So it has become a new season, a new story begins...

"Hello everybody and welcome to...TOTAL. DRAMA. REVENGE OF THE ISLAND!" Chris proudly roared in front of the camera, "this season, we're taking a bit of a break from the usual teens and for fun, mess around with these ones!"

The first boat arrived to the repaired dock that had junk covering the wood, with a pinch of acid.

"Our first camper has arrived! And it looks like Lightening!" Anounced Chris, as he hand gestured to where he was.

"Chris, yeah sure you got the right place here man?" Asked an african canadian guy about 5"9' wearing shorts and a blue T-shirt usually used for sports.

Chris just chuckled at his comment and welcomed him to where he was staying for now on. Lightening just shrugged and went over on the other side on the dock to set his belongings down.

Another boat has arrived and it seemed to have an overweight red head wearing glasses, a long sleeved button down shirt and blue jean shorts. In one hand was his black suitcase, in the other, was an over used gameboy with lots of finger prints from always playing it.

"Our next camper is Sam!" Chris said pointing out at Sam as he got off onto the slippery deck.

"Huh, so this is where we're staying..." Said the gamer who walked over beside Lightening to set down his suitcase to ajust his glasses for a much more clearer look.

"How's that gameboy treatin' yeah?" Chris smirked, but then tried to keep a straight face.

"It's great! I just barely beat one of the highest levels of Zombie Fantasy two!" Sam smiled back, which didn't look too innocent.

Before Chris could look over, a tall young man with hiking boots and shorts, green t-shirt, tagged necklace and military cut hair inturupted.

"Hey! Where am I and why am I in a junk yard?!" He said furiously as steam escaped his knostrals.

"Welcome to camp Wawaknokwa!" Chris said, still, struggling to keep a straight face, "This is where you'll be staying for now on!"

"This isn't funny you know! I can pound in that pretty little face of yours of you're not careful!" He yelled like a military man in uniform and stomped off to join the others.

"Lightening, Sam, this is Brick!" Chris announced as Brick glared back at Chris.

"Hey chill out dude, it's not that bad," Lightening told Brick to try and ease his anger. Brick just pouted and crossed his arms as a responce.

The fourth boat had arrived, with a red headed girl, who was wearing a flower in her hair, with a matching outfit of a strapless top and caprees. She walked onto the deck almost trippingbut caught her balance.

"Woah, why is it so dirty out here?" She asked in confusion, still trying to figure out if this was something to laugh at or to be saddistic about.

"Nice catch Zoey, this is camp Wawanokua! Where you'll be staying!" Chris said with a 50% devious smiled, added along with a chuckle.

"Are you sure this is the right place? I mean this doesn't look like it at all!" She said in shock.

"Positive~" Chris answered, as Zoey dropped off her stuff to join the rest of the comtestints.

As the fifth boat arrived, it had another african canadian, with a much deeper skin tone fromt he last, he was a bit short and young looking for his age and wore bulky black glasses, a red sweat shirt, and orange shorts.

He looked rather confused, wondering where he was. "This is Cameron guys!" Yelled out Chris with his usual white teeth.

"A-are you sure this is where we're staying...?" Cameron studdered nervously with an unknown cause.

"Yep!" Chris answered as he gestered Cameron to the others standing by.

Chris turned to the teenagers and said, "oh, I almost forgot, some of the boats that might come here may be a bit recked, luckly, none of you have been in those boats either."

Speaking of which, a not so sterdy boat came along just in time for Chris to finish his sentence. A blonde haired girl was on it, and she had a small-boned-body. She wore a light tickle me pink sleevelis shirt, a darker pink caprees, and slip ons. To top it all off she had matching sun glasses that were as well; pink.

Her thick blonde hair flew with the wind as she walked on to the deck, her first imfamous words were; "umm-" but then was inturupted by Chris.

"Welcome to camp wawaknoqua! You can go put your bags over there," he pointed. The girl was confused, why wasn't she introduced?

after she formed the words and courage to ask why she wasn't introduced, she said, "umm-" and then was once agian, out spoken by someone else.

