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adamk posted on Apr 13, 2012 at 04:46AM
This is a fanfic I've been writing. It takes place an undetermined amount of time after S4.
It will contain, (At least at the start) 26 contestants. All 13 from S4, and 13 favorites from S1-3. Keep in mind if your favorite's not competing at first, they may join the game later, or at least cameo. The story is as follows:
Two years after TDROTI, 26 of the contestants from seasons past return for a chance to compete for $1,000,000. The season will,at least initally feature 13 contestants from TDI, and all Contestants from ROTI. More contestants may be added at any time. There will be the biggest drama yet, that is guarenteed. The first third of the season takes place at Camp Wawankwa, after 6 eliminations,the remaining cast move to the TDA lot, after the season is halfway finished, the teams dissolve, and the remaining cast are sent on a tour of the world, when only six remain, they will return to an unknown radioactive location until the final two are decided, then the finalists will return to Camp Wawanakwa for the finale, where the outsed campers will be brought back to watch, and the final two compete for the grand prize!

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over a year ago adamk said…
Here's the camper list.
The Veterans:
The Newbies:
Ann Maria
Silent B
The Host: Chris
The Cook & Assistant: Chef Hatchet
Episode 1 will be up soon!
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over a year ago Yell-0 said…
Good luck, seems like you have a solid start! :D
over a year ago adamk said…
I've actually written episode 1, if you like, I could post it! :)
over a year ago adamk said…
Here it is, Episode 1:
Episode 1:Meet the Campers
Chris:Hello viewing world! Welcome to the Ultimate season of Total Drama yet! It's been two years since our last season, and now we're back to give audience favorites a chance to win... you guessed it! A million dollars! This season, all the things the competitors have been through before will be merged together. And as usual, Chef will prepare the food, and I will host the show. We've got the biggest cast yet, as 26 audience favorites will return! Who did we pick? Find out now on Total Drama Survivor!
Chris:Welcome back! Our campers have arrived at Camp Wawanakwa! Today, they will fight to stay in the game. I'll introduce them, and explain the rules. From Total Drama Island fame, we have...Cody, Harold, Gwen, Trent, Ezekiel, Bridgette, Heather, Owen, Noah, Lindsay, Katie, and Justin!
(Close up on the cast introduced)
Chris:Also returning from Total Drama World Tour is Alejandro!
(Alejandro joins the rest of the introduced cast)
Chris:As an added bonus, the entire cast from season four is also here! Staci, Dakota, Silent B, Dawn, Sam, Brick, Mike, Jo, Scott, Cameron, Zoey, and Lightning!
(The newly introduced cast joins the rest)
Chris:Campers, welcome back. The teams are decided. Everyone from Total Drama Seasons 1-3, you're on the veteran team. Those from Season 4, you're on the Newbie team. Now here's the catch, every two days will include a challenge, during which one team will vote off one of their own.
If you're still here after six eliminations, you will move on to the second part of the season, and will move to the next location. Survive seven more eliminations, and teams will dissolve, and we move on to the final stage of the season, a trip around the world in the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. Then,
eleven eliminations later, you will arrive back here as one of the final two, and compete against your oppenent for the million dollar prize. If you are voted out of the game, you will be sent to Playa-Des-Losers until the finale. That's the game. Now, you all have an hour to unpack and meet back at the lodge.
(At the Mess Hall)
Staci:You know, my great great great great uncle invented food. He was all like...
Scott:Shut up! Freakin' @%*&@.
Trent:Kinda a potty mouth huh?
Alejandro:In all fairness, she is quite... annoying.
Staci:Am not! I'm soooooo in it to win it.
Ezekiel:Not to be rude eh, but didn't you get voted off first last season?
Lightning:Look who's talking.
Owen:Guys! Can't we all get along?
Chef:Shut it!
Heather:Like I care.
Harold:Come on guys. We gotta at least try to win. Right?
(Chris arrives)
Chris:All right campers. Your challenge begins in one hour at the cliff base. Better prepare, because the losing team sends someone home the first day.
Mike:I'm kinda nervous... What could it be?
Sam:Maybe it'll be easy. You never know.
Dakota:With Chris, you can bet it'll be hard.
(At the cliff base)
over a year ago DemigodsRock said…
Epic! Are you going to have the veterans who didn't make it make appearances?
over a year ago adamk said…
Yeah. They'll either cameo, or debut later in the season. Either way, all the campers to ever compete will appear in some way or form!
over a year ago adamk said…
Here's Episode 2!
