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Total Drama Pahkitew Island Episode 1 - "So, Uh, This Is My Team?"

TDA Lindsay Montage

Lindsay's moments in TDA, until her bogus elimination came.
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Most Serious Elimination

Before Scarlett tried to take over Pahkitew Island, Duncan blew up Chris' mansion/cottage.

Total Drama Pahkitew Island Episode 10: "Scarlett Fever"

Pahkitew Island- Episode 11 (Polish)

If DandC got my reply on "Sugar Farting", I'll show you that Poland has omitted Sugar's fart scenes, including the final moment.

Everything wrong with not so Happy Camper-part 1

This video was made from Superfipper76.
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Cody - After Today

Cody's unrequited crush towards Gwen is seen in this video.

Sky Fall- Sugar Farting

Better take cover, the bus is about to move!

Shawn wins Pahkitew Island

Congratulations Shawn! The latest winner of "Pahkitew Island". JaShawn 4ever!

Total drama island revenge of the couples

Here it is a sneak peek of total drama revenge of the couples starting in December. Yeah!