"Who are you?" Asked the nerd as he ajusted his glasses, also known as Cameron who has just arrived before the blonde. She spoke the words of "I'm-" and was inturupted agian, hopefully she was going to be introduced!

"Well, this girl's name forgot!" Answered Chris, the girl decided to just stomp away while muttering the words "I'm Dakota."

It seems that there was another boat damaged that arrived towards the toxic island, on the boat was another blonde, exupt more boyish looking. She was wearing her sweats and tennies and stood tall and bold on the boat that was about to sink.

"This is Joanne," said Chris as he introduced her to everyone. "Is this where we're staying?" She asked in confusion, "by the way, just call me Jo."

She stepped off the boat, and the african canadian shortie just starred intensly. "What are you looking at?" Jo glared at the little geek. She carried her suitcase and placed them with the rest of them. Before her boat could leave, it sunk to the bottom witht he rest of the waist.

Finally, a more stable boat came along, but not exactally with a stable young man. He was hispanic and had a gap between his two front teeth, he was tall but skinny, and didn't look strong at all, his hair stood up all thick with a deep tone of brown. His outfit was a sorta longish sleeved shirt that was greenish blue, and jeans.

As the boat continued to pull in he starred blankly at Chris breathing deeply. Chris at first didn't know how to respond, but then instead, introduced him to everyone; "ok everyone, this is Mike!"

Mike got off the boat, and they threw his suitcases off the boat with him, he just looked around, and finally words came out of his mouth; "This is...?"

Chris then replied, "Camp Walaknaua!" There was an aqward silence, then Mike spontaniously laughed real hard, after laughing like a maniac, he said, "nice one Chris, nice one!"

Chris paused, then said, "I wasn't kiddin', this is it!" Mike starred blankly agian, then picked up his bags and threw them by the others, he stood close to the red head that had a flower in her hair. Mike decided it was a real flower and smelled the flower. "Do you mind?!" Asked Zoey, then Mike stopped and just starred out into space once agian.

The 9th boat came along shore, and it carried an under aged brunnett who was overweight most likely from constant eating. She wore a bow in her hair with a matching pink sweater, and purple pants. It looked like her face was covered in make up and she had a beauty mark by her right eye.

The boat arrived right in front of the cast and the first thing she did was run off the boat with tears escaping her eyes. Chris looked over and said, "This is Staci," then looked over at her runny mascara and added in question, "why are you crying?"

She looked up from her two hands and replied, "my pet dog died!" Jo just rolled her eyes and sighed, then said, "it's just a dog, get over it."

"But I can't, it's just so sad!"

"but what's the big deal? Just get another one."

"I can't! Not like poor Bettie!"

"Bettie? What a dumb name..."

The tears were still rolling down her cheeks, and then she walked over to the rest of the people standing by. Jo just rolled her eyes, not knowing whether or not to believe the lie.

The tenth boat had finally arrived, but it was damaged, a red headed fair skinned guy left the boat. He had spray paint in one hand and silly string in the other. He wore a white undershirt and jeans. Part of the shirt was tucked in as well.

He smirked at Chris and the first thing he did was pull the silly string prank on him. Some people were shocked, Sam laughed a bit but then quickly got quiet and responded to the simtuation; "Why did you just do that? You know, it's not cool to do things like that to people like Chris!"

The red head turned and glared at the over weight nerd and replied back with a simple "So?" He snickered and just walked of to join the others. Chris wiped the silly string off his face and introduced him, "this, is Scott..."

Then the others noticed the boat he came off of had some spray paint on it, his spray paint...

After the boat floated away damaged, another boat took it's place. A girl with a dep skin tone was on it fixing her looped earrings. She had similar jeans to Sierra's, and a magenta top.

She ajusted her earrings and put in her last coding of lipstick on, then left the boat. "Heeeey! Anne Marie's in the house!" She announced as she walked up to Chris.

"This is Anne Marie," he said, Anne Marie looked around confused, then Chris added, "and yes, this is where you'll be staying for now on." She walked off to join the others and on the way bumped into Jo, Jo then asked in a normal toned voice, which is her usual toned voice to everything else she says, "Can you watch where you're going? Or can you even walk in those high heels?"

