Chris: last time on Total Drama around the world......... Antarctica! Home of no population. The colest place on earth. here our contestnts faced, Lava, being fozen is ice, and Bares. Kasey called Zeke Zeekey-poo. but at the end it was Courntey who was sent packing! what will happend on this season of total drama around the world!

*non-first class*

*Katie is crying*
Jordan: hey team London shouldn't you be in first class right now?
Alejandro: chris said he wants to use it for onces in he's life.
Cody: oh.
Annie: STOP CRYING NOW!!!!!!!!........ i mean......... I like puppys!
Harold: ok..................
Lindsay: *runs* i got ot go peeeeeeee!
Trent: ok................
Blaine: I.................. i have to go to. *runs out*
Tyler: me too eh! me too. *runs out*
Abby: Tyler wait up!! *runs out*
Annie: wow............... everyone has to go pee today.................. right??????? cookies!

*between first class and Bath rooms*

Blaine: hey Lindsay.
Lindsay: where's the bath room Bloine?????
Blaine: aggggggg................
Tyler: down the hall.
Lindsay: thanks Taylor.
Abby: Tyler............. wanna kiss??????
Tyler:not yet.
Abby: *frowns* oh ok.
Blaine: come on. you too can kiss.
Tyler: i said not yet!
Chris: everyone perpare to land!


Chris: welcome to Guatemala!
Wally: Guata-howla????????
noah: Guatemala! Right off the border of Mexico.
Harold: and Belize, ansd Honduras, and El Salvador, and the Pacific and alantic Ocean.
Chris; really Harold??????? Really????
Harold: it's a fact
Chris: rigggggggggght.
Noah: I don't eve know some of those contreys you said.
Harold: there not famus contreys that much.
Sam: can we get on the show please?????
Chris: yes yes sure. Today is a 4 Part challange. The first part is to travel to the Lakeof Atitlan and ride on your Boats. 1st team there will gte a moder. 2nd team there will get pattles. last team there uses there hands or anything els they can find.
Gabriella: 2nd part??????
Chris: the 2nd part is to travle to the other part of the lake.
Ray: dosne't sceam that hard.
Rochelle: yeah it dosne't.
Lulu: ok chris................ what did you put in the lake????
Chris: Eltric els.
Adrianne: That's it????? wow! this will be easy!
Trent: I know.
Zoey: so what's the 3rd part?????
Chris: I haven't finsh the 2nd part. the first team there gets a compass and a map. 2nd team there gets a map. 3rd team there.........
James: gets nouthin. rigth?????
Chris: yeaaaaaaaaaaah........
DJ: so what's the 3rd part chris???
Chris: the 3rd part is to go to the biggest Volcano here. if you got the map. the map will travle you right to it.
Ray: 4th part????
Chris: the 4th part is to climb it and go back down.
Draven: climb a Volcano???????
Buddy: i know right! This will be alsome!


Alejandro: ever sence i got burt by Lava on seaseon 3.......... i'm scared of Volcanos.


Chris: readdy........... set....... oops almost forgot. Team London you get a Map and a compass to the lake. Team Japan you get a map. Team Mexico............. you gte nouthin.
Team mexico: man!
Chris: GO!

*Team Japan*

*Draven is carrying katie while she is crying*
Draven: why am i carrying her?????
Trent: everyone votted for you to carry her.
Draven: crap.

*Team Mexico*

Ray: so how are we supose to find it.
James: Maby the tempiture.
Team Mexico but James and Noah: huh???
Noah: he's right. we can fill the temp. to find water.
Owen: cool. can you also find food?????

*Team London*

Heather: I'm carrying the map and Compass.
Japser: no i am!!
Heather: In your dreams.
Ezekiel: we are going to lose eh.
kasey: he's right.
Japser: than tell miss bossy here that she CAN'T have the compass AND the map.
*Duncan grabes the map and the Compass*
Duncan: I'm using it now!
Jasper and Heather:*gaps*
Duncan: now lets go!

*Lake Atitlan*

Chris: alright! Team Japan made it!
Gabriella: yes! we are going to win!
Chris: here is your motter boat!
Trent: so............ can we go now.
Chris: for being last you have to use a lif jacket.
Wally: oh man really????
Chris: really!
*Team Mexico runs in*
Owen: we are here!
Chris: cool hey guys! i can't belave all of you guys beet Team London. i mean hey ahve to best. well anyway. there is your pattle boat.
Cody: sweat!
*Team Mexcio gets in boat and starts moviing*
Buddy: what???? man we got to go! *turns on motter*
*Lindsay falls out*
Tyler: Lindsay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *jumps in*
Abby: Tyler!! it has elsz!!!!!!!!!!
Tyler: what??? *gets eltricuter* OUCH!
Abby: buddy turn this thing around!
Buddy: fine! *turns it around and a wave hits the boat*
*a esl falls on Katie's head*
*katie gets eltricuted*
Katie: ouch!
*Abby grabes Tyler when Tyler has Lindsay in he's hands*
Buddy: now lets go!

