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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Dawn: Hola amigos! Welcome to Iberostar, a hotel in Cancun,Mexico! Me and my boyfriend Noah will be hosting total drama cancun!
Noah: Let's see our guests...
Liss: *coming with suitcases* hi!!!!!!!!
Dawn: Hi Liss! Welcome to the show, man!
Liss: It's great to be here! You know, Cancun looked alot different in the brochures. Now... IT'S MOR BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
Dawn: Thanks! Duncan and I picked it!
Duncan: *comes in* Sup?
Sofie: *running in* ...HI
Duncan: hi
Sofie: HI
Duncan: hi
Sofie: Hi, I'm sofie!!! *shakes Dawns hand really hard* nice to meet you!
Dawn: Nice to meet you to! Now, stand next to Liss
Dawn: That's where I wanted to put you guys ^^
Liss and Sofie: T.T
Dawn: And our third guest is...
Ivy: Hey you guys! I'm Ivy!
Duncan: AFI! I like that band too!
Ivy: Yeah... I went on their world tour and got a tee.
Duncan: Cool!
Danny: What'cha talkin about?
Dawn: Danny? You said your plane was on delay!
Danny: Yeah, but DJ was goin on a different plane, so I decided to tag along.
DJ: Hey!
Dawn: Hey! You brought Cat!
DJ: She fell asleep on the plane, so I carried her here.
Cat: *waking up* Where am I?
DJ: You're in Cancun. It's okay. *kisses cheek*
Cat: You're so sweet!
Dawn: Aww! I know! Rayine should be here any second.
Sofie and Ivy: Who's Rayine?
Rayine: I'm Rayine! Hi guys! You know... I imagined Cancun being in Italy.
Noah: Well, it seems someone hasn't been taking sixth grade geography.
Rayine: Well, actually, uh, well, yeah. I was in geography though...
Izzy: *swinging on vine* HAHAA!!!!!!!!!! IZZY IS HERE!!!!!!!!
Cat and Rayine: IZZY!!!!!!!!!!!
Noah: Someone help me.
Sky: *jumps in and backflips Noah*
Noah: *on ground*
Dawn: *rushing* NOAH! U OK?
Noah: Uuuggghhh.... *gets up* I'm a quick healer, and I do have to credit Sky for her awesome moves.
Sky: Thanks! I've been told that a billion times!
Karen: *kicks Noah's in the stomach*
Noah: *falls down again*
Dawn: Well... at least it wasnt in the balls! U still okay Noah?
Noah: Yeah. *gets up* Can you get me a mocha?
Dawn: Later. Now, we start the show...
Jared: WAIT!!!!!!!! *jared and ekinah run over*
Dawn: What happened to you guys?
Ekinah: Our stupid fucking taxi driver was "late". So we had to come late!
Dawn: Well, you're fifteen minutes late. Now, let me explain the teams. So there are two parts of the hotel, the Toucan and the Quetzal, both leading to the pool. Thoes will be your teams. The teams are:

Cat, Sky, Sofie,Jared, and Liss.

Liss: GO TEAM TOUCAN!!!!! WOO!!!!!!!
Everyone: ...sorry...
Dawn: That's okay! Here's team Quetzal:
Ekinah,Karen,Rayine,Danny,and Ivy
Karen: Quetzal..heh heh...that's a funny word...
Ekinah: I have to agree...heh heh...

Dawn: I'm sorry this episode was short and boring. Here are your interactive chalanges:

1. Find your roomate. It can only be 1, and it can be from another team.
2. Make a song playlist with at 5-10 songs. All team members must put at least 1 song in it.
2 Techno songs
1 Slow-dancing song
1 90's song (1990-1999)
No Disney Doushebag songs
the playlist I like the best will be in the next episode!

if u wanna join, u can say so!
no one is getting voted off in this episode!
I am so sorry if this epsode is boring, the next will be better!
so enjoy, and comming soon, is the next episode of TDI: Cancun!
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Lip Molding and Benefits

Duncan woke up in a daze. He didn’t have a hangover luckily. Apparently Trent lied about having wine at the party. It was freaking apple cider, Duncan thought bitterly. He should’ve known.

He felt something soft snuggle against him. He looked down and his eyes widened.

It was Princess; she was sleeping peacefully next to him. He knew they didn’t do anything; he only remembered heavily making out with her.

Duncan smirked. Princess is aggressive, he thought smugly.

Then he started to blush. Duncan does not blush.

Princess wasn’t wearing a shirt! She was still wearing...
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The host, me :3
The host, me :3
Her dragon is: The Hideous Zippleback named Edna

Her dragon is: The Changewing named Nightwhisper

His dragon is: The Monstrous Nightmare named Flamethrower

Her dragon is: The Life Binder named Shadowclaw

Jordyn (JoJo)
Her dragon is: The Night Fury named Violet

Rosamaria Martinez
Her dragon is: The Skulldren named Crystal

Natalie Krysta Gracelyn Charm
Her dragon is: The Spellweaver named Bluestar

Selena Cortez
Her dragon is: The Whispering Death named Gerard

Pete Wentz
His dragon is: The Green Death named Ashlee

Patrick Stump
His dragon is: The Timberjack named Dani

Dani Stump...
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posted by gwenXtrent4eva
Their first kiss on TDI.
Their first kiss on TDI.
It's been a year since TDWT and everyone thinks that Gwen and Trent have forgotten all about each other.

*Gwen waking up*

Gwen: *Yawn* I don't wanna get up...

*Walks out into the kitchen*

Gwen's Mom: Morning Sweety!*Cheerful*

Gwen: Good morning...what's for breakfast?

GM: Pancakes. Why are you so...sad ever since you got back?

Gwen: What? I'm not sad!

GM: Well you sure seem sad. But, Happy Birthday anyways!

Gwen: Thanks, Mom. *Tries to be cheerful*

GM: You're welcome, Honey. Do you have any special plans with you're friends today?

Gwen: No, but Izzy wants to take me out for ice cream...*Sits down*

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