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Fan fiction by Mp4girl posted over a year ago
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Read Part 1 and Part 2 of this B4 u read this! This is set the two days after the kung-fu challenge.
(Journal writing by Duncan)
So. Courtney had become my “rival,” as they call it.
Lovely. Just lovely.
Are you sure you want to know what happened? Guess what? I am TOTALLY over her. I mentioned that already.
Do not ask why I am writing this thing, but I guess my mom was right when I was like nine and she said I might come to a point in my life when I just needed to write on something. So, I stole some of Courtney’s study papers.
Haha. Courtney’s study papers. Well, to be honest, I already knew all that. It just said boring math problems on it.
So, the story.
It was so true. Courtney HAD become my rival. Well, I didn’t exactly want her as a rival, but I definitely didn’t want her as a friend either.
And don’t even think about a girlfriend.
As I also said before, I was OVER her. Jeesh. Why couldn’t anyone get that one fact straight?
Fan fiction by Mp4girl posted over a year ago
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This is set after the challenge in Rock n' Rule.
(Duncan's POV)
Over the last couple weeks, I had a really weird feeling grip me. I had totally changed my mind about Courtney.
I don't know what it was- I knew I'd always loved her- but that was before!
My feelings had changed about her. I know they had, but I didn't know why, or how...
All I knew was that I didn't love her anymore. Sure, I had a crush on her before. And it was something real then, too... But not anymore. I had grown closer and closer to Gwen as we befriended, and now that I think about it, I had a really nice time with her.
Harold told me that I must have been blind not to notice that we were 'practically twins,' as he put it. Anger gripped me as I remembered.
"Going after Gwen, are you, Duncan?" He had teased me on night.
"No," I retorted. "Why would I be? Get a life, dweeb!"
"Uh-huh, definately going after her..."
He muttered to himself.
"I am NOT going after her!" I said back, my face hot. "And why would you think that?"
Fan fiction by Fangirl99 posted over a year ago
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brookes POV
i was in my room,lindsey had gone home, and the chris ceromonie was over,and if you watch closely enough,you should know what i was thinknig about.
its happening again,oncr in the 4-5th grade, i liked tihs guy named tony,yeah,i followed him,almost stlaked him during school,and now they all know.
lindsey is my besty,and,i would so hurt whoever voted off duncan if he went home on the fairy tail,and the rock challlenge.i was gonna ask him out, but im not sure.
i know duncan likes courtney,but i think he likes me too. cause wheni look at him,hes looking at me andd he has that look on his face. what a womanizer.
okay,im done.
duncans pov.

"should i?" i kept asking myself,over,and over,and over again. i wrote a not telling him to meet me at the chris ceromony stage.i ran as soon as konecked on the door

duncans POV
what?oh,yeah. the note was at the door,i read it,but it didnt say who its was from. maybe it was from courtney.