Chris:Last time on Total Drama Survivor... 26 contestants, One Engaging host, and $1,000,000! The veterans were put up against the newbies. Now, it's time for the first challenge. Who will come out on top, the old cast, or the most recent cast, and who will be the first contestant to walk the Dock of Shame? All the answers and more, now on Total Drama Survivor!
(The contestants all stand at the cliff base)
Chris:In a special homage to the first ever episode of Total Drama, we've arranged to use the cliff again in a challenge called... Cliff Hanger! (Laughs)
(All the contestants sigh)
Chris:Anyhow, you must make sure your team is the first to have at least one person get to the top of the cliff. First man or woman up, wins for his team. The losing team will send their first camper to loserdom. To make this more challenging than it already is, I've come up with a few minor distractions, like explosives, rusty nails, and... (Laughs), there may be some tranquilizing needles sticking out as well.
(Everyone gasps)
Chris:Everyone ready? Go!
(Everyone begins climbing the cliff)
Cameron:(Sighs) I can't do it!
Jo:Doesn't matter. Only one of us has to reach the top.
Brick:Affirmative. And we've got the adventage.
(Cody grabs a bunch of rusty nails)
(Cody falls into the water)
Owen:I can do this! I'm no quitter!
Justin:Sorry Chris. I can't climb the cliffs. My agent says my knees are too important.
Alejandro:You do realize if we lose, we'll vote off whoever gave the least effort.
Justin:I'm cool with that.
Dawn:B? How're you doing?
B:... (Shrugs)
Scott:(In Confessional) My strategy last season worked to my advantage, this season will work the same way. (Laughs)
Ezekiel:(In confessional)I can't get voted off first again. I've gotta help my team win!
Noah:(In confessional) Am I worried? No. Even though my team is worse off athletic wise, the other team has way more conflict.
Noah:Alright... (Grabs a rock that explodes)
Owen:Noah! Are you okay?
Sam:Look! Jo's almost at the top!
Scott:Crud! (See's Ezekiel above him)
Scott:Throw that rock next to you at Jo!
Ezekiel:Why do you want your team to lose?
Scott:Just do it!
Ezekiel:Okay. (Throws rock at Jo)
Jo:Hey! (Loses her balence)
Bridgette:Sorry. (Climbs to the top)
Chris:And the Veterans win!
Jo:Hey! Someone threw a rock at me!
Chris:I never said you couldn't!
(Scott grins)
(In the mess hall)
(The Newbies sit at the table, depressed)
Dakota:So, who's going?
Sam:Cameron didn't even try to climb the cliff.
Cameron:Neither did Staci!
Staci:So what? My great great great grandpa invented cliffs, and explosives, and...
(At the Ceremony)
Chris:I have only 12 marshmallows on this plate. Whoever doesn't get one is out. And they can't come back. Ever! The first marshmallow goes to...
Chris:Brick, Lightning, Dakota, Zoey, and Mike. You're all safe.
(Throws marshmallows)
Chris:Five left. Four go to... Sam, Dawn, Scott, and Ann Maria.
(Throws marshamallows)
Chris:And the final marshmallow goes to...
(Zooms in on Staci and Cameron)
Staci:Not again!
Chris:Dock of Shame time Staci! You've got a date with the Boat of Losers!
(Shot of the Boat leaving)
Chris:The rest of you are safe. For now.
Scott:(In confessional) Today was as good as I hoped. I only have twenty four to go. Some will prove more challenging than others, but one by one,
they'll all go down.
(Shows Cody on the outside of the confessional)
Just want to warn all of you, this season'll be loooooooonnnnnggg.
In other news, who do you think'll leave next? BTW Next episode'll form in my opinon possibly the most epic alliance in TD history, so keep a look out for it, and thanks for reading!
over a year ago DemigodsRock said…
Season being long isn't a bad thing. I love long seasons!
over a year ago adamk said…
Episode 3:Target Practice
Chris:Last time on Total Drama, the teams competed against each other in their first challenge, and in the end the Veterans won the challenge,
thanks to Scott's intervention into his own team's win. At the dramatic campfire ceremony, Staci, the liar, was voted off. Who will leave next? Find out now, on Total Drama Survivor!
(Zooms in on Owen's face)
Owen:(Laughs) Doughnuts...
Mike:(Wakes up) Huh? (Screams)
Scott:What is it?
