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TD Cast Answer Ur Questions!!!!! (BRIDGETTE)

Opinion by starburst-rock posted over a year ago
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(I chose Gwen to interview Bridgh b cuz Courtney just got interviewed. Ya..... Just thought I should tell y'all that....ENJOY!!!!)

Bridgette waits in her seat. Her interviewer seemed to be late. She laughs to herself a little. Predictable Geoff.

Someone then runs into the room. Bridgette frowns seeing that it's not Geoff. Instead it was Gwen.

"I'm So sorry I'm late! I had to go get-" Gwen was cut off by Bridgette. "Where's my Geoffy-poo?" she asks. Gwen rolled her eyes. "Nice to see you to." Gwen says sarcastically. 

Bridgette's eyes widen when she realises what she said. She then gives Gwen a friendly hug then says "No!! I didn't mean-" Gwen cut her off, smirking a little. "It's fine, let's just get this started." Bridgette smiles and nods her head. 

Gwen smiles back, then reads the card. "Your first questions are from Poptrop300. She asks "Why do you and Geoff constantly make out?"

Bridgette blushes. "Um.... Well I-I I guess that if you love someone so much that you can't stand to leave them."

Gwen smirks again. "Or, you just are obsessed with making out!" Bridgette rolls her eyes. "Ok, ok, her next question is "If you had to date anyone on total drama other than Geoff who would it be?"

Bridgette smiles I sweet smile. "No one, Geoff is the only one for me."

"Aww that's sweet Bridge. Pop's last question is "If you could be anything other than a surfer what would you be?" 

Bridgette thought for s second. "Well, maybe a vet because I love animals!"

Gwen shrugs. "Cool. Pop says " You are in my top 5 total drama girls :)" and wants me to give you these..." Gwen hands Bridgette 3 boxes of cookies, a surfboard, and a remake of Geoffs hat.

Bridgette smiles a big smile. "Well thanks!!!!"

"Your next questions are from Nocofangirl218. First one is " Do you and Geoff ever not make-out?" (me: *cough*No*cough*)

"Am I making out with him now?" (*cough*You would b if he was chosen to interview you but he's wasn't so your not *cough*)

"Ok good point. Her next question is "Are you still mad at Geoff for the way he acted during the aftermaths?"

"Well, no. I forgave him, he forgave me. Forgive and Forget right?"

Gwen smiled. "Exactly! Her last question is "Are you and Geoff still together after the whole Alejandro thing?"

Bridgette seems to cringe at the remembrance of Alejandro. "Of we're still together! Like I said before 'Forgive and forget."

Gwen frowns. "Why do they give out gifts now?!" Gwen said while handing Bridgette a box of cookies. Bridgette laughs a little. "I don't know, but you can have some later." Gwen smiles. "Ok. Your next questions are from TDIfangirl. Her first question is "How's Bruno?"

"Oh Bruno's great! He's finally got to go home. I was really sad that he had to go....."

"It's ok Bridge. Her 2nd and last question is "How did you get your tounge off that pole?"

Bridgette's cheeks turned a light pink. "Well um.... All we had to do is pour warm water on my umm.... Tongue...."

Gwen laughs a little. "Your next questions are from Colecutegirl. Her first question is "why did you swear n tdwt when your toung got stuck i meanyoure the calm 1"

Bridgette scoffs "I didn't cuss! I said 'Shoot!' not that other word."

"Um...ok? Her next question is "do you like dxg as a couple"

"Well I really wish I could answer your question but Starburst-Rocks has informed me that I shouldn't answer this question because a fight might be started by my answer."

0.o "Wow people are crazy."

"I know right?"

"Anyways, her last question is "you realise that some peeps want you and noahto b a couple" 

"Um.....yes. But Geoff is still the only one for me." :)

"Haha that's sweet. Oh and I HAVE to give you this pie from Colecutegirl." Gwen hands Bridgette a pie. Bridgette smiles. "YAY PIE!!!" 

"Ya, ya your next questions are from NoahnStar1616. Her first question is "Did you purposely tried to break Courtney's violin in TDI?"

Bridgette gasps. "I would never do that! Courtney's one of my good friends! Why would you Evan think that?!"

"Calm down Bridge! Her next question is "How did you set your team's tent on fire in TDI?"

"Well when I stepped by the fire, I accidentally kicked a small little coal from the fire, and I guess it just caught on fire." she said shrugging a little.

"Ok, her last question is "How do feel about being the first one to suffer elimination due to Alejandro's mind games? P.S.-Don't say Harold was the first one because he wasn't. He eliminated himself, remember?"

Bridgette frowned. "Well, I feel used, stupid, and....just a lot of amosions...."

