Who do you think will be the new jerk, antagonist, good guy/girl? Or what kind of stereotypes they will try out? With so many possibilities, we really don't know what the new cast will do. Thoughts anyone? It could be a prediction that ends up turning out like the producers' idea about them or the opposite of what they have in mind for them.

My personal prediction-

#1 - The Shy girl. Could end up being similar to Dawn or may be the new Gwen
#2- The Cowgirl/boy. Basically a Bridgette/ Geoff combo. Could be their love child (JK)
#3 The Charmer (similar to Alejandro and Justin) or simply a jerk like Duncan and Scott.
#4 The DJ?/ or maybe a medieval theme for this guy
#5 The Stuck-up(?) Princess similar to Courtney or Dakota.
#6 Have no clue. The Crazy Rocker Chick/Dude?
#7 The New Cody... Nothing much to say about him
#8 The Skater Dude. Probably a combo between Geoff, Trent and Duncan's personalities.
#9 The Scientist(?) Could be a Beth and Harold combo with a touch of Courtney.
#10 The Nerdy Owen. I think he may be Asian (not trying to be racist!) because of his haircut. He could be a smart version of Owen
#11 The Jerkish Jock. I could see him being similar to Lightning due to the guy's shoulders (indicating he's very muscular) but may be a jerk like Duncan and Scott.
#12 The Devilish Twin. This one I predict will be the bad twin( due to the color nature red being seen as bad, as white is seen as good) and she will most likely be the antagonist this season.
#13 The Angelic Twin. This one will obviously be the good twin, who may end up being hated for the actions of her twin sister will cause throughout the season.
#14. The Mysterious One. Honestly no clue... I guess that's what makes her/him mysterious since her/his silhouette is almost impossible to identify her/him.

Well that's MY prediction which may or may not end up being true when they're revealed, but it was worth a shot. :p