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tdi sign up in fanpop


Nourtney---Cross My Heart

DxC Cheater

What Happened When Noah Won Class President

My Sister's Newest TDI video


tdi themes

TDI-In Spanish

my #1 fav sound


izzy dancing


owen farting on cody+unfitting music


watch for noah girly screaming and unfitting music

Total Drama Island~Duncan is a White Liar~

TDI: Trent's In Over His Head

All The TDWT Eliminatiions

TDI Candy Pop

Gwen and Courtney-Fever

tdi Waka Waka

Owen singing "take me out to the ball game" in the area 51 episode

total drama world tour episode 16:picnic at hanging rock part 1

Total Drama World Tour ep16 part 2

New Heather

Sierra Has A Big Mouth!


Gwen's Face

tatal drama world tour epsode 15 part 2

Alejandro's not a robot XD

Noah's Impression Of Sierra

TDI Gwen over it

total drama world tour episode 26 part 2/2

total drama world tour episode 26 part 1/2

I'm Gonna Make It

Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles

♫♪TDWT-Who You Gonna Root For?♫♪

Hawaiian style part 2

Hawaiian style part 1

TDWT song # 28 I'm Winning This

♫♪ TDWT-Wake Up ♫♪

♫♪ TDWT-This Is How We Will End It ♫♪

TDWT- Condor

YTP: Nobody Likes Justin

Total Drama World Tour Episode 15 Part 1

Total Drama World Tour Episode 14 part 2

Total Drama World Tour Episode 14 part 1

TDWT Couples Cell Block Tango

Her real name isn't Blaineley

TDWT Episode 18

This was Funneh

TDWT Episode 17 part 2

TDWT Ep 17

TDWT Song-Built Gwen's Face

TDI couples-My first kiss

DuncanxHeather "Cooler than me"

Heather and Justin "Cooler than me"

TDWT episode 16 part 2

TDWT epsoide 16

TDWT song #19

TDWT- The Ex-files

TDWT song #18 -Boyfriend kisser

Tell me this isn't addicting.


tdi next top model episode 1

total drama maple island episode 1

TDWT- Greece's Pieces

I Triple Dog Dare You

Best TDI Character Moments

TDWT - Sing Along (Strip Them Down)

The TDWT Girl's P.O.V. of Alejandro

Total Drama World Tour Episode 13 Part 2/2

Total Drama World Tour-I See London (1/2)

tdi courtney gets mad and says theF word

♫♪ TDWT-Strip Them Down ♫♪

ohh my izzy :'''(

TDWT ep. 13

TDWT episode 11 part 2/2

TDWT episode 11 part 1/2

Gwen and Ducan kissing scene

TDWT Episode 13

Save This Show


LeShawna's single ladies

TDWT aftermath ep 12

Jamacia me sweat 2p

Jamacia me sweat p1

YouTube - tdi: justin has an invention

tda courtney take it off

LMAO Harold- Poker face

TDI sugar!!!!!!!!

They Aren't just the Teens of Canadia

Duncan and Courtney Moments<3

TDWT- Jamaica Me Sweat

TDWT:oh,my izzy

double rainbow autotuned

TDWT Song 13 - Sea Shanty

New kids on the rock part 2/2

New kids on the Rock TDWT epaosde 10