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adamk posted on Apr 13, 2012 at 04:46AM
This is a fanfic I've been writing. It takes place an undetermined amount of time after S4.
It will contain, (At least at the start) 26 contestants. All 13 from S4, and 13 favorites from S1-3. Keep in mind if your favorite's not competing at first, they may join the game later, or at least cameo. The story is as follows:
Two years after TDROTI, 26 of the contestants from seasons past return for a chance to compete for $1,000,000. The season will,at least initally feature 13 contestants from TDI, and all Contestants from ROTI. More contestants may be added at any time. There will be the biggest drama yet, that is guarenteed. The first third of the season takes place at Camp Wawankwa, after 6 eliminations,the remaining cast move to the TDA lot, after the season is halfway finished, the teams dissolve, and the remaining cast are sent on a tour of the world, when only six remain, they will return to an unknown radioactive location until the final two are decided, then the finalists will return to Camp Wawanakwa for the finale, where the outsed campers will be brought back to watch, and the final two compete for the grand prize!

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over a year ago DemigodsRock said…
AWESOME! Cody and Tyler are in it now! My four favourite guys are still in it!
over a year ago adamk said…
Sorry for the wait guys, I've been sick. I'll get to posting again once I get to feeling better.
over a year ago lovingrace said…
big smile
Well that's ok hope you feel better
over a year ago DemigodsRock said…
No problem, dude! Btw I know how you feel. I had surgery a couple of weeks back and am still recovering.
over a year ago adamk said…
Episode 8:The Big Picture Show Part 2
Chris:Last time on Total Drama, new teams were formed for the second section of the season, putting the villian's alliance on the same team, while arch-enemies Jo and Zeke were put on the same team as well. As an added twist, Tyler joined the competition, while Cody returned, and is hoping to expose the villian's alliance. The challenge seemed easy, find the trailers before being captured by a giant monster, who is NOT controlled by Chef. So far, Cameron, Ezekiel, and Cody have been captured by the beast.
Will anyone find the trailers? And who will be the next camper sent to loserdom? Find out now on... Total Drama Survivor!
(The Monster continues it's search for the contestants)
(Zooms in on Gwen, Sam, and Brick hiding together)
(Monster roars)
(The monster locates them and grabs Sam)
Gwen:Let's get out of here!
Brick:Negative. Leave no man behind!
(The monster roars)
Brick:(Screams) (Attempts to run but gets captured)
Gwen:(Smacks head) Great.
(Harold spots the trailers from afar)
Harold:Yes! (Gets grabbed by the monster) Crap!
(The villians look around)
Scott:Cost is clear! Move out!
(The monster is revealed to be the thing they were hiding behind)
(Monster roars)
Justin:I thought you said the coast was clear! (Gets stepped on)
Heather:Should we help him?
(All three try to run but get captured)
(Justin crawls out)
Justin:Why me?
(Gets captured)
Jo:No sign of anyone! (Sees Noah) (On my team)
(Monster roars)
Noah:(Screams) (Runs)
Jo:Wimp! (Gets captured) Of course.
(Zooms in on Mike and Zoey)
Mike: (Sees trailers) Look! There they are!
(Both get caught by the monster)
Mike:Oh... (Gasps) (Changes into Chester) For the love of Pete!
Zoey:Here we go again.
(Shows Tyler and Katie)
Tyler:See the monster?
Katie:Nope. (Gets grabbed)
Tyler:Time for me to get outta here! (Runs off)
(Dawn, B, and Noah are shown walking)
(Dawn gets grabbed)
B:(Sees the monster) (B tries everything to get Noah's attention, but gets grabbed)
Noah:You guys see the trailers yet?
(Monster roars)
Noah:(Sighs) Not a good sign. (Tries to run but gets captured)
(Only Tyler and Bridgette are left)
(Both see the trailers)
Chris:If you both make it, nobody has to go tonight.
(Both run for the trailers)
(The monster shows up and reaches for them)
(Tyler trips and Bridgette gets grabbed instead)
Tyler:Yes! (Crosses the finish line)
(The Directors cheer except Scott)
Scott:How is my alliance supposed to vote anyone off if we win!?
Tyler:I knew I could do it. I got skills.
Chris:The Directors win today's challenge. Tyler, which trailer will your team bunk in?
Tyler:The left one!
(Monster Roars)
(Everyone gasps)
Chris:Don't worry. It's only... (Opens a door in the studio revealing Eva is controlling it)
Chris:I promised Eva that if she could catch all of you she could join the game, but since she could not...
Eva:I'll get you MacClean! You hear me!
(Security puts Eva in a straight jacket and puts her in the Lame-o-sine)
Eva:You haven't seen the last of me! (The lame-o-sine leaves)
Chris:Now that that's settled, Extras, time to send someone home.
Chris:I have 10 awards for the castmates who are safe. Use the voting devices provided to make your decision.
Jo:You're outta here home-school. (Presses Ezekiel's button)
Ezekiel:Please, please, please! (Presses Jo's button continuously)
(The results come up)
Chris:The first five awards go to... Trent, Cameron, Zoey, Mike, and B. (Throws awards) Next up, Cody, Gwen, and Sam. Two awards left. The next one goes to... Ezekiel.
