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Total Drama Revenge of the Island (TDROTI) Fan fiction Article

Mike's long love story

Fan fiction by Tkomastersay posted over a year ago
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This is mike's feelings for zoey.
Enjoy :)
Zoey when i look in your eyes i get lost in what am thinking of. The wind blows slow but when am around you everything just change.
I can't say a word when i hold your hands.Everything revoles around me when am with you. In the first time i saw you in episode 1 i could do nothing but look intoo your face.
man i try to say something but i had no word.
I show you that i care about how you are,
I can not so i walk away with nothing
But you without you am nothing
zoey you are all of my dreams of joy i can't wonder where am going to be from you in me
But for now let's stay together
i have to say a ''four letter word'' to you
My heart beats faster when you hold my hand
now forever and today zoey you are my number one!
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emmab13 said:
That's sooooo sweet.
posted over a year ago.
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*starts tearing up* "no,not gonna go there right now" I loved it :)
posted over a year ago.