After watching all of the TDI episodes on Youtube, I got bored, and got into Survivor.

I realized that TDI does seem like a miniature copy of Survivor, but they are totally different.

But that's not what I'm typing this article though, its about the drama in each show. So what is the main question...

Which show has more DRAMA?

Total drama island's most dramatic moments:
-Heather reading Gwen's diary and kicking Justin off.
-Heather making an alliance to help only herself.
-Harold out of no where winning challenges, but continuously gets pranked by others.
-Harold getting Courtney off.

Survivors Dramatic moments:
-Multiple alliances formed, kicking off people that would hurt them in "the Merge" (from episode 1)
-Multiple Couples (most likely form alliances)
-Injuries, and people who can't take it.
-These are REAL PEOPLE
-What everyone would do to win, lie, cheat, deceive (and everyone will do it too, the guys who play fair, get out first).

Overall, Survivor is more dramatic, I would say so dramatic it would make Heather look like a nice girl. (Note: I absolutely hate Heather)

"Have you ever seen one of these shows before?" -Heather