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What Happened When Noah Won Class President

My Sister's Newest TDI video


tdi themes

TDI-In Spanish

my #1 fav sound


izzy dancing


owen farting on cody+unfitting music


watch for noah girly screaming and unfitting music

Total Drama Island~Duncan is a White Liar~

TDI: Trent's In Over His Head

All The TDWT Eliminatiions

TDI Candy Pop

Gwen and Courtney-Fever

tdi Waka Waka

Owen singing "take me out to the ball game" in the area 51 episode

total drama world tour episode 16:picnic at hanging rock part 1

Total Drama World Tour ep16 part 2

New Heather

Sierra Has A Big Mouth!


Gwen's Face

tatal drama world tour epsode 15 part 2

Alejandro's not a robot XD

Noah's Impression Of Sierra

TDI Gwen over it

total drama world tour episode 26 part 2/2

total drama world tour episode 26 part 1/2

I'm Gonna Make It

Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles

♫♪TDWT-Who You Gonna Root For?♫♪

Hawaiian style part 2

Hawaiian style part 1

TDWT song # 28 I'm Winning This

♫♪ TDWT-Wake Up ♫♪

♫♪ TDWT-This Is How We Will End It ♫♪

TDWT- Condor

YTP: Nobody Likes Justin

Total Drama World Tour Episode 15 Part 1

Total Drama World Tour Episode 14 part 2

Total Drama World Tour Episode 14 part 1

TDWT Couples Cell Block Tango

Her real name isn't Blaineley

TDWT Episode 18

This was Funneh

TDWT Episode 17 part 2

TDWT Ep 17

TDWT Song-Built Gwen's Face

TDI couples-My first kiss

DuncanxHeather "Cooler than me"

Heather and Justin "Cooler than me"

TDWT episode 16 part 2

TDWT epsoide 16

TDWT song #19

TDWT- The Ex-files

TDWT song #18 -Boyfriend kisser

Tell me this isn't addicting.


tdi next top model episode 1

total drama maple island episode 1

TDWT- Greece's Pieces

I Triple Dog Dare You

Best TDI Character Moments

TDWT - Sing Along (Strip Them Down)

The TDWT Girl's P.O.V. of Alejandro

Total Drama World Tour Episode 13 Part 2/2

Total Drama World Tour-I See London (1/2)

tdi courtney gets mad and says theF word

♫♪ TDWT-Strip Them Down ♫♪

ohh my izzy :'''(

TDWT ep. 13

TDWT episode 11 part 2/2

TDWT episode 11 part 1/2

Gwen and Ducan kissing scene

TDWT Episode 13

Save This Show


LeShawna's single ladies

TDWT aftermath ep 12

Jamacia me sweat 2p

Jamacia me sweat p1

YouTube - tdi: justin has an invention

tda courtney take it off

LMAO Harold- Poker face

TDI sugar!!!!!!!!

They Aren't just the Teens of Canadia

Duncan and Courtney Moments<3

TDWT- Jamaica Me Sweat

TDWT:oh,my izzy

double rainbow autotuned

TDWT Song 13 - Sea Shanty

New kids on the rock part 2/2

New kids on the Rock TDWT epaosde 10

Duncan and Gwen kiss! REAL!

Double Rainbow at TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND's Camp Wawanakwa

Gwen and Trent What Hurts the Most

total drama 4years later