(Jo groans)
(Ezekiel gets hit in the head with the award)
Chris:Bridgette, Jo, this is the last award, and with a vote of 7 to 4, it goes to... Jo.
Mike:You lost us the challenge.
Zoey:It's nothing personal. Really.
Bridgette:Okay. See you guys later. (Leaves)
Jo:So you voted me off didn't you?
Ezekiel:Uhhh... No? (Gets punched in the face)
Cody:We need to do something. This is getting outta hand.
(Harold walks into the cabin)
Noah:Did you talk to Katie?
Noah:How'd it go?
Harold:She said she'd help me win back LeShawna if I helped her out.
Noah:What? You were supposed to help me!
Harold:Sorry Gosh! You should talk to Cody, he knows a thing or two about stalkers.
Noah:(Thinking) That's it!
Chris:What'll happen next? Who will be the next to leave, and how much pain can we put them through first? Find out next time on Total Drama Survivor!
over a year ago adamk said…
Episode 9 Preview:
*Another contestant will leave the studio lot
*There will be an unexpected twist to the episode
*A former contestant will cameo.
*Neither Chris nor Chef will host the challenge
BTW, I'm having trouble deciding who should leave. So any help would be appriciated!
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over a year ago DemigodsRock said…
Awesome! Great to see you posting again. And with the next elimination, if it helps, I think a TDROTI contestant should leave next.
over a year ago adamk said…
Episode 9:Dead Chris Walking
Chris:Last time on Total Drama Survivor, the contestants remaining were sorted into two new teams, along with returning contestant Cody, and new contestant Tyler. They competed in their first challenge, finding the trailers while being hunted down by a monster controlled by past conmpetitor Eva. In the end, Tyler won the challenge for his team, and Bridgette was voted off for losing the challenge. Who will leave next? Find out in this... Unusual Episode of Total Drama Survivor!
(The lot is shown, and it is still dark)
(Chris is shown asleep)
(He hears a door open)
Chris:Chef? That you? (Sees someone) What are you doing here?! (Screams)
(Meanwhile, Chef is awake)
Chef:Unappriciative teenagers... (Hears Chris Scream) Chris?
Chris:Help me!
Chef:Hang on. (A sack goes over his head from behind) (Screams)
(Brick wakes up)
Brick:That's weird.
Noah:You're telling me. Chris usually wakes us up with a blowhorn.
Harold:Ahh... A good night's sleep at long last. Although I have to wonder what Chris is up to.
Scott:Let's go see.
(The castmates enter to find it deserted)
Zoey:Where's Chris?
Jo:He's probably setting up his next torturous challenge.
(Loud Speaker Creaks On)
???:Attention competitors, this is your new host speaking.
Tyler:New host?
???:Chris and Chef have left me in charge. Report to the Awards Ceremony for today's challenge at sunset. (Laughs evilly)
Ezekiel:Who was that eh?
Cameron:I'm sure it's just Chris.
Jo:Yeah. Just you wait.
(The contestants sit at the awards ceremony)
Mike:We're here, where's Chris and Chef?
???:That's your challenge.
(Everyone turns to see Courtney show up with two TV sets)
Courtney:Yep. This is my show now.
Tyler:Where's Chris?
Courtney:That's your challenge. (Turns on the a TV)
(Chris is shown hanging over acid)
Chris:This is messed up!
Courtney:Now Chef. (Turns on the other TV)
(Chef is shown tied up under s rotating saw)
Brick:That is uncalled for!
Courtney:This is the second time MacClean unfairly kept me off this stupid show. You have until sunrise to find him. The rope and saw are solar powered. Don't find them, they don't survive.
Gwen:You're psychotic!
Courtney:So what? They're getting what they deserve.
Trent:We'll just call the cops. It's 19 of us versus one of you.
Courtney:I wouldn't try it. If any of you make a step towards me, I'll activate the traps manually by pushing the button on this remote. (Holds it up)
Ezekiel:That's messed up!
Harold:She needs help.
Courtney:If anyone finds them, their lives will be spared. It's 7:00. You've got 'til sunrise. Now go!
(Everyone runs in different directions)
Courtney:I've got cameras monitering all the phones. If anyone goes near one, I push the button.
(Extras Cam)
Mike:We've been looking for hours.
Zoey:We've got to find them though.
Sam:Besides, we can't do anything while Courtney has that remote.
Trent:We've got to keep looking. That's all there is to it.
(Directors Cam)
Scott:Why do we bother looking for them anyway?
Alejandro:What do you mean?
Scott:Chris has tortured all of us, and put out lives at stake, and now we have to save him? And Chef?
Justin:Horrible as he is he is, he's still a human being.
Scott:Then why not just take the remote?
Heather:As long as Courtney's got it, she could push it.
Noah:(From distance) Hey guys!
(The Team finds him)
(Shows Chef)
(Noah runs over to the saw)
Harold:Can you de-activate it?
(Extras Cam)
Ezekiel:Hey guys! Over here!
(Shows Chris hanging over acid)
Jo:Go on then. You're the smart one. Save him.
Ezekiel:Uhhh... Okay. (Runs over to the switch)
(Courtney laughs)
Courtney:The sun'll be up any minute!
(Directors Cam)
Brick:Hurry Noah! The sun's coming up!
