look left and finds a banana on the ground and shes hungry then she picks it up* looks fresh.
over a year ago zeebem10 said…
Levi:Yes,yes I do. Hey, have you seen my older brother Blake? He is about 5 feet 6 inches blonde hair with red Bang tips?
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
melody: thank you *sniffs*

sayu: well im gunna go find some wood and leaves to create the shelter
nate: ill help.
*both go into trees/jungle*

melody: *sees a couple of sticks vines and leaves and begins craftily building a shelter*
over a year ago zeebem10 said…
Levi: Hey wait for me! *follows Nate and Melody*
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
sayu:ok just stick with us ok levi? if you see anything like food and stuff tell us
nate: hey levi im nate :)
over a year ago zeebem10 said…
Levi: OK sayu and nice to meet you Nate.*looks up and sees a banana tree* Look! a banana tree! *points above Levi*
over a year ago Courtneyfan214 said…
Jamie: you know how to make shelter? brb * finds more food like bananas, fish, apples, and cherries. and also small and large chunks of wood for fire and shelter*
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
melody: *nods* my parents and me travel alot so im ok with stuff like this

sayu: *smiles* good job
nate: *begins to climb tree gets bananas* ok got them
over a year ago tdiCxTlova18 said…
(can i pweese join? :3)
mary: *wakes up with palm tree leaves covering her* wh-what? SETH!!
SETH are u here?!?!
seth: *wakes up with wet sand in his face* m-mary? *spits sand out*
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
sayu; picks up leaves and vines and sticks*
nate: *does same then grabs some apples and oranges* lets go
sayu: yeah.. c'mon levi

melody ;*humming a song while making shelter8
sayu: uh...mel...melody yeah... we got you some more leaves and stuff
melody: thank you *softly crying*
sayu: you sure you dont need an help?
melody: im fine thank you
over a year ago Courtneyfan214 said…
Jamie: *starts a fire and cooks 5 fishes* i know this is not enough but atleast i found some fruits for us 6 bananas and 7 apples, and 12 pieces of grapes.
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
sayu: we found 12 bananas 9 oranges and 8 apples so thats 18bananas 12 pieces of grape 15 apples and 9 oranges... thiis should keep us going for a bit... we could form a team if you want
nate: yeah its bebtter with a couple of people than with just one
over a year ago Courtneyfan214 said…
Jamie: ok lets make a shelter big with 5 rooms and 2 beds in each room. and well have to get a leader.
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
melody: *turns round* 2/5 rooms done but beds are gunna be tricky
sayu: well who can we have as a leader?
melody: I vote jamie!
nate:well sayu is a pretty good lader...
sayu: so a vote?