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dxarmy423 posted on Mar 16, 2012 at 11:07PM
This is gonna be an RP where the world has been taken over by an evil dictator and plunged into a global apocalypse.

There is a giant island full of mountains, rain forests and abandoned citys.

The People that get put on the island are killers, thieves, drug addicts, political rivals and other people that got kicked out of the main country.

You must survive, fight or try to escape the island

Food, Weapon and supply drops are randomly scattered around the island


1. No Killing with out permission

2. No God Modding

3. No Superpowers/Magic

4. Please follow proper post format

5. Please keep it PG-13

6. More rules maybe added if needed
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over a year ago poophead4837ext said…
Tiffany: To put that down. I'm harmless unless you hurt me. I promise.
over a year ago dxarmy423 said…
Claire: *watching Tiffany and Jason*

Claire: *thinks* I wonder how long they've been on the island

Claire: *thinks* and what is he building

*On top of a sky scraper*

Chilly: *sees smoke in the direction he walked from* Damn, all the way back there
over a year ago poophead4837ext said…
Tiffany: Do you trust me? What's your name?
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
Jason:works in two ways you drop yours I drop mine simple
over a year ago poophead4837ext said…
Tiffany: *sighs* *puts her bow and arrows behind her so no one can take it, and puts her hand out for a handshake* Tiffany.
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
Jason:*drops the gun* Jason so what are you doing here
over a year ago poophead4837ext said…
Tiffany: The same reason all of us are here...
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
Jason:you good at fixing things?
over a year ago aprilacne said…
Amy:*walking around with cooked chicken*
over a year ago poophead4837ext said…
Tiffany: Yeah...why?
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
Jason:I need a little help fixing my ride
over a year ago poophead4837ext said…
Tiffany: Sure. But you better not attack me from behind...or...ya' know. Where is it?
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
Jason:your looking at it *points to the broken helicopter*
over a year ago dxarmy423 said…
Claire: *says to self* a helicopter? what?
over a year ago poophead4837ext said…
Tiffany: You...have a helicopter? How did you get one? *approaches it*
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over a year ago vegeta007 said…
Jason:oh.....uhm I "borrowed" it from my transport to this island I'm missing a few parts but when my brother arrives I can fix and we can get off this island
over a year ago dxarmy423 said…
*At the edge of the abandoned city*

Chilly: great, I have to walk through this stupid jungle *walks*

*Over by claire*

Claire: *sneaks over to the helicopter* hmmm.....

Claire: *looks at the bottom of the helicopter, sees a blinking light*

Claire: *thinks* whats that?

Claire: *thinks* Its a tracking device! they know where this is!

Claire: *thinks* its blinking because they're tracking getting closer!

*Another helicopter flies over the forest and puts a laser where the group is, starts aiming*
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over a year ago poophead4837ext said…
Tiffany: *starts working on it* It's really damaged bad...It might take a couple of days. When I'm done I'll tell you. *sits down next to the helicopter*
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
Jason:huh *turns around* whoa! What are you doing?!
over a year ago poophead4837ext said…
Tiffany: What's wrong? *stands up and picks up her bow*
over a year ago dxarmy423 said…
Claire: *takes out a knife* I don't want any trouble

Claire: its just that helicopter is booby trapped!

Claire: Look! *points to the helicopter in the sky*

*The Helicopter shoots a missile at the group*

Claire: duck! *runs*
over a year ago poophead4837ext said…
Tiffany: *grabs Jason's hand and follows Claire quickly* What's going on?! *stops, and kneels panting* I can't run much longer... *sits there awaiting death*
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over a year ago dxarmy423 said…
Claire: *ducks behind a rock as the helicopter explodes*

Claire: *sighs* *to tiffany* that helicopter had a tracking device on it

Claire: the guards tried to kill us

*In the jungle*

Chilly: *hears the explosion* what the f***! *takes gun out, ducks down*
over a year ago poophead4837ext said…
Tiffany: *stands up, and nods* So they must know we're near the now destroyed helicopter. So we have to keep moving.
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
Jason:just keep running I'll take it out, just keep going *runs into the woods, climbs a tall tree* shot Ray *aims at the flyer with his sniper and takes him out*

Raymond:*in the copter* nice *takes out the guards and takes control of the helicopter*lets crash this thing down but first *takes out the locater* woooooooooooo *crashes somewhere in the jungle* *gets out* whoa I'm okay