Cameron:This doesn't look like Camp Wawanakwa!
(Chris arrives in a helecopter flown by Chef)
Chris:Good morning campers!
Ann Maria:Good Morning? We're in the middle of nowhere!
Chris:Don't like it, you could always quit.
Ann Maria:Fine, I quit!
Chef:(Laughs) (Presses button)
(Ann Maria falls through a trapdoor)
Chris:Anymore quitters?
Everyone:(Shakes heads)
Chris:Good. This morning's challenge is a race back to camp. The first team to have each available member cross the finish line at the campground.
Trent:Doesn't sound so hard.
Chris:Oh yeah. Remember how I said "available" campers? Well, if you get shot by Chef Hatchet's tranquilizer darts, you're out of the challenge. The key is to be the team with the most campers crossing the finish line. Ready Chef?
Cody:Wait! Newbies!
Sam:What is it?
Cody:One of your teammates is trying to make you lose!
Lightning:Really? Who?
Scott:(Gasps, then smiles)
Cody:...(Falls down)
Chef:One down, only 24 to go!
(Lightning and Sam run off)
Scott:(In confessional) I know I'd be done for if Cody spilled the beans, so I need to re-think my strategy. It's time to form an alliance.
(Zooms in on Justin hiding in a bush)
(Justin screams then sees who it is)
Scott:Don't worry. I'm not Chef. Listen. I've got a plan to get far into the game.
Justin:Okay, I'm listening.
Scott:Arrange a meeting with Heather and Alejandro.
Scott:Just do it! Then meet me in at the beach in one hour.
(Trent, Ezekiel, and Owen run into Jo)
Jo:Okay homeschool, you're gonna get it! (Grabs Ezekiel by the neck)
Ezekiel:What'd I do eh?
Owen:Put him down!
Jo:Karma sucks. This kid threw a rock at me during the last challenge and made us lose.
Trent:Chris never said he couldn't. (Jo gets into Trent's face)
Jo:I'm taking him with me as a human shield. If you lose, you'll either vote him off, or your team will get it!
(Jo runs off with a screaming Ezekiel)
Owen:Shouldn't we help him? I mean (Trent gets hit with a dart) we've already lost one... (Sees Trent) (Screams) (Runs off)
(Sam trips over an unconscious B, Dawn, and Dakota)
Sam:Oh no! (Runs off)
(Justin, Heather, and Alejandro enter)
Scott:Over here.
Heather:What do you want?
Alejandro:Yes. Justin said you needed us.
Scott:I've got a plan to get us all to the final four.
Justin:An alliance?
Scott:Of the biggest threats in Total Drama history.
Alejandro:I like it. Four forces to be reckoned with.
Scott:Only problem is Cody, he's been too observant on my stategy.
Heather:Understood. If we lose, Cody's outta here.
Scott:My plan exactly.
(Chef enters the mess hall)
Chef:This is my kitchen! Aka, Forbidden Territory! (Shoots Scott and Justin)
Heather:Let's do this.
(Both get shot)
(In the cabin)
Ezekiel:Let me go!
Jo:Not until your team loses.
(Chef bursts in and shoots Jo)
Ezekiel:Wow thanks dude. She was really choking my nec...(Gets shot)
Chris:(On loudspeaker) An update campers, the Veterans have six campers down, the newbies have three. Only Harold has arrived safely back at camp. It's still anyone's game.
(Sam looks around, and sees Lightning, Cameron, and Zoey get shot)
(Sam sneaks away)
Mike:Oh, where is everyone? Oh! (Crosses the finishline)
Brick:Finally! (Crosses finishline)
Chris:As of now, it's Brick and Mike for the Newbies, and Harold for the Veterans.
(Noah and Katie run into Sam)
Sam:Guys! Chef's after me! (Ducks)
(Katie gets knocked out)
Noah:Smart move. (Runs off)
Sam:(Screams) (Runs off)
Lindsay:Where's everyone going? (Gets shot)
(Noah and Sam arrive at camp)
Chris:That's two against three. If the game ends in a tie, nobody goes home today.
(Gwen makes a run for it, and gets shot by Chef)
Chris:Looks like the only hopes for the Veterans are Owen and Bridgette. Wait a sec... (Listens through walkie-talkie) Okay, I've just received word from Chef that Bridgette is out.
(Owen sees finish line)
Owen:I'm coming!
(Veterans cheer)
(The knocked out campers arrive)
Trent:Owen! Look out for...