Noah:I'm trying!
(Extras Cam)
Sam:Hurry up Zeke!
(Courtney:5, 4, 3, 2)
(Both Cams)
(Noah and Zeke deactivate the systems)
Courtney:Where was the blood curtling screams? (Looks at moniter)
(Courtney is arrested by the RCMP)
Chris:What a crazy night huh?
Harold:Yeah, but I could've done that! (Swings arm and accidentally cuts off his hand by hitting the saw)
(Harold wakes up)
(His team is at the awards ceremony)
Harold:What happened?
(Chris throws him an award)
Chris:Justin accidently knocked you out during the dueling challenge with the other team. (Throws an award to Scott)
Harold:It was a dream? Courtney didn't try to kill you?
Chris:Of course not. (Throws an award to Noah)
Harold:Man. My head hurts.
Chris:Dawn, Brick, the final award goes to... Brick.
Dawn:Oh well. At least I was FAIRLY voted off this time. (Leaves)
Chris:9 Down, 18 to go. Who will leave next? Find out on the next Total Drama Survivor!
over a year ago DemigodsRock said…
over a year ago adamk said…
Episode 10 Preview:
*The episode will be a homage to adventure movies, most notably "Indiana Jones"
*No New Contestants Will Debut or Cameo in this Episode
*Jo pushes Zeke too far over the edge
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over a year ago lovingrace said…
Well Bridgettes gone so I dont know who to root for
over a year ago adamk said…
Episode 10:Indiana Sam & the Kinda Crappy Dimand of Doom
Chris:Last time on Total Drama, things heated up in a boxing challenge, during which Harold was knocked out, resulting in a weird dream sequence that I have no idea how it was recorded... Anyhow, Dawn was voted off next. Today, one more competitor will take a ride in the Lame-O-Sine to Loserdom. Who will it be? Find out now on Total Drama Survivor!
(Shows the restrooms)
Ezekiel:(Hums as he's showering)
(Shows Jo sneak in & switch the pipes)
(Shows Chris with a machine gun)
Chris:Target sighted... And... (Blast gun repeatedly, waking up the contestants)
Scott:He's doing it again.
Justin:These early wakeup calls are killing my beauty sleep.
Sam:(Sniffing) Woah Zeke, you stink.
Ezekiel:(Breathing Heavily)... It's Jo...
Jo:Hey everyone, get a whiff of Zeke!
(Several people laugh)
Scott:You reek dude!
(Zooms in on Ezekiel and something is heard snapping)
(Chris Arrives)
Chris:Okay, castmates, settle down. Today's challenge is about adventure movies. Every good adventure movie has a quest for it's hero. Today, your quest is to find a diamond before the other team does. You will each be sent on hunt for clues. Each team must first pick a team captain.
Harold:Me! I got mad solving skills.
Alejandro:I'll do it, and it'll be a team effort.
Chris:Quick heads up, the leader will make decisions on where to go next, without question. Keep that in mind.
Katie:I suggest Noah!
Noah:Big surprise.
Heather:I vote Alejandro.
Scott:I second it.
Chris:Cool. Alejandro for the Directors. Who's for the Extras?
Sam:I'm the best treasure hunter I know. I've played "Tomb Raider 20 times, and Uncharted!"
Gwen:Fine. If it'll shut you up.
Chris:Fine. Alejandro for the Directors, Sam for the Extras. First clue is as follows. (Tosses cards to Sam & Alejandro)
Alejandro:Let's see. "I'm found where there's stars, but not on a show or movie. What am I?"
Harold:I know! You're... (Gets mouth covered by Scott) Let the "captain" do his job.
Gwen:Sam? Any ideas?
Sam:Totally. Follow me!
(Jo stops Ezekiel)
Jo:Not you. Take a shower sewage bather. (Laughs)
(Ezekiel turns red, but walks off)
Scott:Any ideas Alejandro? (Winks at him)
Alejandro:No ideas, right now.
Harold:(Fights with Scott)
(At the space set)
Sam:There it is!
Gwen:You were right.
Mike:Hey Jo, where's Zeke?
Jo:How the heck should I know?
Zoey:Why're you so hard on him for?
Jo:First day at camp. We lost 'cause of him.
Cody:Are you the reason he stinks like sewage?
Jo:(Laughs) Yeah. Switched the pipes while he was showering.
Cameron:Don't you think you might be going too far? I mean, what if he tries to get back at you?
Jo:He won't. He's too pathetic.
Gwen:All I know is, he's persistant. He won't put up with it forever.
Sam:Guys the next clue. (Reads it)
Tyler:What about a space set?
Noah:Yeah! Stars are in space.
Scott:Brilliant! (Lets go of Harold)
Harold:What's the big idea? I was going to say that?
Scott:Sorry. Didn't think to ask you.
Harold:You're an IDIOT!
(At the Western Set)
Sam:There it is!
(Show the Diamond)
Chris:You did it, again! (Turns on Loudspeaker)
(In the space set)
Chris:The Extras have won the challenge! Directors, I'll see you at the awards ceremony!
Harold:I would've won if you hadn't chosen Alejandro!
Tyler:Why didn't you say anything?
Harold:Scott covered my mouth!
Noah:Why would he do that?
