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The contestants all grouped together in the backyard. The backyard was full of different containers of candy, some were small and had a number written beside them; while the others were large and had no number.
“Shiiiiiiiiiiiit....” Dayton muttered.
Dayton’s Confessional
“As soon as I walk outside, I know this is a counting competition. Why the first HOH comp? I’m AWFUL at estimating.” Dayton admitted.
Sam walked to a table and read the note left on it; “In this competition, you are trying to guess the amount of candy in the large containers. The four that are furthest away from the real answer will get eliminated.”
Stella’s voice boomed over the speakers. “In the small jar of jellybeans, there are 100 jellybeans. How many jellybeans are in the large jar?”
Two jellybean jars sat next to each other. In one jar, there was a large amount of jellybeans, in the other... however; there were even more jellybeans in the other jar.
Everyone studied the jellybeans, they all wrote down their answers.
Riley’s Confessional
“It was confusing...” Riley stated. “It looked like the bigger jar quadrupled the number or something...”
“Reveal your answers,” Stella commanded.
Sam said; “450 jellybeans,”
Annie said; “500 jellybeans,”
Gerard said; “520 jellybeans,”
Sabrina said; “340 jellybeans,”
Danny said; “1000 jellybeans,”
Francis also said; “450 jellybeans,”
Timothy said; “1020 jellybeans,”
Dayton said; “970 jellybeans,”
Kyle also said; “500 jellybeans,”
Riley said; “400 jellybeans,”
Corre also said; “400 jellybeans,”
Robyn said; “390 jellybeans,”
Vincent said; “680 jellybeans,”
April said; “330 jellybeans,”
Lexie also said; “450 jellybeans,”
Jayden said; “510 jellybeans,”
Wyatt said; “560 jellybeans,”
Emily said; “200 jellybeans,”
Cody said; “550 jellybeans,”
Boxxy said; “Muffins.” But crossed that out and wrote “300,”
Phillip said; “700 jellybeans,”
Jinx also said; “550 jellybeans,”
Alice said; “610 jellybeans,”
Ember said; “800 jellybeans,”
Yasmin said; “580 jellybeans,”
Antonio said; “440 jellybeans,”
Stella took a deep breath; “The correct answer was 550 jellybeans,”
“Damn...” Danny muttered under his breath.
“Timothy, Danny, Ember and Dayton. You four have been eliminated,” Stella said. “Please go to the bench.”
Timothy took Danny’s hand and walked with him over to the bench. Ember followed behind Timothy and Dayton followed behind her.
“In the small bouquet of lollipops, there are 20 lollipops. How many jellybeans are in the large bouquet?” Stella questioned over the speaker.
Two bouquets of lollipops sat next to one another, one carried 20 while the other carried an unknown amount.
Sam said; “80 lollipops,”
Annie said; “45 lollipops,”
Gerard said; “40 lollipops,”
Sabrina said; “65 lollipops,”
Francis said; “55 lollipops,”
Kyle said; “75 lollipops,”
Riley also said; “40 lollipops,” Beside her writing was a doodle of herself hugging Dayton.
Corre said; “60 lollipops,”
Robyn also said; “55 lollipops,”
Vincent said; “35 lollipops,”
April said; “40 lollipops,”
Lexie also said; “100 lollipops,” then looked at the candy. “Can we make the candy an extra price?!”
“No,” Stella replied coldly.
“Boo...” Lexie pouted.
Jayden said; “60 lollipops,”
Wyatt also said; “55 lollipops,”
Emily said; “40 lollipops,”
Cody said; “50 lollipops,”
Boxxy said; “7000 lollipops,”
“Are you fucking crazy...?” Robyn responded.
Phillip said; “85 lollipops,”
Jinx said; “65 lollipops,”
Alice said; “40 lollipops,”
Yasmin said; “70 lollipops,”
Antonio said; “50 lollipops,”
“The correct answer is 55 lollipops,” Stella confessed.
Yasmin breathed a sigh of relief.
“DAMMIT. I thought I was close!” Boxxy complained.
Stella rolled her eyes, “Boxxy, Phillip, Lexie and Sam. You are eliminated. Take your seats.”
“In the small bag, we have 200 small marshmellows, how many are in the large bag?” Stella asked.
Kyle’s confessional
“I see the large bag... and I know it looks like a lot... but is it actually?” Kyle questioned.
“Please reveal your answers,” Stella told everyone.
Annie said; “440 marshmellows,”
Gerard said; “900 marshmellows,”
Sabrina said; “400 marshmellows,”
Francis said; “600 marshmellows,”
Kyle said; “1000 marshmellows,”
Riley said; “480 marshmellows,”
Corre said; “710 marshmellows,”
Robyn said; “700 marshmellows,”
Vincent said; “680 marshmellows,”
April said; “645 marshmellows,”
