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Courtney and Duncan - Wouldn't change a thing

That's Off the Chain!

INCREDIBLE Fan-Made Episode!

TDRR episode 19

Chris wants Total Drama renewed

Everything Wrong With Not Quite Famous

TDA Courtney and Duncan MV- Bad Romance

Total Drama- Discord

Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race Ipods

Total Drama Ridonculous Race AMV High School Never Ends

「SFS™」→ Outside MEP ★

TDI/WT - Cody and Noah ~ If You Were Gay

❝C♚S❞ ➩ Immortals MEP ♚

❝C♚S❞ & 「SFS™」➩ Bomb MEP ♚

Total Drama Island Episode 21

Total Drama Presents The Ridonculous Race EPISODE 5

Total Drama Island Episode 12 Basic Straining

TDRR Episode 3

Total Drama Island Moments

Fan-made audition tape

All Noah and Emma moments

Crimson and Ennui

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race - INTRO

Total Drama Presents The Ridonculous Race Episode 2 HD

TDPI Auditions

TDI Heather MV- Poker Face

TDI Gwen, Duncan, and Heather Tribute: Don't Trust Me

Mal's Whistle

Mal || Dont mess with me

Mike VS Mal - Animal I Have Become

Total Drama MV - This Is Halloween

Total Drama AMV Bad Romance

Total Drama AMV -- Canadian Idiot

Total Drama (Fan Horror Trailer)

After the Flush of Shame...

Top 10 Total Drama Moments

Total Drama Action Deleted Scenes

Total Drama Island episode 25 I Triple Dog Dare You 3D

Total Drama Presents The Redonculous Race! LEAKED EPISODE. WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Everything Wrong With Dodgebrawl

Paintball Deer Hunter

TD Lindsay!

Total Drama Revenge Of The Island - Dawn Moments

The best/worst of Samey and Amy

Total Drama Allstars-Bonus(After Elimination)

Everything Wrong With: The Big Sleep

Mila's Audition (AWESOME fan-made audition!)


Expectations For The Redonculous Race

Mina x Cameron- Love Is An Open Door