(Owen gets knocked out)
Chris:And the winners of today's challenge are the Newbies! Veterans time to vote someone off!
Owen and Trent:He was the first one out in the challenge.
Heather:Got to stay true to my alliance, for now...
Chris:12 marshmallows. First ones go to, Heather, Trent, Alejandro, and Gwen.
(Throws marshmallows)
Chris:Lindsay, Noah, Katie, Harold.
(Throws marshmallows)
Chris:Owen, Justin, and Bridgette. Which leads just one marshmallow to go. Will it go to Ezekiel? Or will he leave first? Again? Okay, yeah it does.
(Throws marshmallow)
(In the Mess Hall)
(The photo of Cody turns gray in the background, and the words "Voted off" appear)
Scott:(Whispers) Yes.
(Back at the Ceremony)
(Cody boards the Boat of Losers)
Chris:The rest of you are safe... For tonight!
(Shot of the boat leaving)
Scott:(In Confessional) The only weak link is gone. Some will be more challenging than others, but one by one, they'll all go down.
over a year ago adamk said…
I'll post previews on upcoming eps. Just to tide you guys over, because I don't get a lot of time to write.
Ep. 4 Preview:
Another camper will leave the island
A past competitor will cameo
You'll see the weird sides of some contestants
The Challenge will be a homage to Total Drama Action
over a year ago adamk said…
Episode 4:All Fear the Phantom
Chris:Last time on Total Drama, the campers were dropped in the woods and had to find their own way back to camp without getting knocked out by Chef Hatchet. Scott initated the first ever alliance of villians with Heather, Alejandro, and Justin. Meanwhile, Zeke felt Jo's wrath after he kept her team from winning the first challenge of the season. Looks like drama brewing. In the end, it was fan-favorite Cody who was sent packing.
Who will leave next? How badly will they be humiliated first? Find out now on Total Drama Survivor!
(Shows the campgrounds from a distance)
(The loudspeakers click on)
Chris:Attention campers, it's time for today's challenge. Please report to the theatre, at once!
(Everyone groans)
Owen:But what about breakfast?
(At the theatre)
(Chris shows up)
Chris:Hello campers! You'll be happy to know that today's challenge will not involve anything dangerous.
(Everyone sighs with relief)
Chris:It will however, be filled with tension, drama, and humiliation.
Owen:Like when you get a bad report card?
Chris:Exactly Owen. Today's challenge is called, "The Play's the Thing" each team must put on a stellar performance written by a teammate. You will have until tonight to decide who's doing or playing what, and then your performance will be judged by me, Chef, and Total Drama fan favorites Geoff and Duncan!
(Geoff waves at Bridgette who waves back)
(Duncan sighs)
Chris:You have until tonight. Good luck!
Trent:The team's decided I'm the composer for the play.
Dakota:I'm a really good actress, I know I'll win this for us.
Scott:All I need to do is sabatoge the performance. (Laughs)
Noah:I got stuck wrtiting the script with Zeke. (Sighs)
Jo:That jerk Zeke is gonna get it!
Ezekiel:What the heck's wrong with Jo eh? It's not like her team actually lost anyone important!
(Zooms in on Noah and Ezekiel)
Ezekiel:Ready to write this...
Noah:Don't talk to me. Come to think of it, don't look at me, don't even look in my direction. I'm writing the script. At least I have social skills.
Ezekiel:(Muttering) I'll show them how important I can be. (Walks away)
(Zooms in on the Newbies)
Sam:Mike, why don't you use your characters in the play?
Mike:I kinda gave them up last season.
Jo:We need someone to be the lead. Someone with real acting talent.
Dakota:Okay I'll do it, but only because you need real talent.
(At the play)
Chris:First up, is the Newbie's play. Titled, "Chris, Strokes of Genius" I like it already!
(The curtain rises)
Dakota:Born years ago, a baby boy with looks and potential.
Chris:Did I say like? I meant I love it already!
(Sinister laugh)
Dakota:Was that even in the script Brick?
Brick:How should I know? Zoey wrote it!
Zoey:No it wasn't.
Mike:Look up there!
(Camera zooms to someone wearing a 'Phantom of the Opera' mask and Cape)
???:You will all fear The Phantom! (Laughs evilly)
Duncan:This is more like it!
Duncan:I agree.
Chris:Geoff! That moron's ruining this play about me! Go get him!
Geoff:What? No!
Chris:(Groans) Fine!
???:End this performance!
