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mindy890 posted on Mar 28, 2012 at 04:38PM
I just wanna get a little idea on how some of the characters act. If you already submitted a profile on there --->­lan­d-f­anc­har­...­ned you don't have to post it on here unless you want too.
Species: (Vampire, werewolf, shapeshifter, demon ect.)
Bio: (If your a demon you can't have anything to do with satan or god)
Powers: (You can't be all powerful)
Crush: (It can be someones OC including mine)

There will not be challenges... this will be like....a little camp thing were they get to know each other before the actually challenges.
Remember what teams your all on. If you submit a sign up sheet on here I'll tell you what team your on.
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over a year ago mindy890 said…
Name: Jared Miller
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Element demon
Bio: His father rejected him and his mother beat him untill he ran away at age 10.
Personality: Very serious and poised. He doesn't smile often and he tends to get a bit too sarcastic.
Powers: Can breath fire and make it come out of his hands and other parts of the body. (No not THOSE parts T_T)
Crush:none at the moment
Name: Jared Miller<br />
Age: 16<br />
Gender: Male<br />
Species: Element demon<br />
Bio: His fathe
over a year ago poophead4837ext said…
Aryanna: *is the first to arrive, sits down, indian style*

*Thinking: W-will the other campers be afraid of me? I'll just not tell them who I am right away.*
over a year ago mindy890 said…
Jared: *sits down a few feet away from her his head lowered*
over a year ago poophead4837ext said…
Aryanna: *looks over his way and looks at the sky, desperately*

*Thinking: Ugh, I wish I could just leave right now. If they ever figure out what I do, no one would like me here.*
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
sayu: *arrives shortly after playing on a DS puts it away as she gets of the buss and sits next to jared* hey
over a year ago mindy890 said…
Jared: .....uh hello....
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
sayu: my names sayu *goes back to game and absent mindley says* whats yours?
over a year ago mindy890 said…
Jared: Jared..... *tries to ignore her*
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
sayu: *continues to play gam but stands up and leans against a wall*
over a year ago mindy890 said…
Jared: *rolls eyes*
over a year ago colecutegirl said…
sayu: *not looking up* don't do that.
over a year ago mindy890 said…
Jared: *rolls eyes again in attempt to irritate her*
over a year ago iloveduncan6 said…
Chey: *Mumbles something while getting off the bus*

Name: Chey Kazama (Mishima)

Age: 16

Species: Demon/Devil

Powers: Can turn into a devil at anytime.

Nicknames: Unknown, Chey-San, Chey-Sama, Devil Chey, Sweeper

Personality: Evil, SOMETIMES nice.

Birthplace: Believe it or not... Korea/Japan

Dating: No one

Likes: Fighting, Killing, Anything Tomboyish and Violent

Dislikes: Anything Girly

Friends: Her Mom Jun Kazama, Her Brother Jin Kazama (Mishima), Her Uncle Lee Chaolan, Her OTHER Uncle Lars Alexandersson, Her Friend Hwoarang, Her Sister Anna (Williams), Her Other Friends I didn't name.

Enemys: Her Father Kazuya Mishima, Her Grandfather Heihachi Mishims, Her GREAT Grandfather Jinpachi Mishima, Her Other Sister Nina (Williams), And Other People She Made An Enemy Of.

Bio: When Chey was a kid she got picked on, ALOT. One day her father (Kazuya Mishima) threw her down a volcano to show her what he had to go through when HIS father (Heihachi Mishima) threw HIM down a volcano. Once Chey climbed up from the Volcano, She had the Envy inside her to kill her father. The Envy inside her was the Devil she got from her Father. Chey then noticed she had this strange mark on her Chest like her fathers. Everytime she got pissed at someone, it would start glowing red and her Devil side would kick in. She has a Red eye because thats another thing that shows she has a Devil side. She of course, gets that from her father. On Bad days she hides her red eye. On good days she shows her red eye.
Chey: *Mumbles something while getting off the bus*<br />
<br />
Name: Chey Kazama (Mishima)<br />
over a year ago poophead4837ext said…
Aryanna: So...what species is everyone?

(Sorry about the dumb typo...I changed it.)
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over a year ago mindy890 said…
(iloveduncan6 your accepted.)
Jared: none your business.
over a year ago poophead4837ext said…
Aryanna: *sighs* Are you always this depressing? *joking around*
over a year ago iloveduncan6 said…
Chey: You would be stupid to think I would tell you.
over a year ago poophead4837ext said…
Aryanna: Is it forbidden or something? I don't anything about being a different species... *puts her hand to her mouth and corrects herself really quickly* I mean, I guess it's something personal, I'm sorry I asked.
over a year ago mindy890 said…
Jared: no its not forbidden but we know what you are we were informed....*mean tone in his voice*
over a year ago poophead4837ext said…
Aryanna: *rolls her eyes* You don't scare me, I get rid of monsters like you all the time. Also, using a tone like that with just about everything you say, doesn't get you much friends, believe it or not.
over a year ago mindy890 said…
Jared: Like I want friends... and....*smirks* who says I'm like the other monsters you get rid of?
over a year ago poophead4837ext said…
Aryanna: ...That means?
over a year ago mindy890 said…
Jared: forget it..... you know.... you can't just get rid of anybody on here because its what you do for a living. The people on this stupid little game show probably got on because they have greater skill than everyone else.
over a year ago poophead4837ext said…
Aryanna: *looks away ending the conversation*

*Thinking: Great, I've made enemies practically with everyone because of the stupid thing I decided to do for a living. I wish I could travel back in time right now. >_>*
over a year ago mindy890 said…
Jared: *crosses arms*
*thinks: Good got sick of talking to her*