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emisa123 posted on Nov 23, 2008 at 02:23PM
create a TDI character. post how they look like, their name, what their like, and who they like.
Only three winners!

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over a year ago kierame2 said…
oh yeah, plus she dose NOT love any boys because it is gross but she has a lot of friends. she is good friends with bridgette, gwen, courtney, cody ad trent. plus she loves complimenting people and hangs out with Izzy.
over a year ago -Alohomora- said…
@annabannana1: Um, congrats? To be honest, I don't care if she's your sister. If she wants to leave random crap like that on these forums, she has it coming. :/
over a year ago Anamitha said…
yeah i agree with u -Alohomora- anna is not even her sister she just wants to be friends with her!
over a year ago HaileeKohl said…
Eye Color:Blue/Gray
Hair:light Brown/Black |Side fringe,long straight hair|
Skin tone:Quite pale
Appearance:Nose ring (Hoop ring) and snakebite.
Outfit:Small light gray jacket (reaching before the stomach area)With a black tank top underneath.Shorts like Heathers but light-wash jean color.Studded belt.Converse (Original)
Team:Killer Bass
Favorite:Color:Blue :)
Favorite food:Anything except raisins.
Talent:Drawing,writing skills.
Music:Classic Rock,Alternative,Indie
Friends:^^^^^^ Everyone except them.
Personality:Shy.Yet,sweet & determined.
Advantages:Gets along with mostly everyone; friendly,well liked.
Disadvantages:Gets nervous easily.
Theme song:Morningwood - 'Best of me'

Bio:Hailee is 15 years old trying to find herself in highschool.She has her set of friends,but is most of the time to shy to talk to others for a more sociable life.She is sweet and kind to everyone.She cannot stand dramatic people,nor people like Heather or Courtney.It's not like she wanted to be enrolled in TDI.She thought it'd be fun,and mess around.She thought "It's like trying to win the lotto,no chance of winning".She thought she would'nt get picked,but to her surprise she was.She now has to drag it out.She doesn't come from a wealthy set of parents,so it's another opportunity to her advantage of winning the money.IF she does win.During her experience through TDI she's become more sociable and has expressed more of her thoughts.

Rofl..It's kinda funny.This is like my own personal me in TDI everything here is about me X] Wouldn't that be awesome though? XD

over a year ago poisoncandy said…
known as:a cheerleader
dislkies:farm animals
friends:courtney,gwen,geoff,alejandro,sie­rra­,co­dy and lindsay
<br />
<br />
known as:a cheerleader
<br />
<br />
over a year ago alicia909 said…
Team:Screaming Gophers-Screaming Gaphers-Team Chris is really hot
Audition:punching poster of courtney and kissing poster of duncan
siblings:courtney from tdi
  Name:Cat(Catrina)<br />
  Age:11<br />
  Team:Screaming Gophers-Screaming Gaphers-Team Chris is rea
over a year ago awsomeTDfan said…
big smile
mine has really cute side bangs and long black hair. is as tall as gwen . wears a belly shirt with a scull and a skirt with a buckle and in e inside. tall boots with 2 sculls .blue lip stick,goth, pointed eyes.


likes to read,draw,write
speaks:english, japaneese,chinese and french
i.q.: 197

ADITION TAPE:(you see an eye in the camera)"haha ok her it goes (takes deep breath)"you should totally pick me im smart, cool, nice and a real compediter" doorbell ring "OH PIZZA!" "well bye hope you like me!"camera falls CRASH!

o.k. thats it hope you like her!
over a year ago MirandaO1 said…
Her name is Kennedy she is skinny and has dark brown wavy hair she wears a blue hat. She is very smart and strong and gets along with everyone.
over a year ago MirandaO1 said…
she also has dark, tan skin. Her favorite food is shrimp, and she loves sports. She is a very good artist!
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over a year ago oreo953 said…
Name: Josie
Hobbies: Soccer, Pottery, and Splatter Painting
Dresses: Skater Chic
Prized Possesion: Purple skater hat
Hair: Blonde with brown streaks
Eyes: Green
Crush: DJ
Personailty: Funloving, Funny, always happy... Except when she's tired! Mornings are NOT her thing!!!
Likes: Everyone except for Heather, and Harold!
Pet Peeve: People that care WAY to much about how they look!

over a year ago bakuargirl729 said…
name hannah
age 15
blue eyes
hair color brown
over a year ago TVjunkie7598 said…
Identity: New age goth
Lindsay:Friend but a bit annoying
Annoying:Izzy,Beth,Katie and Sadie
enemies: Heather(obviously),Duncan,Eva and Courtney.
Crush:Cody (but she'll never admit it)
personality; Feisty and hostile when annoyed and to her enemys kind and caring to everyone else.A slut plays the field and snogs every boy she can.really good at catfights.