Chris:Fine! Next up is the Veterans play. Called "The Little Camper that Could?"
(Justin steps on stage)
Justin:(Begins singing)
(After the show)
(The curtain lowers)
Chef:(Wipes tears away) That was beautiful.
Duncan:Where's the Phantom?
Geoff:I got him!
(Shows Geoff holding the Phantom down)
Chris:Who are you? Why'd you ruin my play! (Removes mask revealing Ezekiel)
Ezekiel:I just wanted to be appriciated!
Duncan:He's got my vote. Veterans.
Geoff:Totally Agree!
Chris:(In whiny voice) Chef!
Chef:Sorry Chris, he get's my vote too!
(Shows Jo's face burn up in anger)
Jo:You did it again! You're dead homeschool!
(Ezekiel screams and runs off with Jo chasing him)
Dakota:Hello? When am I going to get my big solo?
Chris:Only 10 marshmallows remain. First five go to, Brick, Mike, Sam, Zoey, and Cameron.
(Throws marshmallows)
Chris:Jo, if she was here, then Scott, Dawn, and B. The final marshmallow will either go to Dakota or Lightning.
(Zooms in on Lightning and Dakota's nervous faces)
Dakota:But I was doing so good!
Chris:(Sarcastically) Sure you were. Chef?
(Shot of the Boat of Losers leaving)
(Shot of Zeke hanging upside down over the cliff)
Ezekiel:I'm sorry!
Jo:I'm not done with you yet. Consider yourself lucky this is all that you're getting tonight! (Leaves)
(Cracking sound)
Ezekiel:I'll get you for this eh! (Falls)
over a year ago adamk said…
Episode 5:Dodgebrawl
Chris:Last time on Total Drama Survivor, the teams put on a play for a challenge judged by me, Chef, Duncan, and Geoff. However a renegade Ezekiel donned a phantom disguise, and ended up winning the challenge. At the elimination ceremony it was good bye to fame monger Dakota. Four down, twenty two to go. Who will leave next? Find out on this exciting episode of Total Drama Survivor!
(The campers are eating breakfast in the mess hall)
(Jo throws a fork at Ezekiel)
Ezekiel:Ow! Stop it!
Jo:You're gonna pay for what you did until your team has enough sense to vote you out.
(Chris arrives)
Chris:Hello campers. Who's ready for today's challenge?
(Everybody groans)
Chris:Great! Today, you'll be playing the classic, character building game of dodgeball.
Ezekiel:What's dodgeball?
Alejandro:You don't know? (Smacks his head)
Noah:Trust me, you're not missing much.
Chris:Need I remind you Noah of your first ever elimination on this show?
Noah:Don't remind me.
Brick:I played dodgeball all the time at boot-camp. I've already got strategy down.
Jo:Save it. I'm team captian, we'll do it my way.
Scott:The last time we did it your way, we lost. I think we should let someone else take charge this time.
(Confession Cam)
Scott:Just have to keep up my strategy and my alliance, and I'll be in the finals before you know it.
Lightning:Lightning loves dodgeball! He's awesome at it!
Sam:Believe it or not, sports aren't really my thing. I guess I'm like Owen in the fact I'm a moving target. (Sighs)
Justin:My fellow villians and I have a deal with Scott. We win the challenges, until either the merge, or until Scott somehow switches
to our team.
Alejandro:Zeke and Noah better not mess this up.
Noah:This's gonna be lame.
Ezekiel:Seriously! What's dodgeball?
(At the gym)
Chris:Alright everyone, pick your six players for the first round. Playing is mandatory this season, so keep that in mind.
Brick:I'm in, and I volunteer Jo, Scott, B, Mike, and Lightning! Anyone got an issue with that?
(Everyone shakes heads)
Gwen:Okay, I volunteer... Katie, Owen, Trent, Alejandro, and... Noah.
Heather:Attendance is mandatory, we're just trying to get you in early.
Noah:(Sighs) Fine.
Katie:Don't worry Noah, we've got your back.
Noah:(Sarcastically)Now I feel safe.
(Chris blows whistle)
(Brick throws a ball and hits Owen)
(Trent hits Mike out)
(Katie hits Lightning out)
Lightning:How can this be? Lightning never loses!
B:... (Throws ball at Noah)
(Katie catches the ball)
Chris:B, you're out, Katie choose someone to come in.
(Chris blows whistle again)
Noah:(Picks up a ball) Here goes nothing.
