Well, I'm here to express my opinion of the new season of TDI, Total Drama  Revenge of the Island, just rolls off your tongue. I think we can all agree that, it's not as good as the first season. It had interesting challenges, it had lovable characters (except Katie, Sadie, and Beth, in my opinion), and it parodied Thriller in an episode. Well, I might as well start with the new cast, it's a shame the old cast isn't there. The characters are as interesting as looking at a brick, seriously, most of them never shut up, like Mike and Lightning, I'm glad that Staci got voted off first, if she stayed any longer, I would never watch that show ever again. The only characters I like are Brick, Jo, B, and Dawn, they don't get on my nerves, and they're interesting. Lightning is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in my life, he never shuts up, he's more annoying than Jar Jar Binks, I am greatful for two seconds when he finally shuts his mouth. Mike is just an idiot, I know he has multiple personality syndrome. But, do they have to give him personalities that are just plain stupid? Anna Marie, is the cartoon version of Snooky, enough said. Sam, I don't give a crap about him, he's almost as annoying as Lightning.  Cameron is like Finn from Adventure Time, not from the first and second seasons, the new one, I just hate him. Scott is an a-hole, nothing good about him. Zoey, is as annoying as Mike. Dakota is ok. Chris isn't as funny as he used to be. Chef doesn't really talk much. And what happened to the bear, I like that bear. 

The challenges aren't really good, but they're not bad. I just want to see something new, but it seems that they're just rehashing some of the same challenges from previous seasons. 

Well, this season does have good things, but I'm just saying the bad things about the season. I expected it to be better, since it took so long, but it's not very good. If you have different opinions just say them, but don't express your opinions so much, that I'm hated on this site, I already have a troll on my back, I don't need people complaining because of the problems I have on this new TDI season. If you like the season, good for you, if you don't it's ok.