(Cody arrives)
Cody:You guys need to know. Scott, Justin, Alejandro, & Heather are in a villians alliance!
Noah:How do you know?
Cody:It's the reason I got voted off! I found out! You can't let it happen to you too!
Chris:The results are in, and boy is it close tonight. First award goes to... Brick.
(Throws award)
(Throws award)
(Throws award)
Scott:We all agreed to vote off Harold. He's starting to get a little suspicious...
Alejandro:I don't trust Scott enough to lead this alliance. He's got to go.
(Throws Award)
(Throws Award)
Chris:And Noah!
(Throws award)
(Only Harold, Chris, and Alejandro remain)
Chris:You each have votes, but with only one, the next award goes to... Scott!
(Throws award)
Chris:This is the last award, and with a vote of 4-3, the award goes to...
(Zooms in on Harold and Alejandro's faces)
(Throws award)
Alejandro:How can this be!
(Cody arrives)
Cody:I told them about your little alliance.
Chris:Rules don't say anything about talking to the other team.
(Alejandro leaves)
(Later that night)
Jo:Haven't seen Zeke all day. Maybe he quit. (Climbs into bed) Why is my bed so itchy? (Pulls covers off) Cockroaches? Who could've...
(Shows outside)
Ezekiel:It takes two to tango. (Laughs)
Chris:Who will leave next? Tune in next time for more Total Drama Survivor!
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over a year ago adamk said…
Episode 11 Preview:
*Ezekiel and Jo will continue getting revenge on each other
*Two contestants will kiss in the episode
*Cody will show a different side of himself
*Another contestant will leave
*A former contestant will cameo
over a year ago DemigodsRock said…
AWESOME! I love this story so much! Keep it up!
over a year ago lovingrace said…
Cool I want to see
over a year ago adamk said…
At long last (Am I right?)
Episode 11:Pirates of the Dramabbean:At Wits End
Chris:Last time on Total Drama Survivor, the teams competed in an adventure movie challenge. Sam lead the X-Tras to victory, due to Scott's scheming. However, Cody outsed the villian's alliance, resulting in Alejandro getting voted out. What does the future hold for the future of the villians, and who will leave next in the Lame-o-sine? Find out now on Total Drama Survivor!
(Shows the contestants eating breakfast)
(The Directors give the villians mean looks)
Scott:This is bad! Cody's exposed us, unless we keep winning challenges, we'll get picked off one by one!
Heather:And if we lose, you'll be the first to go.
Justin:Let's not get ahead of ourselves Heather. We just need to win challenges.
Scott:Which ruins my strategy.
(Ezekiel walks in with his hair shaved off completely)
(Jo laughs)
Ezekiel:(Yelling)Where's my hat?
(Jo throws Ezekiel his hat)
Noah:Seriously dude, you're gonna take that? She just cut off all your hair!
Ezekiel:Don't worry eh. I'll get payback. Somehow.
(Cannons go off around the lot)
(Everyone panics)
Chef:Quit your panicking. It's a setup for the challenge.
(Chris's voice echos through the lot via loudspeaker)
Chris:Attention contestants, report to the beach set for the next challenge!
Chef:You heard him! Get outta here! (Kicks everyone out of the dining hall)
(The castmates stand in a line inside the beach studio)
(Chris arrives in a pirate-ship wearing a pirate-outfit)
Chris:Arrrgh, avast me hearties, it be time for a challenge!
Noah:Nice blouse.
(Everyone snickers)
Chris:(Groans)It's a pirate costume! Besides, where's Cody?
|Location:The Studio-lot|
Cody:Which one's the beach set again?
(A puppy approaches Cody and whines)
Cody:Awww, a puppy...
(Cody notices the puppy's skin and bones)
Cody:You're starving aren't you? C'mon, let's get you some food.
(The puppy's tail wags and it follows Cody)
|Location:The Beach Lot|
Chris:Whatever. Your first challenge starts in a minute.
(Chef knocks everyone out from behind with a frying pan)
(Chris and Chef snicker)
(The castmates awaken to find themselves tied up)
Sam:What's going on?
Trent:How the heck should I know? Oh wait... we're tied up that's what's going on!
Sam:Oh yeah!
(Zooms in to the other side of the boat)
Brick:Don't worry everyone, everything's gonna be okay.
Harold:(Sarcastically)That's reassuring.
Scott:With Chris who knows if anyone's gonna be okay.
Noah:Fair point.
Tyler:Speaking of Chris, look!
(Chris is standing in the ship's crow's nest)
Chris:Today's challenge is simple. Whichever team escapes before the ship breaks in half wins.
Noah:Uh huh, And how exactly will the ship "break in half"?
Chris:Via explosion.
Katie:And you just tied us up?
Chris:No worries. We're fairly sure that it will only break the ship in half without causing harm to any of you.
Gwen:Fairly certain?
Cameron:That doesn't make me feel any better.
Chris:In any case... Gotta go! (Climbs down from the crow's nest and hops over board)
Jo:This sucks! We're probably gonna die!
Noah:Probably. Unless we can get out of these ropes.
(Katie kisses Noah)
Noah:What the heck was that for?
Katie:We're gonna die anyway.
(Brick suddenly smiles)
Brick:Maybe not. If I can reach into my side pocket.
