Victor: Greetings everyone! My name is Victor Rodenmaar Jr.! And I'm the new host of Total Drama. This season of Total Drama is set at my boarding school here in the UK in the House of Anubis. I will have 12 contestants living in this House going throw challenges based on the history of the house... sadly, I haven't thought of the first challenge yet. But putting that aside, let's meet our new members of Anubis House! First up Lia and Jake!
(Cab drives up and Lia and Jake step out)
Lia: Why did you have to stop for a coke?
Jake: I got thirsty.
Lia: (rolls eyes)
Victor: Welcome to the House of Anubis.
Jake: Your face isn't that great of a welcome.
Victor: (Glares at Jake)
Jake: Just sayin'.
Victor: Moving on. The next person is Danny!
(Cab pulls up and Danny steps out)
Lia: DANNY! (runs up and hugs him)
Danny: Hey Lia. Jake.
Jake: Danny.
Lia: Why didn't you tell me you were going to be on the show?
Jake: I wanted to surprise you!
Lia: (blushes)
Victor: Next is Elizabeth!
(Cab pulls up and Elizabeth steps out)
Elizabeth: Good day everybody! I'm Elizabeth-
Jake: Yeah. Yeah we get it.
Elizabeth: Well.
Victor: Next is Arther!
(Cab drives up and Arther steps out)
Arther: hey.
Elizabeth: Hello. Nice to meet you. I'm Elizabeth.
Arther: Arther.
Elizabeth: Well good day to you sir.
Victor: Right... well next is Sophie!
(Cab pulls up and Sophie steps out)
Sophie: Hey guys!
Victor: Next is Rochelle!
(Cab drives up and Rochelle steps out)
Rochelle: Hey guys!
Victor: Next is Autumn!
(Cab drives up and Autumn steps out)
Autumn: Hey! What's up?
Victor: Next is Even!
(Cab drives up and Even steps out and looks around and sighs)
Even: What a dump.
Elizabeth: Are you kidding me? This place looks amazing!
Even: Yeah what ever.
Victor: Next is Mathew!
(Cab drives up and Mathew steps out)
Mathew: Hey guys.
Victor: Next is Jordan.
(Cab drives up and Jordan steps out)
Jordan: Sup guys?
Victor: And finally: Eli!
(Cab drives up and Eli steps out)
Eli: Hey everyone!
Victor: And that's our members of Anubis House. What will happen on this episode of... Total Drama... House of Anubis!

(Theme song)

(Anubis House Foyer)
Elizabeth: WO! This place looks amazing!
Rochelle: I know. So old but pretty.
Even: eh, I've seen better.
Trudy: (walks down stairs) Hello everyone! I'm Trudy Rehmann. Your House Mother.
Eli: Hi! I'm Eli!
Trudy: hello Eli!
Victor: Moving on. Let's start with the teams. Team 1: Jordan, Lia, Mathew, Eli, Even, and Elizabeth! You guys are Team Sibuna! Team 2: Jake, Autumn, Danny, Sophie, Arthur, and Rochelle! You guys are Team Fabina!
Sophia: Cool.
Victor: Now for your rooms. Boys will room down stairs and girls will room upstairs. Each boy from each team will room in the same room and the girls from each team will room in the same room. So go to your rooms!
(Everyone starts to go)
Victor: WAIT! I forgot something. Each team must elect a captain. GO!
Even: I think I should be captain.
Eli: No way. Lia would make the best captain.
Lia: awwww... you really think so?
Eli: Totally.
Jordan: I agree.
Lia: (blushes)
Mathew: So it's settled. Lia is team captain.
(Team Fabina)
Jake: I'm team captain!
Rochelle: who made you the boss.
Jake: Me. I just said I was captain.
Danny: If anyone's captain, it's not you. It's me.
Sophie: Can we just pick out of a hat?
Danny, Rochelle, Jake, Arthur, and Autumn: okay.
(Arthur picks out of a hat)
Arthur: Danny.
Danny: OH YEAH!
Victor: Okay Captains. Please come to me.
(Danny and Lia walk up to Victor and Victor puts a locket around their necks)
Danny: What's this?
Lia: Yeah. What is it?
Victor: Its a locket. It will come in handy for some challenges.
Mathew: So what's today's challenge?
Victor: Nothing. No challenge today. Go to your rooms.
(Team Sibuna girl's room)
Elizabeth: There my bed is made perfectly!
Eli: (To Lia) What's in side the Locket?
Lia: hmmm.. Let me check. (Opens locket reviling a portraits of a little girl) It's a little girl.
Eli: awwwww she's cute.
(Lia's Locket starts glowing)
Elizabeth: aaaa... Lia?
Lia: Yeah?
Elizabeth: Your Locket's glowing.
Lia: Huh? Oh. It might be something Victor had it do when ever you open it. I'm fine.
(The light covers all of Lia and screams then she dispersers)
Elizabeth and Eli: LIA!!!!
