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I thought... "I'm sorry..," Were those words enough to heal my broken soul? I walked outside into the bright sunlight in my PJ's and walked to the other side of the cabin. I knocked on the door with the paper still in my hands. Duncan opened the door and looked at me with heartfelt eyes.
"I'm sorry," He said reaching out to hug me. I stood still without saying a word as he put his arms around me. I looked down at the silent tears seeping into the grass from our eyes. I knew he was sorry... but would I be able to forgive him after all he's done?
"Yeah, I know," I replied keeping my motion to a minimum.
"So you forgive me?" He smiled. I shook my head.
"No, I don't." His smile faded and he released my hand.
"But... I don't understand, I'm sorry! Really, I'm so sorry!" He took both of my hands and brought me closer. Fighting back tears that he hoped I didn't see.
"I know, Duncan. But what you did was unforgiving."
"No, please! Forgive me! Please!" He cried with more tears. I shook my head again.
"Duncan... I'm--" Sorry? That wouldn't fix anything.
"...I can't take this anymore. Pain, lying, suffering... I just can't."
"Sofie! No! Please! Please!" Duncan screamed. By now the tears were pouring our of his eyes, but I wasn't about to turn around to check if anyone was watching this heartbreaking sight.

I love him. I do... but if I have to live every moment like this at camp, dating him is just not worth it... I stared at the ground listening to Duncan sniff and fight back his feelings by covering his face.
"...Good bye," I turned and walked away. I heard a thump on wood and more tears, realizing Duncan had dropped to his knees to sob some more, only without my presence.

I was now crying harder, I sat on my bed, glad that today was another challenge-free day. A time for me to lay on my bed, stare at the ceiling, and have tears roll out of the corners of my eyes in silence, knowing that breaking up with Duncan was the biggest mistake of my life.

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