<br />
<br />
Identity: New age goth
<br />
<br />
over a year ago sillybandfan321 said…
This is Alice. She loves to do soccer and she is very smart. she is 16 years old her eye color is blue she loves trent and she is a very good singer she is very percky and popular she always helps her friends on problems and helps the poor:) She is best friends with Courtney and Lindsay is her cousin
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This is Alice. She loves to do soccer and she is very smart. she is 16 years old her eye color is blu
over a year ago poisoncandy said…
look wat i made its true about heather
look wat i made its true about heather
over a year ago LillyLover3 said…
name: Lilly Bridges

personality: Lilly is hyper,crazzyfun to hang.

wears: A purple short sleeve shirt,a dark grey,skirt. A purple hate with black checkers on it,and it has little ears on it. She has lime green and purple leg warmers. She has fishnet leggings And she wears lime green convese.

Crush: no opne really...well she likes this guy nammed Derek at her school a little bit.
over a year ago LadyBug_58_496 said…
big smile
Mychracter. Name:Brittney Hobby:Drawing Friends:Courtney Harold Gwen Duncan Trent Leshawna and DJ. Not friends:Heather Tyler and Chris Chef. Clothes:A dark blue tank top purple short shorts like Heather and a blue headband. Boyfriend:Noah. Age:16 Haircolor:Black. Team:Killerbass Eyecolr:Turtle green eyes. Fear:Tiger sharks. Best friends:Katie and Sadie Izzy Owen Lindsay and ofcouarse Noah. Hates:Loud noises. That's my charecter
over a year ago LadyBug_58_496 said…
I have sevreal charecters that you will love and boys too.
over a year ago LadyBug_58_496 said…
Name:Cacy Hobby:Singing Loves:Trent Gender:Female Bestfriends:Everyone except for Heather and Chris and Chef and Alehandro. Teams:Killerbass Killergrips and The Amazons. Fear:Drinking from the toilet in TDI. Age:17 Hair:Blonde and Courtney's height of hair. Outfit:Yellow shirt with colorful stars and a yellow mini skirt.
over a year ago LadyBug_58_496 said…
Name:Danny. Loves:Courtney Friends:Duncan Courtney Geoff DJ Trent and Tyler. Hates:Harold Heather Alehandro. Hobby:Guitar. Clothes:Green shirt yellow pants and red shoes. Fear:Courtney getting voted off. Hates:Being ignored at. Reason for voted off:By Heather.
over a year ago LadyBug_58_496 said…
Name:Lily Gender:Female Hobby:Karate Outfit:Black tankop dark blue miniskirt and Black highheels. Is a:Goth. Loves:Duncan.Friends:Courtney DJ Duncan Gwen. Hates:Heather Chris Chef Alejandro. Outfit: Rainbow tanktop and whit short shorts and white boots.
over a year ago Totaldrama-gwen said…
Name= Natasha
Eyes= Dark eyes
Hair= blonde with red streets
Friends: Cody, Duncan, DJ, Noah, Sierra, Leshawna, Izzy, Tayler, Lindsay.
Best F. = Brigette, Gwen.
She hate= Heather, Alejandro, Courtney ( cause she a Bxxxx [sorry] ) and Justin.
Hobby= Surf, archery, dance.
She was born in the Caribbean, she loves Australia mostly Queensland, her fav. song is Waka Waka ( Shakira), her fav. color is Caribbean blue, she a little crazy she love parties. When she sad she lonely.
Her love = no one but she want a goth and sarcastic guy .
There is a photo ( Yes I draw very very bad) =
Name= Natasha
<br />
Eyes= Dark eyes
<br />
Hair= blonde with red streets
<br />
Friends: Cody, Dunca
over a year ago bubs31 said…
if thay alowe gay caracters:his name would be rex yes like the dinosur
he should have short blondish brown hair blue eyes
blue jeans longsleved black shirt with black and gray strips on the sleves white skull on the chest
dosent care what others think of him
kind and caring but relly bad temperd
curses a hole lot win angry
and is vary emotionel crys win yeld at
gay is ok but not fag
vary neat but kooky at times
littile shy likes bad boys
loves the outdoors
favoret color is black
has 5 brothers
2 sisters
lives in westland michigan
mom left them and moved to newyork
favoret music is pop
likes duncan and trent
is vary vary smart
and is a team helper win he puts him self to it
and wants to be on TDI to show that you dont need to be rich or famose to be on tv you just have to try your best!!!!
over a year ago LadyBug_58_496 said…
Name:Masy. Crush:Trent. Friends:Courtney Gwen Leshawna Duncan Trent and Noah Hates:Everyoneelse. Hair:Brown long like Lindsay's. Attitude:Kind,Threatning,Boringly. Sport:Baseball. Plays:Piano Clothes:Red tanktop with yellow shirt over and Light blue short shorts And Blue sneakers Eyecolor:Blue
Name:Masy. Crush:Trent. Friends:Courtney Gwen Leshawna Duncan Trent and Noah Hates:Everyoneelse. Hair
over a year ago tyesheera said…
how do you make one ???????????///
over a year ago Duncan-lover1 said…
I'm emo should I just sent an anime pic of me?
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