(Somewhere under the House)
(Lia appears in side)
Lia: Wo! Hello? Where am? Hello? Anybody?
???: (appears) Chosen one. Are you she?
Lia: (screams)
(Team Sibuna girl's room)
Danny: So Lia just vanished. In thin air?
Eli: Yeah. Her Locket started glowing and she just was gone.
Rochelle: That's really strange.
Mathew: We should go tell Victor. Maybe he'll know what to do.
Sophie: Yeah. Good idea. Let's go!
(Sophie, Mathew, Rochelle, Eli, Elizabeth, Even, Autumn, Danny, Jordan, Jake, and Arthur exit)
(Somewhere under the House)
Lia: Wh-Who are you?
???: The time will come when everyone shall know my name. Now tell me. Are you the chosen one?
Lia: The chosen who now?
???: The chosen one. You have the locket so you must be the chosen one.
Lia: I- I-
???: wait a second. I since another in this house. Oh one must be a fake... but which one? I shall find out soon. Bring him to me!! (vanishes)
(Victor's office)
Victor: Now corbiere. We got new guest in the house. But we need them be kept busy so I can go searching for the artifacts. Or should I make them search for them? hmmmm... Maybe that will be plan B. First, let's think of a challenges to keep them busy. But what?
(Sophie, Mathew, Rochelle, Eli, Elizabeth, Even, Autumn, Danny, Jordan, Jake, and Arthur enter)
Autumn: VICTOR! We have a problem!
Victor: W- what is it?
Rochelle: Lia's been taken away some how. She's-
Jake: She's gone!
Victor: Gone you say?
Eli: Yeah. Her Locket you gave her started going and- Like that! (points to Danny's locket glowing)
Danny: AHHH!!! I don't want to vanish! Here take it! (hands it to Jordan)
Jordan: What? (vanishes)
Sophie, Mathew, Rochelle, Elizabeth, Arthur, and Autumn: JORDAN!?!?!?!!
Danny: oops. Sorry?
Even: Well his gone. Who cares.
Victor: I got it corbiere! I know what their challenge should be now!
Autumn: (whispering to Arthur) Who's he talking to?
Arthur: (shrugs)
Victor: Your challenge is to find Lia and Jordan. What ever team finds them, wins. The team that fails to find them, has to vote someone off tonight. Ready? GO!
(everyone starts running out)
(Some where under the House)
(Jordan enters)
Lia: Oh no! Danny! Is that you?
Jordan: No It's me. Jordan!
Lia: Oh. Why did you have the locket?
Jordan: Because Danny-
???: (appears) Boy! Are you he?
Jordan: Boy? He who?
???: Are you he? tell me!!!
Jordan: I have no idea what-
Lia: (whispers to Jordan) Anger issues.
Jordan: mhm.
???: AHHHHHHH!!! You have left me waiting long enough!!! Either one of you tell me. Or you get the mark.
Lia: First tell us who you are.
???: My name.... is Senkhara.
Jordan: Senkhara?
Senkhara: Mhm. Now tell me. Which one of you are the chosen one? Or are one of you the chosen one and the other the Osiren?
Lia: What are even those stuff? None of us speak what ever language your speaking!
Senkhara: You should learn not to back mouth me child. Now you and your little friend will get the mark.
Lia: oooo.. The "Mark" I'm so scared...
Senkhara: (smiles) You should be. (Hands start to glow in the shape of Anubis and she slowly walks over to Lia and Jordan and then grabs their hand and Lia and Jordan scream)
Arthur: LIA?! Jordan?! Where are you?
Rochelle: They have to be somewhere.
Arthur: Let's check the kitchen.
Rochelle: Okay.
(Arthur and Rochelle enter the kitchen)
(Jake and Sophie walk down the stairs)
Jake: Hey Sophie. Maybe their in there.
Victor: (behind them) Going up into the attic or down into the cellar are strictly forbidden. Are I understood?
(Sophie and Jake nod)
Victor: Very well. I'll be upstairs if you need me.
(Jake and Sophie watch Victor walk upstairs and when Victor get's to his room Jake runs to the cellar door and tries to pick it with a lock)
Sophie: Jake! What are you doing?! Victor said not to go down in the cellar!
Jake: Yeah. That's because most likely she's down there. I'm finding my sister one way or another. (picks the lock and opens it) You coming?
Sophie: (sigh) I know I'm going to regret this.
(Jake and Sophie go down stairs and Even comes out of hiding, smiles, then slams the cellar door)
Sophie: What the?
Victor: Who's down there?
(Even hides in under the stair case)
Victor: (walks down stairs) Did those little brats go in the cellar? (Takes out keys to go open the cellar door)
Jake: Hide!
(Jake and Sophie hide)
(Victor unlocks the door and turns on the light)
Victor: Who's in here? Anybody?! Tell me now!
Jake: Don't speak.
Sophie: Oh no. I was planning on singing the national anthem.
Victor: Hmmm... (goes to a table in the middle of the room that has a lot of stuff on it)
Jake: Oh no. What is he doing now?