Jayden said; “525 marshmellows,”
Wyatt said; “650 marshmellows,”
Emily said; “520 marshmellows,”
Cody said; “555 marshmellows,”
Jinx also said; “900 marshmellows,”
Alice also said; “1000 marshmellows,”
Yasmin said; “585 marshmellows,”
Antonio said; “790 marshmellows,”
“There were 630 marshmellows in the large bag;” Stella began, “Alice, Jinx, Gerard and Kyle. You guys have been eliminated.”
Kyle sighed and walked with Alice off.
“In the small bag, we have 455 cinnamon hearts, how many are in the large container?”
Yasmin’s confessional
Yasmin complained, “Cinnamon hearts only remind me of the cinnamon challenge. Ugh, that crap was terrible.”
“Please reveal your answers,” Stella told everyone.
Annie said; “870 cinnamon hearts,”
Sabrina said; “835 cinnamon hearts,”
Francis said; “880 cinnamon hearts,”
Riley said; “1400 cinnamon hearts,”
Corre said; “925 cinnamon hearts,”
Robyn said; “1000 cinnamon hearts,”
Vincent said; “965 cinnamon hearts,”
April also said; “1000 cinnamon hearts,”
Jayden said; “525 cinnamon hearts,”
Wyatt said; “910 cinnamon hearts,”
Emily also said; “925 cinnamon hearts,”
Cody said; “900 cinnamon hearts,”
Yasmin also said; “880 cinnamon hearts,”
Antonio also said; “1000 cinnamon hearts,”
“There are 900 cinnamon hearts in the big container,” Stella started, “Robyn, April, Antonio and Riley. You have been eliminated.”
Antonio shrugged slightly at the girls and walked with them to their seats.
“In the large gumball machine, we have 1000 gumballs, how many are in the larger machine?
Wyatt’s confessional
“This is the only round where the larger amount doesn’t seem much bigger than the smaller amount... let’s just hope this will help me instead of hinder me.” Wyatt stated.
“Please reveal your answers,” Stella told everyone.
Annie said; “1000 gumballs,”
Sabrina said; “1450 gumballs,”
Francis also said; “1100 gumballs,”
Corre said; “1400 gumballs,”
Vincent said; “1150 gumballs,”
Jayden said; “1230 gumballs,”
Wyatt also said; “1100 gumballs,”
Emily said; “1555 gumballs,”
Cody said; “1200 gumballs,”
Yasmin also said; “1400 gumballs,”
“There are 1155 gumballs in the larger machine. Emily, Sabrina, Yasmin and Corre. You have also been eliminated.”
Corre glanced at Emily, who was obviously upset. He bit his lip, unsure of what to say or do.
“In the mini bag of gummy bears, we have 50 gummy bears, how many are in the big bag?” Stella asked.
Two bags sat by each other, one very tiny and the other huge.
Francis’ confessional
“What. The. Hell?” Francis questioned.
“Please reveal your answers,” Stella told everyone once more.
Annie said; “6085 gummy bears,”
Francis said; “7005 gummy bears,”
Vincent said; “5000 gummy bears,”
Jayden also said; “5000 gummy bears,”
Wyatt also said; “7000 gummy bears,”
Cody said; “5080 gummy bears,”
“The correct answer was 7030 gummy bears. Annie, Cody, Vincent and Jayden; you are the last group to be eliminated; we will now go to our sudden death trivia question between Francis and Wyatt.” Stella explained. “Total Drama trivia!”
“Shit,” Francis muttered under his breath.
Stella read; “Who was the 12th person to leave in Total Drama Action? IF you include Izzy as “E-Scope;”
Wyatt thought about his answer. He was unsure about his answer... but he really didn’t know.
Francis thought about it, he was pretty sure he knew.
“Wyatt. Reveal your answer,” Stella demanded.
Wyatt bit his lip; he took a deep breath. “I believe that Leshawna was the twelfth person eliminated.”
Francis shook his head, “It was Lindsay,”
Stella’s voice called through the speakers, “The correct answer was... Lindsay. Congratulations Francis!”
“FUCK. YEAH!” Francis shouted upon receiving his win. “First HOH, baby!”
“What will Francis do with his nominations?” Stella questioned. “Join us in the next part to find out!”
Heeey guys! Yes, I know it's short.... but competitions are hard to do and you guys know about the crap I've been going through and the writers block I've been having (I've complained about it so much...)
Sowweh that it's short. Next part will be longer. 3:
Also, please vote in this poll; most voted will be the Big Brother "Have Nots"; link
Who do you think Francis will nominate for eviction? Who do you want him to nominate? Leave all comments below, and feel free to post confessionals too!
I can't wait to read your comments =)
Later that afternoon outside the huts...

