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Who would you be?  duncneyfan 3 751 over a year ago
^$$%Cleveland Browns vs Green Bay Packers Live Streaming NFL In Your PC/Mac From WKYC TV  rony150 0 313 over a year ago
$%#$# Watch Cincinnati Bengals vs Atlanta Falcons Live Streaming NFL ESPN Network  rony150 0 621 over a year ago
The Fantastical RP Of Fantastical-ness!  noahnstar1616 5610 71479 over a year ago
Total drama role play  kanel22 2 282 over a year ago
Heather's grave  TDIlover226 11 611 over a year ago
SILLY RP!  casacada1007 3384 46419 over a year ago
Tdi monsters RP  SurferChic 2 1940 over a year ago
To wat would be a killer DXC story  JacobDXCfan4eva 3 396 over a year ago
Gwen's NOT a cheater!  swiddlewiddle 4 662 over a year ago
TDI Story! (you add on to it)  agtimm 7 376 over a year ago
Am I the one of the only few who think these two would be cute together?  creativegirl31 3 345 over a year ago
I'm just wondering...  iPsychic 3 329 over a year ago
Once again, a random rp  bake-waffles 1 411 over a year ago
total drama revenge of the-why-did-you-do-thisness  rachierach123 3 1082 over a year ago
How you Would have a season of Total Drama.  Dahir56 1 216 over a year ago
Bringing back two campers  videomanly 10 462 over a year ago
please help me whats the diffrence between canon and fanon?  SimVampire200 1 244 over a year ago
Would You Rather! (TDI Style)  -Alohomora- 248 12539 over a year ago
Total drama adventure time  SuperGwen 184 4132 over a year ago
Guess the Quote Game  Ares2002 13 725 over a year ago
Use the same personality on a different look!  td_number1_fan 1 650 over a year ago
TDI Glitches  Broccoligirl 1 595 over a year ago
Who did youuu want to win TDWT?  TdiFan4Everz 10 528 over a year ago
Could someone please get me some pics of Duncan?  WrigleyRocks66 1 905 over a year ago
if you were in TDI game..  KARIxTRENT 19 856 over a year ago
if you are in tdi what will you be game!  aiai2503 1 355 over a year ago
Who do you think will be the last five characters standing in TDM?  October2393 9 725 over a year ago
what caracter am i thinking of?  CodyxGwen 10 377 over a year ago
TDI MUSIC GAME  dxarmy423 2 390 over a year ago
making charaters and sending em to to makers of tdi  KARIxTRENT 33 1422 over a year ago
Oh The Things These Characters Say....  Duncan_Courtney 21 686 over a year ago
The "Couples Like ________" Game  tdafan121 4 381 over a year ago
You know you're obsessed with TDI when...  jadore_renard 146 5107 over a year ago
need people to be charcters in my show!!!!!  bessiebuzzer 13 946 over a year ago
Create your own character!  TDIlover4ever 10 2460 over a year ago
total drama invaders  gothemo1234 2 701 over a year ago
Fun but Random-ness RP  Courtneyfan214 287 3905 over a year ago
plane of doom rp  sorandom15 0 432 over a year ago
10 Facts Game  TotalDramaVoter 0 56 over a year ago
Total Drama Beach house  SuperGwen 1365 21516 over a year ago
Dateable or Undateable?  pinkywink 0 145 over a year ago
a rp to cure bordness !¡  jadeISmaNAME 462 6961 over a year ago
How original! It's another RP!  DandC4evacute 2400 29436 over a year ago
Total Drama Factory  teamrocket 18 10179 over a year ago
total drama hotel rp  xboxrocksx45 0 209 over a year ago
Create a Character Contest  kyliet123 6 1996 over a year ago
