TD's back baby!
all that BS about a person 'dying' is false. same with the whole cast coming back in 4th season.
enough already!
my neighbor and 1 of my best buds Brandon works with MTV part os the Total Drama part or whatevr and confirmd what im gonna tell you. it may change but idk producers change their minds do dont go all haywire all caps on me bc u disagree bc idgaf... anyway heres what ik and am willing to share :D :

- the title is NOT TDR! its TOTAL DRAMA REVENGE OF THE ISLAND! get it right people! i posted a vid with Chris Potenza or whatevr saying its the title! he's the dude who voices Chris McClain!

- NO ONE IS GOING TO DIE! ITS A KIDS SHOW FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! only 1 that would die would be mr. coconut but i think he alrdy did or an intern. (noo!!! not my Billy!! lol )

- it should premire on April 23rd or 24th in Cananda and sometime in June for us in the US!
( if u live in Canada plz b kind and share stuff!)

- There are 13 ALL NEW CHARACTERS!!!!!!

- competition is 13 weeks

-no prize money

- final 5 (maybe) will be able to join rest of old cast (all of them!) in season 5 title TBA!

-^^^ if not final 5 then all cast, every single person from every single season will be on season 5 for a million dollars!

- there should b an aftermath show with Bridgette and Geoff. Blainley im not sure ?

- the pic that has been released with the 3 guys and 1 girl on a sofa atop of cheff hactehtte or whatevr, that 1 well the blonde girls name is DAWN, the black guy with the football jersey is LIGHTENING, the white guy dressed as a nerd is MIKE!

- all of the above r what i got from total drama wiki, and from my neighbor, and from the TDblog i go on. ALL OF THESE CAN CHANGE SO NO1 BETTER BITCH ABOUT SOMETHING!!!!!!! STILL IN PRODUCTION PEOPLE! PEOPLE CHANGE THEIR MINDS!

anyway hope u all enjoy TD as much as i do and will b tuned in for season 4 with more drama than ever on

xD ^ lol Chris moment !
love u guys PEACE for now!!!!