Sophie: Maybe his a mad scientist?
Jake: You go the mad part right.
Victor: (pours something in a bottle) To life (drinks it and then goes up stairs)
(Rochelle and Arthur are searching through the kitchen when Trudy enters)
Trudy: Oh well isn't this a surprise. What are you 2 doing?
Rochelle: We're searching for Lia and Jordan.
Trudy: in the kitchen?
Arthur: aaa..
Trudy: Oh never mind. You know, you kids are a lot like the last group of kids that lived here.
Rochelle: What do you mean?
Trudy: They were always so mysterious.
Arthur: W- what happened to them?
Trudy: They graduated and went off to collage.
Arthur: oh.
Rochelle: Well, let's check for them somewhere else.
Arthur: Yeah.
(Rochelle and Arthur exit)
(Living room)
Danny: Maybe their in the attic?
Eli: Maybe... but at the same time how would they fit up there?
Mathew: I'm sure they're skinny enough.
Autumn: Nope. Not up there. Where though?
(Screams are heard)
Mathew: What was that?
Danny: It sounded like It came from under the house.
Eli: The cellar!
Autumn: Let's go!
(Sophie is screaming looking at a stuffed Cat)
Jake: Why are you screaming?
Sophie: The cat! It's dead!
Jake: It's stuffed.
Sophie: Yeah. But stuffing like this happens when the animal dies and then someone takes all his insides out and fills them with stuffing.
Jake: It's still stuffed.
Sophie: What ever.
(Autumn, Danny, Eli, and Mathew enter)
Danny: What's wrong?
Autumn: We heard screaming.
Jake: Sophie was scared at that stuffed cat.
(Danny laughs)
Sophie: It's not funny!
Eli: Oh sorry. We thought it might have been Lia and Jordan screaming.
(Screams are heard)
Mathew: Now that is Lia and Jordan.
Danny: It's like it's under the cellar.
Autumn: How are we going to get down there?
Eli: Maybe there's like a lever or secret passageway or something we can go into.
Jake: Let's look around.
(Even gets out from under the stair case)
Elizabeth: Even! Follow me!
Even: What is it?
Elizabeth: In the attic! There's something freaky in there.
Even: Okay.
(Elizabeth and Even enter)
Even: So what's the so freaky thing you wanted to show me?
Elizabeth: (Pulls a lever making the wall slide open showing a spiel stair case)
Even: WO!
Elizabeth: Mhm. Do you think Lia and Jordan are down there?
Even: Only one way to find out. (walks down the stair case followed by Elizabeth)
Eli: We've looked everywhere. There is no way to get down there.
Danny: Well we have to think of something.
Autumn: Guys. Wait. what does this button do- (press button and the door opens a secret passage way)
Jake: YES! You found it!
Sophie: Let's go.
(Mathew, Sophie, Autumn, Danny, and Eli go through the secret passageway)
(Team Sibuna girl's room)
(Arthur and Rochelle enter)
Arthur: Why are we in here?
Rochelle: just to see if maybe they're in here.
Arthur: I think Lia's room mates already checked.
Rochelle: (sigh) Then we're stumped.
Arthur: Hey, where are the others?
Rochelle: hmmm... no idea.
(Somewhere under the house)
Jordan: What is this?
Senkhara: It's the Mark of Anubis. If you don't do everything I tell you to do... this happens. (hand start to glow and the Mark of Anubis on Lia's and Jordan's shoulders start to glow and start to hurt)
Lia and Jordan: OWWW!!
Senkhara: (stops it) and if that happens a lot, death would soon come. (evil laughs and then vanishes)
Lia: I'm so scared Jordan. (Gets close to him)
Jordan: (blushes) It's- it's okay.
(A secret passageway door opens)
Lia: Someone is here to save us.
Jordan: But who?
(Autumn enter followed by Jake, Sophie, Danny, Eli, and Mathew)
Danny: YES! We found them!
Eli: WOHO!
Lia: DANNY! (runs up and hugs him)
Jordan: (sigh)
Sophie: We're so glad we found you guys.
Mathew: Yeah.
Lia: Well thanks for finding us!
Autumn: Come on. Let's go show Victor.
(Another Passage way door opens and Elizabeth and Even come out)
Eli: Aw man we missed it!
Elizabeth: (sigh) Yeah.
(Everyone exits)
Rochelle: Great. Now everyone's gone.
Arthur: aw man!
(Elizabeth, Jordan, Lia, Danny, Eli, Jake, Mathew, Autumn, Even, and Sophie enter)
Rochelle: There they are!
Danny: We found Lia and Jordan.
Arthur: we can see that.
(Victor comes down stairs)
Victor: Lia. Jordan. Who found you first?
Lia: ummmm... I think I saw Autumn come in first If I remember right. Why?
Victor: Because Today's challenge was to find you 2. And since Autumn found you first, Team Fabina wins it!
Team Fabina: YAY!
Victor: Team Sibuna, I'll see you guys tonight.

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