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Shawn wins Pahkitew Island

Congratulations Shawn! The latest winner of "Pahkitew Island". JaShawn 4ever!

Total drama island revenge of the couples

Here it is a sneak peek of total drama revenge of the couples starting in December. Yeah!

My Idea of a Total Drama Nightmare

Gwen and Trent breaking up may be the saddest moment on the show, but at least Gwen didn't do it as harsh as (SPOILER: Sky did to Dave).

Total Drama Pahkitew Island Audition Tapes - Part 2!

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Total Drama Pahkitew Island Audition Tapes- Part 1!

Oh my gosh so exciting!
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Brunch of Disgustingness- Boys Win

Sure my team has won, but at least the girls would do better (after this episode) to outnumber the guys, with Eva and Izzy returning.

Dipper disses DandC4evacute, sexually

How does it sound that TDWT has their own version of Trent?

Top 40 characters(Bloomdegloom)

I decided to share a video that I found on youtube.Keep in mind that I don't agree with these opinions.

Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island!

Total Drama Island Episode 3- The Big Sleep