Anne Marie snapped back, "um, excuse me? Yeah mind repeating that?" Jo didn't get it at first so she said, "What I said was, can you watch where you're going, or can you even walk in those high heels."

Anne Marie made a 180 degree turn towards Jo and yelled out, "Oh I'll show you what these high heels can do!" Before she could, however, Sam popped up and replied, "Ladies, Ladies, letes not argue ok? I'm sure this girl didn't mean what she said," while pointing at Jo. "But I did mean it," she said hesitently. Chris chimed in, "you guys, save it for later man, her comes Dawn!"

Dawn had pale skin, and they called her the moonchild, probably because her sign was Cancer and she enjoyed nature. She had more pale skin, blonde hair, foggy blue eyes, wore a long sleeved green vest, with a light blue collar escaping it. Along with grey skirt and purple tights.

No one felt pressure under their feet when she jumped off the boat, she was as light as a feather! She carried her bags and such to the pile on the other side of the deck. Then walked back up to Chris and complained, "What happend to the happy plants here?"

Chris snickered, "it's kinda been used for waists." Dawn glared at him, then sighed. "Hello everyone," she smiled while waving.

"Wait a minute," rang up Dakota, "Where is the famous cast?" However, no one responded to her and just completly ignored her. Since no one responded back, she folded her arms with an upsetting face.

Finally, the last boat arrived, the 13th boat! On the boat there was a deep skin toned male who was a bit over weight. Hairy eyebrows and thick lips, he wore a leather grey jacket, red sweatshirt, with a matching cap on his head that was turned backwards, and shorts.

When he stepped on the dock, the whole thing shook violently, but luckly didn't fall apart. Each step he took made it shake more and more.

"This, is B!" Chris announced, as he pointed at the large african canadian. B just shrugged and put his stuff by the rest of the others. "Oh yeah, B doesn't care for talking much by the way!" Chris added, "now everyone come over here for a photo!"

Finally, the 13 campers have arrived and the season was about to begin. Chris leaped onto the remaining boat for saftey of his gorgues hair with the camera to take the picture. Everyone posed, then nearly after Chris took the photo, the deck shook violently agian and everyone came crashing down into the toxic waters.

Chris totally saw it coming, as he snickered some more. "Not bad, kinda like old times," he chuckled deviously.

After everyone got out, dried off, and was shown around, Chris then began with the first challenge. "We're starting the challenge already? We haven't even unpacked!" Complained Anne Marie. Chris had then explained the challenge and everyone participated.

The challenge was to climb the clif where the campers once had to dive off of, once on top, they must find their way to the finish line, just one thing...

...the wild predators had made their home nearby as well.

"So when is the challenge going to start?" Asked Lightning without hesitation. "Well let's about now?" Chris chuckled as everyone ran off to climb the clif.

The challenge took all day until the moon hit high in the sky and everyone was exostied. Chris then came up to each person sitting on a log with a plate of marshmellow; a sweet treat for almost everyone.

"So..." Chris began as he threw the marshmellow at everyone expupt for the two girls who had gotten lost in the forest, "Scott, you came in first, congratz!"

Scott just smirked back at his prize; that fluffy sugary goodness. He deviously took a bite out of it, then he said in everyone's favorite bathroom with a camera in it, "I got those two girls lost in that forest, heh, I told them that it was another way up there! They're so dumb!"

Chris looked back at the two girls who didn't recieve a marshmellow and turned to Staci first, "Staci, you've been annoying people with your 'bragging' on total drama so far, and not to mention you totally messed up your chances to win in the last challenge!"

Dakota was next, she was upset to know she didn't get a marshmellow, "Dakota," Chris continued, "you didn't make it either, and I don't think people even care whether or not your on this island anyways!" Chris turned to everyone else, and replied, "But the final marshmellow goes to..."

Everyone was axious, espically Dakota and Staci. But then the name fell out of Chris' mouth and everyone was in disbelife.

"Dakota," said Chris, as he threw the last marsmellow at Dakota, Staci had been eleminated! Staci walked down the dock of shame, and boy was she ashamed! "Oh! I'm going to miss you all!" She cried, which was as well a lie. She got on the boat and wave out into the liquid abiss.