(Cody looks into the mess hall)
Cody:Cost is clear. C'mon boy!
(Cody and the puppy walk into the mess hall)
(Cody opens the fridge and finds "real" food)
Cody:I knew Chef's been holding out on us!
(Cody grabs a bunch of steaks and hands them to the puppy, who gobbles them down)
Cody:Awww, so adorable!
(Chef walks in)
Chef:Huh? (Sees Cody and the dog)
Chef:No filthy animals allowed in my kitchen! Except rats, mice, and cockroaches, but that's only to add flavor to you kid's food.
(The puppy races over and bites Chef where the sun don't shine)
(Chef howls in pain)
Brick:Did you get it yet Scott?
Scott:Yeah! (Pulls out a pocket knife)
Brick:Good job soldier, now cut through these ropes!
(Scott cuts himself free and follows suit with the rest of his team before handing the knife back to Brick)
Scott:Let's go! (The Directors jump overboard except Brick, who hands Gwen the knife to cut her own team free before jumping over himself)
(Gwen cuts everyone free and the X-tras jump overboard just as the boat explodes)
(Chris is shown watching from the camera room)
Chris:That was awesome! Just like a real pirate movie!
(Cody rejoins the teams)
Chris:Chef is at the hospital being treated for animal bites and rabies, so DJ will be standing in for awhile.
(DJ waves at everyone)
Chris:Anyhow, the Directors won the challenge, so X-tras, see you tonight.
Chris:9 Gilded Chris Awards are on this plate. First up, Gwen, Jo, Sam, Cody, and Ezekiel.
(Throws the awards)
Chris:Next up, Mike, Zoey, and B.
(Throws awards)
Chris:And the last award goes to...
(Zooms in on Cameron and Trent's faces)
Chris:Trent! Cameron, time to go.
Cameron:At least I'll go home, where it's safer than here.
Chris:Sure... home... let's go with that.
Cameron:What do you mean by that? (Gets thrown in the lame-o-sine by the interns)
(The Lame-o-sine drives off)
Chris:The rest of you are safe. For now...
(Jo steps into the girl's trailer and is greeted by laughter)
Gwen:Oh my gosh, someone replaced your shampoo with pink hair dye! (Falls back laughing)
(Shows Chris outside)
Chris:Love the conflict! Who will leave next? Tune in next time on Total Drama Survivor to find out!
over a year ago DemigodsRock said…
over a year ago adamk said…
Episode 12 Preview:
*It will be the last of the TDA themed episodes
*The challenge will be a sendup of golf and hurricane movies
*The rivalry between Jo and Ezekiel will climax in the episode
*DJ will be standing in for Chef in the episode, because Chef will still be in the hospital after last episode.
over a year ago adamk said…
Episode 12:Downpour
Chris:Last time on Total Drama Survivor, the teams competed in a pirate movie challenge which was full of surprises. Jo and Zeke continued their rivalry, Noah and Katie shared a "heartfelt" moment, and Cody found a puppy which ended up brutally attacking Chef Hatchet, but in the end, it was bubbleboy Cameron who walked the plank. (Thunder Rumbles) (Laughs) Looks like today's challenge is on the way! What do we have planned? Find out on this episode of Total Drama Survivor!
(Lightning Flashes)
(It begins to rain as the camera zooms in on the cabins to show the campers sleeping)
(An alarm goes off, waking the contestants)
Chris:(Over loudspeaker) Attention castmates! The weather has predicted a severe thunderstorm for today, which means it's time for yet another challenge. (Laughs evilly) Anyhow report to the stadium lot for today's challenge!
(The castmastes groan)
Scott:(In confessional)Ever since Cody spilled the beans about my alliance and Alejandro got the boot, I've had to rethink my strategy. And I've got a new plan. (Laughs)
Jo:(In confessiononal) I've played by the rules so far, but Zekie boy has really ticked me off. But with my new strategy, I'll give him the boot once and for all. (Laughs maniacally)
Chris:Today's challenge is called "A Friendly Game" each team must play the other in a mini golf course.
Mike:That doesn't sound to hard.
Sam:Dude, you just jinxed us!
Chris;I was going to make it that easy, but Mike and Sam have just inspired me to take a more creative, and dangerous approach.
Jo:Great! What is it?
(Zooms outside to show the course in the rain)|
(Lightning flashes)
Trent:Too far Chris!
Chris:I know, I just keep getting better huh?
(DJ walks over to Chris)
DJ:What happened? Why was noone at breakfast?
Chris:Shut it. They can eat AFTER the challenge.
(DJ walks away reluctantly)
(The wind blows so hard that Harold flies off)
Tyler:Harold! (Tyler runs after him)
Jo:(In confessional) All I have to do is throw the challenge and make it look like it was Ezekiel's fault.
Then, he's gone. (Laughs)
(Ezekiel is shown outside with a tape recorder)
Ezekiel:Finally. Gotcha.
(Debris keeps flying at the contestants)
Brick:I can't see! (Gets hit by a thorn bush) Ow!
(Chris is shown watching with DJ)
Chris:Thorn bush your idea?
(DJ shakes his head)
Chris:Huh. Must just have been luck.
(After 18 holes of pure torture)
Scott:We won right?
Sam:No! We did!
Chris:Actually I wasn't keeping score.