(Noah throws it and it hits Scott out)
Scott:What? No!
Katie:You did it Noah! (Gets hit out by Brick)
Jo:Nice one.
Brick:Thanks. (Gets hit out by Trent)
Jo:That does it! (Hits Trent out, then Justin)
(Shows Noah and Jo remaining)
Ezekiel:I think I get how to play now.
Gwen:Good for you.
Trent:Come on Noah!
(Noah throws the ball)
Jo:How can he throw that fast? (Gets hit out)
(Veterans:1 Newbies:0)
Chris:Round two. Pick players!
Gwen:Okay... Me, Harold, Ezekiel, Heather, Bridgette, and Lindsay.
Brick:Me, Jo, Dawn, Sam, Zoey, and...
Lightning:And Lightning!
Lightning:No! This isn't happening.
(Chris blows whistle)
(Lindsay is hit out immediantly)
Ezekiel:Take this! (Thows and hits Scott out)
Scott:(Sarcastically) Oh no!
(Sam throws and hits Gwen out)
Brick:Good throw! (Gets hit out by Heather)
Heather:It's always the dumb ones that are the easiest. (Gets hit out by Jo)
Jo:Take this! (Nails Ezekiel with the ball)
(Ezekiel groans in pain)
(Harold gets hit by Zoey)
(Jo hits Bridgette out)
Chris:It's a tied game! Whoever wins the next round wins the challenge!
Gwen:Noah, Owen, Alejandro, Trent, Ezekiel, and Katie.
Brick:Lightning, me, Jo, Scott, Sam, and Zoey.
(Chris blows whistle)
(Jo hits Ezekiel out)
(Noah hits Sam out)
(Lightning gets hit out by Trent)
(Trent gets hit by Brick who also hits Owen out)
Alejandro:How's he doing that so... (Screams) (Gets hit in the face with a ball)
Katie:Don't worry Noah, I'll... (Gets hit)
(All the players on the Newbies take aim at Noah)
Noah:(Screams) (Get hit by multiple balls)
Chris:The Newbies win! Veterans, time to vote someone off!
Chris:11 marshmallows. Who'll get them? Who won't? The first five marshmallows go to... Bridgette, Justin, Heather, Gwen, and Alejandro.
(Noah notices Katie staring at him)
Chris:Next five go to... Noah, Katie, Ezekiel, Harold, and Trent!
(Throws marshmallows)
Chris:And the final marshmallow of the night goes to...
(Zooms in on Lindsay and Owen's nervous faces)
Chris:Lindsay, it's Dock of Shame time!
(Shows the Boat of Losers leaving)
Chris:The rest of you are safe... For now!
over a year ago adamk said…
Episode 6 Preview:
*It will be the final episode to take place at Camp Wawanakwa until the finale.
*There will be a double elimination
*A new (One sided) relationship will form
*A former competitor will cameo
over a year ago lovingrace said…
Yay I love this story so much and yeah Noah and Katie seems so cute together if thats who youre talking about, I also noticed Brick and Jo having some sort of something, hope to read it really really soon
over a year ago DemigodsRock said…
AWESOME! Dude, don't give up on this story!
over a year ago adamk said…
Episode 6:Heeeerrreee's Cody!
Chris:Last time on Total Drama Survivor, the teams competed in a dodgeball competition. There were losers,
(Shows Ezekiel getting hit with a ball)
Chris:Okay, lots of losers. But in the end, Brick's military strategy proved useful for his team, and it was Lindsay who was sent packing. This week, the campers will be happy to know there'll be nothing dangerous going on. Or will there? (Winks) Find out now on Total Drama Survivor!
(Shot of Scott running from something through the woods)
Scott:Where is everyone? (Sees a shadow and screams) Help please!
(Sees he's cornered)
Scott:Have mercy!
(Shows Cody holding a axe stained with something red)
Cody:You're dead Scott!
(Screen cuts to black and Scott's screams are heard)
10 Hours Earlier:
(The campers are eating lunch in the mess hall)
Noah:(Sarcastically) Yay! Slop again.
Trent:Noah, I think Katie's giving you the cutsie eye.
Noah:So? She's creepy, annoying, and loud. Like Sierra and Izzy.
Trent:Go talk to her, what do you have to lose?
Noah:My dignity, my self respect, my sanity, my lunch.
Noah:Katie's getting on my nerves. I need someone just as annoying to get her off my back!
(Shows Harold picking his nose)
Noah:You're creepy and annoying right?