"Your next questions are from TDAfan121. But first she says 
"Dear Bridgette:
I'm sorry that you and everyone else has to answer awkward questions about personal love lives, so here are some other slightly less awkward questions about normal things:" oh! I guess that's cue for your first question which Is "How did you end up getting your tounge off of that pole?"

Pink ended up returning to Bridgett's cheeks again as she answers. "Like I Uh.....said before, A little warm water."

Her 2nd question is " Out of all the animals of the Chinese Zodiac INCLUDING the Cat, which one is your favorite?"

"Ummm.....I really don't know to tell you the truth." She said giving a small smile.

Ok her final, and you last, question is "Are you sad at having been eliminated very early in the past two seasons?"

"Well on TDA I didn't really mind...but on TDWT it kinda hurt..."

Gwen pats Bridgette's back. "It's ok.... Oh and TDAfan also said "Again, sorry that everyone else has posted at least one love life question. Please, take this stuffed animal of an orange cat as an apology for the awkwardness everyone else gave." Gwen hands Bridgette an orange cat.

Bridgette takes the cat and smiles. "Well thanks for caring But you kinda get used to all these questions. I mean that's apart of getting famous." 

"Ya and it sucks." Gwen mumbles. Bridgette Smile turns into a frown.

"What?" Gwen asks.

"It's just.... How come you got to have your boyfriend interview you?!"

(Ok I know this one is probably boring and im sorry bout that. It's just that I've just been weird today.... Like my best friend is moving to another state :(, my brother will not Leave me alone, and you guys probably don't care and just want me to put who's being interviewed next. :P well next is.................SIERRA!!!
Her interview choices are:

So leave her 3 QUESTIONS!!! Oh and also I want to thank everyone who has been encouraging me with these articles and faning and faveriting them! Also to whoever has became a fan of me. I started 1 1/2 months ago thinking I would be lucky to get 2 fans and now I have almost 30! I especially want to thank Nocofangirl218 and Colecutegirl who basically comment on everything i write and r like my best Fanpop friends! So im gonna end this b4 it gets any longer and I start to cry! Please leave comments and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Please and thank you! Abby/Starburst-Rock.)       
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awesome article! your best friend is moving? bummer. :(


1)How did your whole obsession with Cody start?
2)If you could die your hair any other color then purplish pink, what would it be.
3)I remember in the beginning of the season, you wanted to figure out some questions about Cody that were kinda personal if you remember that. I think one of them was, what side does he sleep on at night. Anyway, have you ever answered any of those questions?

Interviewer: Cody!

And give Sierra a homemade plate of brownies that I baked myself! Thx.
posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago
user photo
Duh of course Cody would interview

1:When did your Cody obsession start?
2:If Cody wasn't real who else would you have a crush?
3:How did you find out all the facts about Cody and Chris?
4:Why were you so mean to Gwen, it wan't your problem?
Give Sierra a plush Cody Jr and Codys last toothbrush
P.S. I hope you and Cody really do get married.
posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago
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*Izzy would interveiw (even though I know it will be Cody....)*
1) Who does your hair color? I think its awesome! :)
2) Have you ever considered letting your hair down?
3) Do you think that you'd date Alejandro if Cody wasn't around?
4) *sends her a plate of sugar cookies*
So, there are my questions. I love the interveiw Starburst, and I'm glad your finally interveiwing Sierra! XD Anyway, even though I don't like Sierra that much, I bet the interveiw will be great! Please keep up the good work Abby! :3 Also, is it cool if you start calling me Sarah? (thats my real name)
posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago
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@Gwentrend24 yes he's moving, and it rlly sucks :P

@Nocofangirl218 Sure I can star calling u Sarah :)
posted over a year ago.
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@ Starburst: Thanks so much! ^u^
posted over a year ago.
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1.Did your hair ever grow back from the explosion?
2.Do you miss Cody Jr.?
3.What do you do with all of Cody's tooth brushes?
posted over a year ago.
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I was just watching total drama when they are parachuting down and bridgette actually got the pole off with CHOCOLATE! Weird huh. Its in russian though so that sucks.
posted over a year ago.
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Interviewer: Noah!!!(NOT Cody please! Sierra might hurt him or something..somehow. You know that girl is a psycho freak!)

1) What did you think of Noah's sarcastic comment in London?

2) Who do you absolutely HATE?

3) Besides Cody, who do you consider SHRINE WORTHY?

posted over a year ago.
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Who other than Cody is epic (Say Chris and I get the shovel!)? *Gives you bunny and a lock of Cody's hair* Don't ask where I got the hair. Long story. *shudders*
posted over a year ago.