(Everyone looks at him furiously)
Chris:However since the Directors were two people down the entire game, they win by default.
Chris:X-tras time to send someone home.
(In the trailers)
Jo:I'm telling you guys Zeke's got to go! He wasn't even trying!
Cody:How do you know? None of us could see anything past the tenth hole because of the hail.
Jo:I'm outta here. (Leaves)
Ezekiel:Guys, now that she's gone, there's something you need to hear. (Pulls out tape recorder)
Chris:I have eight awards. Directors, you're probably wondering why I asked you to sit in on this meeting. More on that in a moment. But first, award time. First three awards go to...Mike, Sam, and Cody! (Throws awards)
Chris:One for Zoey, one for Trent, one for B, and one for Gwen.
(Throws awards)
Chris:Jo, Ezekiel, looks like your rivalry ends here. Your team has chosen to vote one of you off tonight. And just to add insult to injury, I'll let you all know a secret, this is the last elimination for section two of the season. Whoever leaves tonight will not be moving on to the World Tour section.
(Everyone starts talking)
Chris:SHUT IT!. The last award goes to...
(Zooms in on Jo and Ezekiel's faces)
Jo:What? Why? You chose ZEKE over the most athletic person on your team?
Zoey:At least Zeke hasn't tried to throw challenges to get you voted off.
Jo:What are you... (Spots Zeke's tape recorder) You little... (Gets forced into the Lame-O-Sine by DJ)
Chris:And then there were sixteen. Everyone pack your bags, your next challenge begins tomorrow.
(Everyone runs off)
Chris:Section two has ended, tune in next time to see what we have in store for section three! Right here on Total Drama Survivor!
over a year ago adamk said…
Episode 13 Preview:
*Despite what was said in ep. 12, it will NOT be TDWT themed, but at the same time, it won't be TDA themed either
*Another contestant will return (From this season)
*The episode's title is "Airport Runaway"
over a year ago DemigodsRock said…
Nice! Keep going, it's awesome!
over a year ago adamk said…
Episode 13:Airport Runaway:
_________________________________________­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­Chr­is:­Las­t time on Total Drama Survivor, the castmates battled it out in a game of hurricane mini-golf, there were losers, ok, A LOT of losers, but in the end, it was the Directors who secured the win. And the rivalry between Jo and Ezekiel ended when Jo forced her team to vote one of them out. In the end however, Jo was sent packing when her team chose Ezekiel over her. Hard to believe huh? However, since Chef Hatchet is now out of the hospital, it's time to say hello to the next challenge. What is it? Who will leave next? And who will make it to section three of this season? Find out right now on Total Drama Survivor!
(Zooms in on the TDA Lot)
(The contestants are shown packing)
(Harold walks over to Cody)
Harold:Hey man. I wonder what the challenge will be?
Cody:Who knows? All I know is, the villian's days are numbered, then we can all finally compete with no pressure from stupid evil players.
(Scott is shown spying on Cody)
Scott:Ever since Cody exposed my alliance, I've had to fight to stay in. Unless I come up with a new plan fast, I won't even make it past three more eliminations!
(Confessional Ends)
(All the contestants stand outside)
(Chris arrives)
Chris:Hello contestants. Ready for today's challenge?
Heather:I thought there wasn't going to be a challenge today, since we're all heading to section three.
Gwen:You said last night we're all past section two.
Chris:Did I say that? Okay I did. But I also don't remember saying you'll all be on your way to section three.
Zoey:Oh no... that means...
Chris:Yep. Challenge time! (Laughs) This challenge determines who really makes it to section three. Here's the deal, you'll be split into three teams. Captains will be chosen by Chef Hatchet. Chef?
Chef:Team Captains are... Justin, Mike, and... Harold!
Chris:Justin, pick your teammates. Remember, only four.
Justin:Very well. I choose...Heather,Scott,Noah, and Tyler.
Noah:Wow. I'm on the team everyone wants to lose. Shocker.
Mike:Um... Zoey, Katie, Brick, and Gwen.
Chris:Sorry Harold, that leaves you with...Sam, Ezekiel, Trent, B, and Cody.
Scott:Hey! Why do they have five players?
Chris:Since Harold didn't get to choose. Now these are the teams throughout section 3, but one team will be forced to vote off
a teammate early. Today's challenge is simple, find the airport the plane for section 3 is taking off in. You'll each be given the name of the airport, along with one of three items. And remember this, winning has advanges, and disadvantages. Remember that. Now then. Team Justin, you get a map of Canada. Team Mike, a compass. And team Harold, a laptop.
Zoey:A laptop?
Chris:I have my reasons. Chef and I will take your baggage and meet you at the airport. Now go!
Ezekiel:According to the laptop's GPS and the name Chris gave us, the "Cowlick National Airport" has flights that come all the way to here.
Sam:If we could catch a plane there, we'd win the challenge!
Harold:Go team! We rock!
Noah:We suck! This map doesn't even have the airport on it.
Justin:Maybe not, but we can't lose this challenge.
Tyler:Don't you mean, YOU can't lose it?
Heather:It doesn't matter. We're in an alliance that takes up three votes.
If we lose, you two's votes won't beat us if we vote for the same person. So
if we lose, one of you is getting voted off.
Noah:Go figure.