Harold:I guess that's what people think of me.
Noah:I need your help.
Harold:With what?
Chris:Good afternoon campers. (Enters the mess hall)
Chris:Whatev's. Anyhow, who can tell me what today is?
Sam:The day the new "Beginner Fantasy" is released?
Scott:It's Halloween doofus.
Chris:That's right. And in honor of this wonderous holiday, I've set up a special challenge.
Owen:Yeah! Another challenge!
Lightning:I hear that! An oppritunity for Lightning to demonstrate his skills!
Chris:Slow down guys. The challenge begins in one hour. But the producers require I warn you of something first.
Chris:It seems one of your former competitors has gone insane. As in murdering people who wronged them insane. We've got the RCMP looking, but no luck yet, and we've been informed, there's a chance he may come back here to try to kill you guys. But no pressure. See you in an hour!
(Chris leaves)
(Close up on the camper's terrified faces)
One Hour Later:
Chris:Alright campers. Report to the Dock of Shame for your next challenge.
(At the Dock of Shame)
Chris:Today's challenge is a good old fashioned treasure hunt. Each team must pick three people to search for items. Choose now!
Scott:I got this.
Brick:Okay then. Jo and I do also.
Jo:We do?
Brick:Any problems with that? I can choose some else.
Jo:No problem here.
Chris:Veterans, your players?
Gwen:We've decided on Harold, Noah, and Owen.
Chris:Very well. The first team to find all the items before midnight wins invincibility. The losers will vote someone off tonight. Go!
Noah:Thank goodness. Now I can get away from that stalker Katie!
Scott:Am I scared of a possible homicidal maniac? No way.
Brick:We need to win this challenge.
Owen:I hope we don't run into any murderous contestants...
9 PM:
Noah:Okay, it's been 8 hours in these woods, it's dark, and we've only found one thing on the list.
Harold:Noah, I think I can talk to Katie for you and sort this out.
Noah:You mean it! If you can, I'll owe you big time.
Owen:Guys? What was that?
Both:What was what?
Owen:(Pointing) That!
(Cody steps out of the shadows)
Cody:I was robbed!
Owen:Guys, I can't run very, oh well... (Screams and runs away)
Brick:Still nothing.
Jo:We've only got one thing. And two hours to go.
(Owen, Harold, and Noah run by screaming)
Scott:What's their problem?
Cody:Scott! You're a dead man!
Jo:Permission to run?
Brick:Permission granted. (Both Run Away)
Scott:Guys, you can't just leave me... (Runs Away)
(Shot of Scott running from something through the woods)
Scott:Where is everyone? (Sees a shadow and screams) Help please!
(Sees he's cornered)
Scott:Have mercy!
(Shows Cody holding a axe stained with something red)
Cody:You're dead Scott!
(Cody raises the axe)
(Cody gets knocked out with a tranquilizer dart)
Chris:Got ya!
Scott:What do you mean "Got me?"
Chris:I drugged Cody with psychotic pills so that he'd help with the challenge convincingly. Chef and I were constantly monitering him. You weren't ever in any danger.
Scott:You're twisted MacClean!
Chris:Maybe, but it's time to head back to camp. Since both teams failed to complete the challenge, both teams must vote someone off.
Chris:Marshmallows for...Gwen, Noah, Ezekiel, Harold, Katie, Justin, Trent, Bridgette, Heather, and Alejandro. Owen, time to go.
Owen:Oh well. By guys. It's been fun. (Gets on the Boat of Losers)
Chris:You're all safe, blah blah blah. Time for the other team to come.
Chris:B, Dawn, Scott, Sam, Mike, Brick, Jo, Cameron, and Zoey. Lightning, time to leave.
Lightning:I'm on a team of losers!
Scott:You're annoying.
(Lightning leaves)
Chris:Ok, we're down to the final nineteen. Cody's being shipped back to the loser resort after he sleeps off those pills. Time to make an announcement.
Chris:Congratulations campers, you've survived while seven of your own have walked the Dock of Shame. Tomorrow, you head for the next stage of the competition, at a new location with new challenges.
(Chris turns to the camera)
Chris:Who will leave next, how much will we humiliate them first? Tune in next time to find out on Total Drama Survivor!
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over a year ago adamk said…
Episode 7 Preview:
*A contestant will debut in the competiton.
*There will be new teams
*The location will be the same as TDA
*It will possibly be the first of a two part episode!
