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Total Drama Island Fancharacters Total Drama Age- Kurt

  • Total Drama Age- Kurt

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Another silly Dragon Age - Total Drama cross over picture.

...I'm actually debating whether of not to continue with the idea I had like... Six months ago and to a cross over comic with Total Drama OCs.

Any way, in the DA universe, Kurt is an elven mage who specializes as a spirit healer

If you're wondering why he's covered in blood, the only answer I can give you is it's Dragon Age. You seriously cannot bat an eyelash in that game without turning blood spattered

I plan on adding a logo to the top left hand corner when ever I have time and motivation to do it. That's why there might seem to be a lot of empty space there
posted over a year ago.
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You cannot fathom the imensity of the anazingness that this it. =.=
..Did that make sence? .3.
posted over a year ago.
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xD thanks Dannie. I think it makes sense xDD
posted over a year ago.
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nice color but you always have nice color XD
posted over a year ago.
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