Another RP...  poophead4837ext 744 11832 over a year ago
What if  TDrocksand6teen 4 612 over a year ago
Total Drama Life!!!!!!  brittnw15 10970 196161 over a year ago
Total Drama RP  trentgwenfan1 5247 72764 over a year ago
tdi at sea  SurferChic 727 16866 over a year ago
Another random rp :D  bake-waffles 858 11284 over a year ago
Total Drama University  Courtneyfan214 2407 41024 over a year ago
Mythical RP  obssesedTDIgirl 7937 101055 over a year ago
Mike... Svetlana, Chester, Vito...  Fangurl1331 0 980 over a year ago
Total Drama Life (Join...please? :p)  poophead4837ext 2225 30792 over a year ago
TDI RP  canddfan29 3624 45090 over a year ago
Total Drama City (Roleplay)  owenizzyx2 639 11609 over a year ago
Total Drama World Tour  peruano99 0 187 over a year ago
rp for bored ppl  colecutegirl 4264 77975 over a year ago
Total Drama World ( I CALL HEATHER AND GWEN! )  carlie445 1 357 over a year ago
camp disaster  drt02 17 1309 over a year ago
JOIN A FAN CLUB BASED ON TOTAL DRAMA FAN GAMES!  iTengaged 0 340 over a year ago
"That One Stupid Reality Show" RP  poophead4837ext 0 147 over a year ago
Total Drama Big Brother 1  iTengaged 0 153 over a year ago
Total Drama Jersey Shore  poophead4837ext 1 134 over a year ago
Total Drama Jersey Shore  poophead4837ext 0 108 over a year ago
Total Drama Jersey Shore  poophead4837ext 0 242 over a year ago
Total Drama Jersey Shore  poophead4837ext 0 176 over a year ago
Total Drama Jersey Shore  poophead4837ext 0 220 over a year ago
a rolepplay for the good and the bored :P  jadeISmaNAME 80 1662 over a year ago
Total Drama Anything!  DuncansMyLuv14 837 16010 over a year ago
new random rp!!!!!  casacada1007 954 13708 over a year ago
Total Drama Mystery  FreakofColdOak 33 2373 over a year ago
What new couples do you think will come from TDROTI?  TDIfanJai499 7 1368 over a year ago
Total Drama Camp, care to sign up?  Albino 15 5781 over a year ago
zombie rp  imtheninja 0 183 over a year ago
Total Drama Broadcast  DemigodsRock 2 536 over a year ago
Do You Want To Be in Total Drama Factory?  jafar55 11 2558 over a year ago
Tengaged  tdikatiefan 0 447 over a year ago
Total Drama Rp  SickBucket 0 262 over a year ago
Total Drama Band  gwendiamond 0 611 over a year ago
TD Role-play (Different Type)  TDI_Zeke 4 466 over a year ago
||VOdaa@|| WAtcH Real Madrid vs APOEL Nicosia Live Stream  babulvai54 0 472 over a year ago
@!@!@!! WAtcH Chelsea vs Benfica Live Stream UEFA Online  babulvai54 0 633 over a year ago
Total Drama Horror Movie  zeebem10 376 9895 over a year ago
Total Drama Roleplay RP!  boy123 3 552 over a year ago
WTF Is America not good enough  NewGirl14 0 499 over a year ago
TDRP  Franky494 1 328 over a year ago
gender swap RP  Courtneyfan214 12 5787 over a year ago
I love Tdi  laylay0014 1 358 over a year ago
I AM ANGRY  laylay0014 17 3245 over a year ago
Random RP!! Join and start posting!  boy123 130 5148 over a year ago
Boredom RP  Tdinoahiscute4 1020 13024 over a year ago
Zombie RP  Strawberry0020 4 517 over a year ago
Step by Step on how to make a Total Drama animation.  DemigodsRock 11 2194 over a year ago
TDRI Elimination (Newbies replaced with veterans)  AlarconHills 1 741 over a year ago
-.-  starburst-rock 2630 47715 over a year ago
TDWWE  aprilacne 0 514 over a year ago