*Another Contestant will Cameo
over a year ago lovingrace said…
Wait I'm a little confused Bridgette's still in right because you didn't mention her? oh well anyways I love it
over a year ago adamk said…
Oh sorry, I just forgot. I'll edit it. (I've got a lot of people to keep track of. LOL)
over a year ago adamk said…
Who should debut in the next episode?
over a year ago lovingrace said…
Well I don't know I guess I always liked Sierra
over a year ago adamk said…
Here's the new teams formed in the next episode for you guys to keep track. For spoiler reasons, I'm not going to put the mystery new contestant's name in right now.
The Devestating Directors:
*Mystery Contestant
*Returning Contestant
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over a year ago DemigodsRock said…
over a year ago lovingrace said…
Oh Im on the edge of my seat I really want to know whos returning
over a year ago adamk said…
Episode 7:The Big Picture Show Part 1
Chris:Last time on Total Drama Survivor, the teams picked three people to go on a Halloween Scavenger Hunt in the woods. Helping with the challenge? Former contestant Cody! In the end nobody won the challenge, so I staged a double elimination which ended in the eliminations of Owen and Lightning. Now, only 18 steely competitors remain. Time for a change of scenery, and a new challenge on this episode of Total Drama Survivor! (Zooms out to reveal Chris at the Total Drama Action studio lot)
Chris:Welcome back, our campers, now castmates, are arrving now!
(A bus pulls up and all the contestants file out. Chris:Congratulations on making it this far! Welcome to Round two of the season. There will be new teams assigned in a minute, but first, I'd like to welcome a brand new competitor for this season!
Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to... Tyler!
(Tyler arrives)
Tyler:Hey everybody.
Chris:Now, everyone, please put your hands together for a former contestant for this season, brought back by popular audience demand, ittttttt's Cody!
Scott:Cody coming back could really put a dent in my strategy. He's got to go soon.
Chris:Tyler and Cody will be joining the new teams. When I call your name go stand over there. Brick, Noah, Scott, Harold, Justin, Alejandro, Dawn, Tyler, Heather, and Katie.
(Katie waves at Noah)
Noah:Oh for the love of...
Chris:As of now, you are known as the Devestating Directors. The rest of you stand over there. Bridgette, Sam, Mike, Jo, Zoey, Trent, Gwen, Cody, Cameron, and Ezekiel.
Jo:What? I have to work with Zeke?
Ezekiel:I have to work with this psycho?
Chris:Of course, if you have a problem, you can always quit the game.
Jo:You're going to get voted out the second we lose a challenge.
Ezekiel:I sure hope not.
Jo:Until then, I'm going to make you pay!
Ezekiel:Persistant aren't ya?
Chris:Look who's talking. Now. Time for the first part of the first challenge. Each team must go through the film lot and find the trailers. But be careful... There's also a dangerous monster on the loose...
Gwen:Yeah. Controlled by Chef.
Bridgette:Been there done that.
(Chef arrives)
Chef:Chris I got that special shampoo you needed.
Chris:(In a whiny voice) Chef! That's a secret!
(The campers laugh)
Chris:No, Chef isn't controlling the beast.
Brick:I'm sure.
Chris:And there it is! (Runs off)
Chef:(Screams) (Runs off)
(Everyone turns to see the monster)
Cameron:Don't worry guys. Remember the spide last season? It's probably just Izzy.
(The monster grabs Cameron)
Katie:It got Cameron!
Scott:Save it! He isn't on our team! Run!
(Everyone runs in an oppisite direction)
(Jo and Ezekiel bump into each other)
(The monster appears)
Jo:Take him! (Pushes Ezekiel in front of the monster)
Ezekiel:Aww Crap! (Gets picked up)
(Scott, Justin, Heather, and Alejandro gather behind a prop)
Scott:We're on the same team now, which means we have the advantage, win or lose.
Alejando:It would seem so, but still, if one of us does something that displeases our six other teammates, not even all our votes together will save them.
(Cody arrives)
Cody:Hello, Scott. I see you already made your little alliance, the same one I assume voted me out before.
Scott:Don't worry. You'll be gone soon.
Cody:Your strategy won't work. I'm on a different team than all of you, and I'm gonna warn your team about your alliance. Yes siree. Karma's a real pain in the butt... (Gets grabbed by the monster)
(Everyone runs away)
Chris:Who will find the trailers first? Who will be voted out next? Find out on the next episode of Total Drama Survivor!