Scott:Got any ideas Noah?
Noah:Yeah. Follow Harold's team. They likely used GPS on the laptop.
Justin:Great idea. Let's go!
(Everyone runs off but Noah)
Noah:(Sighs) Oh boy. More running.
Mike:How does a compass help us?
Zoey:I don't have a clue.
Gwen:Wait! There's something on the back.
Brick:It's a military coded message!
Zoey:Can you read it?
(Brick looks at it)
Brick:Yes. It's the adress of the airport, and a bus schedule.
Mike:Great work Brick!
Zoey:There's a bus station downtown, it MUST be that one!
(They run off)
(At the airport)
(The team rushes to the ticket booth)
Salesman:Hey! Aren't you some of the Total Drama guys?
Sam:Yeah! And we need a plane to the "Cowlick National Airport"
Salesman:Sure! I like all of you! Go on through!
(The team boards the plane)
Harold:Victory! We're leaving in five minutes!
Cody:Nobody will ever catch us now!
(B gives a silent cheer)
Ezekiel:It's all smooth sailing from here eh!
Trent:I wonder what the other teams are doing?
Sam:Yeah. Me too.
Justin:Well team, getting through airport security wasn't as hard as I thought.
Heather:Gotta hand it to Zeke. He taught us that trick back in Season 3.
Noah:Why do I have to be in a cramped suitcase with Tyler?
Scott:Because we don't like you. Now shut it. And be glad it's not Owen.
(Everyone zips up)
(Shot of the plane taking off)
(Chris:Wonder where they are?
(Chef shrugs)
Chris:Oh, here comes Team Harold!
(Team Harold crosses the finish line)
(Team Mike crosses the line)
Mike:Who would think the bus lead to a super fast subway station that got out at this airport?
(Team Justin arrives)
Scott:Crap! Thanks to Noah's complaining, which the security guard onboard heard, which delayed us from getting out of the airport... You're soooo
unbelievably outta here Noah!
Chris:Not so fast. Remember I said winning had advantages and disadvantages? That meant the team that got here first... has to vote someone off.
Right here, right now.
Chris:Yep, and the CAPTAIN must make the decision now, or THEY
get kicked off. Now everyone on the plane, while Harold votes in confession.
Harold:I can't believe this... (Stamps a passport)
Chris:The first bag of peanuts goes to... Harold.
(Throws it)
Chris:Ezekiel, Cody, and Sam!
(Throws bags)
Chris:The last bag of peanuts goes to...
(Closeup on B and Trent's faces)
Harold:Sorry B, I just figured we'd be singing again and since you don't talk...
Chris:And we will NOT be singing again. But remember I said there were advantages to winning?
Chris:Like first class to the next destination! And a new player to replace the elimanee!
(The plane begins to take off)
Chris:So long B!
(Chef throws B out of the plane)
Sam:Who's the new contestant?
(Dawn steps out of the shadows)
Dawn:Hey guys.
(Dawn walks over to Ezekiel)
Dawn:You're loneliness is all over your aura. You never had any friends your whole life did you?
Ezekiel:Ummm... No?
(Dawn walks over to Cody)
Dawn:You're longing for the dream girl you'll never have is all over your tortured soul.
Cody:You're kinda creeping me out.
Ezekiel:Sooo... Dawn... Quite a shock eh?... Ummmm....
Chris:Now it's time to name your teams! Justin?
Justin:Team Villiany!
Chris:Seems reasonable. Mike?
Mike:Team Outcast!
Chris:I like it! And Harold?
Harold:Team Underdogs!
Chris:Cool. (Turns to the camera) Which team will win the next challenge? How will the new player change the game? And who will be the next to take the "Drop of Shame"? Find out next time on Total Drama Survivor!
over a year ago adamk said…
Just for the record, the new teams are posted below:
Team Villiany:Justin, Heather, Scott, Noah, and Tyler
Team Outcast:Mike, Zoey, Katie, Gwen, and Brick
Team Underdogs:Harold, Cody, Ezekiel, Dawn, and Sam
Which team are you rooting for? The preview for episode 14 is below.
over a year ago DemigodsRock said…
Rooting for Team Underdog
over a year ago adamk said…
Sorry for the LOOOOONG wait guys. :(
Episode 14:Happy New Year!
Chris:Last time on Total Drama Survivor, the sixteen remaining contestants raced through Canada to make it to section three of the competition. In the end, Harold's team won the challenge but lost a teammate, B. But to shake things up, Dawn reentered the competition in B's place. With that, the three teams were formed, Team Villiany, Team Outcasts, and Team Underdogs. This week, things begin, and end, as Total Drama ushers in the new year! Who will be the one to take the Drop of Shame? Find out now on Total Drama Survivor!
(Zooms in on the plane)
(Team Underdogs are shown in first class)
Cody:We rock!
Harold:Yeah. We outnumber the other teams, and we each have a special skill that can win any challenge Chris throws our way.
Dawn:Zeke seems troubled...
(Shot of Ezekiel sleeping)
Trent:But he's asleep.
Dawn:Looks can be deceiving.
Sam:Dawn gives me the creeps.
Ezekiel:There's something... off here.
Cody:We can't be a force to dominate if we fallout. The villians HAVE to go down.