Chris: *to the contestants* OK, so this is how it's going to work. Your first challenge will take place up there. *points to the mountain* To win Invincibility, you have to make your way to the top of the mountain and find the key to the helicopter to get you the heck outta there.

Luke: Piece of cake.

Chris: Not necissarily, bro. You have to get to the top of the mountain-while dodging cyphids, flying rocks, and explosions.

Veronica: Um, Chris? What's a cyphid? Idk.

Duncan/Jacki/Brittani: *snicker at the brunette dumbass*

Chris: Oh, you'll see. The cyphids...
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izzy wasint ment to be in tda but she chandge her name to E-scope so E-scope is in the game not izzy thay also call her calidoscope to make it easy for you here ca-lIdO-scOpe first GxB get voted of (by the way escope was awsome in the paint ball game XD) coinetinu then escope gets alimantad then izzy oh i mean E-scope is called izzy when trent picked her with made E-scope a littul ticked of later E-scope says she is 87 years old iside of her self becuse she was recarnat a houl buntch of times and says she is the vary same carnashin of her grany mavesand says ih thar ladei you spend away on...
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Staring straight into his eyes again before dawn hit, realized it wasn't Duncan.
I felt the cold air brush against my pale skin,thinking this should of never happened.We were inches away from each other,when i heard two screams pushing against my ears.

My best friend and the REAL duncan were yelling at me to run,my legs frozen to the place,my eyes like a statue,she was pointing her knife at me again.My eyebrows were tilted down quite a bit.I finally ran like crazy and jumped into my best freind's boy freind's arms.She quickly hugged us,glad that i was probably going to be safe.I still a slit...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
So, there's been two groups in tdi spots these days.
The popular people and the unpopular people.
The popular people get more credit, their fanfics are popular, can have 90+ fans, and their requests are usualy taken first for fanart.
The unpopular people are barley noticed, get their requests taken last or close to last for fanart, and dont have much fans.
This has got to stop.
You know, you're not the only ones here. There are many other fanpopers, witing to share their ideas. But instead, they get ignored.
You really gotta stop. Try looking at other pictures and reading other fanfictions, and maybe just maybe, you will start liking a new character!
Your fellow muffin,
posted by TOTALIzzyluver
As Chris was about to annouce the other team there call a loud noise from the dock. "IM HERE!" "oh well your late dude!" Chris said. "Bass, this is your final team mate Carl!" Carl looked goofy the nice goofy not clumsy but odd. "Aright for the other team go stand by the todum pole. Hayden." I cofadint blonde walked over to the todum pole. "Joe" A funny-joke-telling dude was next. "Elizabeth" A spunky looking chick walked over to her awaiting team mates. "Sam" A boaring looking guy was next. "Michelle" An asian girl. "Kyle" a surf or skate boarding dude. "Sydney" Another blonde but she looked...
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After hearing that Zoey and Mike are going to be the final two of TD:AS, I wanted to make this video. I think Zoey should be voted the winner of "Total Drama: All Stars".
ask chef
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