I Did not made This A Friend did!!
The Day was so far away I Couldn't believe I had got pregnant by Tyler. I've Seen This on lifetime A lot With My Mother on Mother's Day and even A Girls Night Out With my friends. I Thought It will Never EVER happen To me. Now We're Just Drops Outs In A House With Three Babies. And Tyler has A Crappie Job And While I Have To Babysit Me And Tyler's Kids. And It All had To Start with Tyler coming drunk with A Beer can in his hand. Tyler?!? I Said you can't bring beer in To The house when The kids are watching TV In There playpen? Said Lindsay with A Aonnyed look on her face. look Lindsay! I maybe be drunk but I Know what I'm saying that no 16 year old Girl wants to do is get pregnant by her boyfriend. But you know what we just have To go and live with That. It is just the cycle of life. Said Tyler. Lindsay Gasp And Said Fine You be drunk and Drink I All Night if I Care I'm putting The kids in the crib in our bedroom. Said Lindsay As she Pick up The Kids And hurried To There bedroom and catch Some sleep. fine whatever! Said Tyler as he watch TV Taking his pants and shoe and shirt off and even his shoes. When It was about 11:30 Tyler had turn it off and open The door To go and sleep with Lindsay. Tyler what are you doing? Said Lindsay. Lindsay I'm Sorry for what I Said To you. Said Tyler with only his boxers on. I Apctee Your Apology Tyler. Said Lindsay. okay Goodnight Tyler. Said Lindsay. Hey Lindsay what are you wearing as your PJ's? Uh? look under and see cause I'm To Tried To. Said Lindsay. Whoa! said Tyler. Lindsay I Don't know you wear thongs. Said Tyler. yep. I got the one that pink,red,black and every color almost. Said Lindsay. well Goodnight. Said Tyler As He Turn To hug lindsay As he Falled A Sleep. A/N: Okay!! This The Frist Chapter Of Lindsay's and Tyler's Little Drop Out Trouble. Come Back For Chapter One.