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Article by Supernatural67 posted over a year ago
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Duncan wallpaper.
When I first saw an episode of Total Drama Island, instantly I knew that Duncan was my favorite character. He's the bad boy on the episode, and a valuable member to the team. He's been in juvie more times that he's been to school and came from a family of police officers. Duncan was always the rebel of the family, and the only reason he signed up for Total Drama Island was to get out of more juvie. Even though he always trys to be bad, he is really a good person underneath his bad boy attitude.

Duncan was always clashing with Courtney, until they got close. He was constantly pranking Harold and often used his skills that he used in juvie to help win challenges or cause mischief. Duncan was eliminated because Chef Hatchet hated him so much.

In Total Drama Action, Duncan became close friends with Gwen, and begun bullying Harold even more, when he found out that he was responsible for getting Courtney eliminated. Soon they were the only male contestants left on the show.
Fan fiction by Mp4girl posted over a year ago
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Read Part 1 and Part 2 of this B4 u read this! This is set the two days after the kung-fu challenge.
(Journal writing by Duncan)
So. Courtney had become my “rival,” as they call it.
Lovely. Just lovely.
Are you sure you want to know what happened? Guess what? I am TOTALLY over her. I mentioned that already.
Do not ask why I am writing this thing, but I guess my mom was right when I was like nine and she said I might come to a point in my life when I just needed to write on something. So, I stole some of Courtney’s study papers.
Haha. Courtney’s study papers. Well, to be honest, I already knew all that. It just said boring math problems on it.
So, the story.
It was so true. Courtney HAD become my rival. Well, I didn’t exactly want her as a rival, but I definitely didn’t want her as a friend either.
And don’t even think about a girlfriend.
As I also said before, I was OVER her. Jeesh. Why couldn’t anyone get that one fact straight?
Fan fiction by Mp4girl posted over a year ago
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This is set after the challenge in Rock n' Rule.
(Duncan's POV)
Over the last couple weeks, I had a really weird feeling grip me. I had totally changed my mind about Courtney.
I don't know what it was- I knew I'd always loved her- but that was before!
My feelings had changed about her. I know they had, but I didn't know why, or how...
All I knew was that I didn't love her anymore. Sure, I had a crush on her before. And it was something real then, too... But not anymore. I had grown closer and closer to Gwen as we befriended, and now that I think about it, I had a really nice time with her.
Harold told me that I must have been blind not to notice that we were 'practically twins,' as he put it. Anger gripped me as I remembered.
"Going after Gwen, are you, Duncan?" He had teased me on night.
"No," I retorted. "Why would I be? Get a life, dweeb!"
"Uh-huh, definately going after her..."
He muttered to himself.
"I am NOT going after her!" I said back, my face hot. "And why would you think that?"