*beagaing of lake*

*Team London kaes it*
Jared: we made it!
Chris: you are still last place! so...... you have to use your Hands or naything you got.
Duncan: CRAP!
Chris: go!
*Team London gets in boat and uses hands*
*Alejadro gets elrticuted by els*
Alejandro: OUCH!

*end of lake*

*Team Mexico and team Japan tie*
Chris: it's a tie! so Team Japan gets the map and team Mexico gets the Compass.
Cody: Not fare!
Chris: Ok than Team Japan gets a Compass and a Map.
Jordan: not fare!
Chris: you guys get a thermometer.
Adrianne: How will that help??????
Chris: you'll see. everyone! GO!

*Middle of the lake*

Heather: come on guys faster!
Jax: you know how hard it is to row a boat with your hands?????
Heather: Ro ro ro the boat. gelently down this lake. don't don't don't don't get eltricuted by a snake.
Jasper: you know you can help right??????
Heather: but i wont.
Natalie: ok if we lose......... your so out heather.
Kasey: what are you doing zeke?????
Ezekiel: helping our team win!
Annie: you might wanna slow down.
Ezekiel: never!!!!!!!!!!
Kasey: do it zeke!
*the boat flys over chris*
Chris: ok you guys are on the way now it looks like. what will happend to team London?????? how bad dose zeke really want to win???? find out after the brake on total drama around the world!


*team London*

*they are tied up by vines*
Jared: thanks alot zeke!
Ezekiel: sorry eh.
Alejandro: where are we????
Chris: farter than all the others.
Blaine: really???
Chris: yeah but not for long. you guys are tied up there. *grounfd shaks*
Duncan: guys! the volcano!!! it's about to erupt!
*song bell*
Chris: singing time!
Team London: what really????
Chris: sing or your out!

*song starts*

Blaine: Oh dear Volcano. Please don’t erupt.
Natalie: Please don’t burst your lava. On us
Jax: oh dear volcano. Please don’t kill us.
Heather: we are traped up here. And my head is about it bust.
Jasper: We got Traped………………. Thanks to Zeke. We are going to die. Cause of this Lava.
Jared: it’s getting hot now. I sweat right through my shirt. Oh how I miss Courntey.
Duncan: who cares squirt.
Ezekiel: oh dear volcano eh. Please don’t erupt. I already fell in lava eh. It’s not a good place.
Kasey: oh dear volcano. Please make us live. I want to marry Zeke. All I can.
*Jared Barfs*
Team London: Oh dear Volcano.
Jared: yeah oh dear.
Team London: please don’t burst your flames.
Annie: all over us. (yeah yeah)
Team London: Please don’t kill ill us
(no no)
Team London: Oh dear.
(oh dear)
Team London: oh dear Volcano.
Team London: please please please………… don’t erupt!

*song ends*

Chris: well i got to go!
Jared: duncan got a pocket kinf???
Duncan: yeah right here. *drops it* Crap.
Natalie: we are going to die.
Jasper: wait heather's nail filler! *grabs it out of heather's hands*
Heather: HEY!
Jasper: *brakes the vine*
Kasey: oh yeah!
Alajdnro: lets go!


*team London makes it first*
Blaine: wow were first.
Jax: I know right.
Chris: time to climb over it.
Natalie: this is going to take for ever!
Alejandro: wait is that a motter boat???
Chris: yes yes it is.
Alejandro: lets use that.
Duncan: yeah!
*team london gets in boat and it gose yp the volcano*
*Team Mexico makes it*
Chris: you can use the row boat to make it up.
Owen: oh yeah lest do it!
*Team Mexico gets in boat and rides up the volcano*
Owen: *farts* this will help us! *farts*
Lulu: ewwwwwwwwwww groos!
*Team Japan makes it*
Wally: last place????????
Chris: yeah egt a pattle and go!

*an hour later*

*the top of the volcano*

Ezekiel: oh no eh! lava!
Blanie: so lests do this! *makes the boat fall in lava and turns motter on full spead*
heather: it's buring through.
Duncan: hot hot hot!!!!!!!!!!!
*they gets through the lava and the boat turns to ash*
Jasper: oh great! now how will we get down now??? thanks alot Blaine!
Blaine: well sorry!
*team Mexico flys above them a crosses finsh line*
Team Mexico: first class!!!!!!! yeah!
Kasey: we have to cross.
Natalei: let's go!

*top of volcano*

Trent: we made it.
Buddy: finaly!
Gabriella: guys we ahve to go to the bottom!
Buddy: everyone on.
*all of team Japan but Buddy gets on*
Abby: what are you doing????
Buddy: going to win. *picks up boat and trhoughs it and quitckly gets on*
*team japan crosses finsh line*
Chris: see ya team London tonight!


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