(Chris walks in)
Chris:Good morning passengers. I hope you enjoyed your first night on board, because it's time for section three to OFFICALLY begin.
Heather:What do you mean officially.
Chris:As I'm sure you all know, it's New Year's Eve. And you'll all be spending it in New York City. And by spending it there, I mean compeleting another challenge. (Laughs)
(Everyone groans)
Chris:Captains, come forward.
(Justin, Mike, and Harold walk forward)
Chris:(Holds up three boxes) Each one of you pick a box. Like your previous challenge, each one has advantages in tonight's challenge. (The captains each grab a box)
(After landing)
Chris:Okay, here's the deal. Tonight's challenge is a tricky one. Each of your boxes contains a clue on where to go. Once in your location, you must work as a team to find this item. (Holds up a gold medal) Bring it to the statue of liberty to figure out it's purpose, but make sure you get there BEFORE midnight. Any team who doesn't complete the challenge, or the last team to complete the challenge will be losing a teammate tonight. See you later.
(Chris leaves)
Noah:So what's in the box?
Justin:As team captain, I'll be opening it.
(Justin opens the box to find a screwdriver and a note)
(Tyler grabs the note)
Tyler:What goes higher than anything here will not come down?
Scott:What's that mean?
Noah:Obvious. What's the highest building in New York?
Heather:Nobody else knows genius.
Noah:(Sighs) The Empire State Building. Duh.
Justin:Good work Noah. Let's go guys!
(Mike opens the box)
Zoey:It's a note.
Gwen:And a GPS.
Mike:"Find the one place in New York that you can't get a PARKing ticket."
Katie:Do you think that means "Central Park"?
Brick:Great going Katie!
Gwen:Yeah. That actually makes sense!
(Harold opens the box)
Harold:A note and some dog kibble?
Sam:What's the note say?
Trent:"Find the animal that matches this food, and ZOOm in for a photo."
Cody:Hey guys look Z-O-O in zoom is capitalized. Chris must mean the Central Park Zoo.
Sam:Yes! (High fives Cody)
Harold:Let's go find that medal!
Dawn:Where's Zeke?
Ezekiel:Huh? (Looks up)
Trent:Something wrong dude?
Ezekiel:Uhh... I don't know...
Harold:Guys the other teams are leaving!
Trent:We'll talk later okay Zeke?
(Ezekiel nods)
Tyler:I think you may be wrong about this Noah. We've been looking for hours.
Noah:It's gotta be here?
Heather:Just great. We only have fourty five minutes to find the thing, get to the Statue, and figure out how to use it.
Justin:You better be sure about this Noah.
Scott:Guys? There's something shining up at the top of the antenna!
Noah:That's gotta be it! Tyler, can you get up there?
Tyler:Sure man! (Climbs up successfully and grabs it)
Justin:He actually did it.
Tyler:What? (Falls back onto the roof)
(Justin slaps his face)
Tyler:I got it.
Scott:Let's get to the Statue.
Trent:It's 11:17. Any sign of it?
Harold:No. What type of animal would it be anyway?
Sam:Guys look!
(Something shining in a cage)
Ezekiel:We did it! (Reaches for the item and nearly gets attacked by a wild dog)
Cody:How do we get in?
(The dog suddenly cools down after Dawn hands it the kibble from earlier)
(The dog gives Dawn the medal)
Sam:Let's hurry and get out of here!
Mike:Any sign of it?
Brick:Found it! (Is covered in claw marks and bite marks and foaming at the mouth)
Brick:It was guarded by a group of vicious raccoons but I took 'em. (Faints)
Gwen:Is he okay?
Zoey:We can't finish without him.
Katie:Look! (Runs off and comes back with a motorbike with two sidecars)
Gwen:How'd you... Never mind. Let's go!
Chris:Geez, 11:48. Where are they?
Harold:Okay! We're here!
Chris:Good. Figure out the medal's connection to those fireworks, and you win.
Sam:I bet it's a lighter!
Trent:Hmmmm... (Opens the top and fire comes out)
Harold:Quick light them!
(Trent lights the fireworks)
Mike:It's a lighter! Quick!
(Mike lights the fireworks just as Team Villiany arrives)
Scott:Quick! It's a...
Chris:Shut it. Since Team Underdog figured it out first, they win tonight's challenge and will be riding in First Class to the next destination. Since Team Outcast came in second, they are safe as well. Team Villiany, since you came in last, you'll be voting someone off tonight. Let's get back to the plane.
Noah and Tyler:Uh oh.
Chris:Team Villiany. Welcome to your first elimination. You've all cast your votes. The first bags go to, with zero votes, Heather and Scott. Next up is Justin, with two votes. And with three votes, the one who is leaving tonight is...
(Zooms in on Noah and Tyler's faces)
Noah:Why not me?
Justin:Simple, it was either brains, or... wannabe brawn.
Chris:Tyler the votes have spoken.
Noah:Sorry man.
(Tyler nods)
Tyler:Noah, make sure you find a way to take them down.
(Noah nods)
(Tyler jumps out of the plane)
Chris:Twelve down, fifteen to go. Will Noah find a way to defeat his evil teammates? What's really bothering Zeke? And most importantly, who will be the next to take the Drop of Shame? All these answers and more on the next Total Drama Survivior!