This is the Elimination Order for TDWT, found on the talk page of the wikia.

1. Walk Like an Egyptian - Part 1 / Egypt (Duncan)

2. Walk Like an Egyptian - Part 2 / Egypt (Ezekiel)

3. Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan / Tokyo, Japan (Harold)

4. Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better / Yukon, Canada (Bridgette)

5. Broadway, Baby! / New York City, U.S.A. - Reward

6. TDWT Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Waters / Aftermath Studio

7. Slap Slap Revolution / German Alps, Germany (Leshawna)

8. The Am-AH-Zon Race / The Amazon, Peru [Heather] Fake Elimination

9. Can't Help Falling in Louvre / Paris, France (Lindsay)

10. New Kids on the Rock / Newfoundland, Canada - Reward

11. Jamaica Me Sweat / Jamaica (DJ)

12. TDWT Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon / Aftermath Studio

13. I See London... / London, England (Noah){Duncan Returns}

14. Greece's Pieces / Greece (Tyler)

15. The Ex-Files / Las Vegas, U.S.A. (Izzy)

16. Picnic at the Hanging Rock / Australia (Gwen)

17. Sweden Sour / Sweden - Reward

18. TDWT Aftermath Aftermayhem / Aftermath Studio

19. Niagara Brawls / Niagara Falls (Blainely just in this episode)

20. Chinese Fake Out / China (Owen)

21. African Lying Society / India (Courtney)

22. Rapa-Phooey! / Easter Island - (Duncan)

23. Awww, Drumheller / Alberta, Canada (Sierra)

24. Hot Tar Roofer / Hawaii (The Million Bucks fell into a volcano and continues in the Aftermath)

25. TDWT Aftermath: And the Winner is... (Heather VS. Cody VS. Alejandro)

Winner: Cody



The First 8 Eliminations are correct.
The 2 Eliminations after the first 8 are also most likely correct.
All the Episode Titles listed are correct.
All locations listed are correct.
The Final Four and 3 are most likely correct.
The only people who appear to be returning are Duncan and Ezekiel.
There is an episode missing in this list, since TDWT has 26 Episodes. This missing episode is most likely either Ezekiel's returning and elimination episode, or a second part of the Finale.


Well, there you have it! Although I couldn't find any information on that "missing" episode, I did my best to get info on all the other episodes!

Enjoy! (Or not...)