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TDWT RP!!  Frankiestein65 2 937 over a year ago
Total Drama Fan Show!!!!!!  FangirlDoesThis 0 733 over a year ago
HELLO MUST READ  james55 35 3229 over a year ago
Total Pokemon World Tour  sturmelle15 0 1551 over a year ago
total drama reality sign up cast  maceylol 2 2923 over a year ago
Now!  Ezekielfan 2 614 over a year ago
If you were heather would you go out with alejandro?  heathersgirl 0 267 over a year ago
Who wants to be Noah?  Ezekielfan 1 189 over a year ago
Who wants to be Ezekiel  Ezekielfan 1 642 over a year ago
New thing!  Ezekielfan 10 639 over a year ago
Zeke  Rida103 1 511 over a year ago
Create a contestant.  OmegaFan 2 1894 over a year ago
who is your fave character  izzyfan909 31 5422 over a year ago
Kiss Slap Hug  R33n33sm3 2 448 over a year ago
aleheather  aleheatherfan01 0 367 over a year ago
DxC (Fans only)  izzyfan909 15 1227 over a year ago
who will win tdwt  james55 12 2533 over a year ago
Total Drama World Tour Camp Season 2  soxfan89 21 1648 over a year ago
Countdown To 700 Fans  soxfan89 1 362 over a year ago
TOTAL DRAMA WORLD TOUR CAMP!!!!!!  GwenHeather 1 568 over a year ago
The COMMENT Forum!  dXcFan14 63 3373 over a year ago
NEW club:Total Drama Challenge  TDWT5678 0 386 over a year ago
A NEW! website for total drama  TDWT5678 0 719 over a year ago
The Winner Of TDWT *Spoiler*  josephrocks180 0 2394 over a year ago
Hey you guys i want to have a new season  TDWT5678 0 282 over a year ago
ill give someone a prop if they tell me what the heck happened to sierra  noahfan4life 1 574 over a year ago
Episode 13 part 1  GigglesD 1 796 over a year ago
Episode 13 part 2  GigglesD 8 3110 over a year ago
OMG OMG OMG  izzysawsome 4 600 over a year ago
lol i know this inst the right place to do this but the pic is off of tdwt  noahfan4life 2 476 over a year ago
Episode 11 part 2  GigglesD 0 441 over a year ago
Episode 11 part 1  GigglesD 0 544 over a year ago
Episode 12 part 2  GigglesD 0 344 over a year ago
Episode 12 part 1  GigglesD 0 187 over a year ago
Alejandro and Lady Gaga???  captainholly 3 806 over a year ago
Total Drama World Tour Elemination Prediction  TurtleLurtle 1 271 over a year ago
Post your Predictions on the Elimination order.  TDI_Izzy 7 1201 over a year ago
Chris vs Chef  james55 2 358 over a year ago
Episode 3 discussion  TDI_Izzy 2 375 over a year ago
Who wants to be Katie?  Ezekielfan 0 245 over a year ago
Who wants to be Justin?  Ezekielfan 0 300 over a year ago
Who wants to be Eva?  Ezekielfan 0 478 over a year ago
Who wants to be LeShawna?  Ezekielfan 0 323 over a year ago
Who wants to be DJ?  Ezekielfan 0 278 over a year ago
Total Drama Camp  Ezekielfan 0 176 over a year ago
COUNTDOWN TIME.......................................  james55 30 1416 over a year ago
Total Drama  james55 1 303 over a year ago
My Tdwt prediction  izzysawsome 5 2738 over a year ago
Post your thoughts about TDWT  TDI_Izzy 7 639 over a year ago
Td People I think should be couples  izzysawsome 1 1138 over a year ago
i'm just checking  izzysawsome 0 382 over a year ago
WOW AMAZING  james55 7 260 over a year ago
Total Drama World Tour info  izzysawsome 0 223 over a year ago
GAME TIME  james55 3 400 over a year ago
Please read  izzysawsome 1 391 over a year ago
JOIN THIS CLUB IF YOU LIKE dXcfan14 and James55  izzysawsome 2 412 over a year ago
I thought this would be fun  izzysawsome 212 4294 over a year ago
Countdown till' 50 fans!  totaldramarox 18 422 over a year ago
TOTAL DRAMA REVENGE HELLO MUST READ challenge  james55 7 1638 over a year ago
Cool game you should play  james55 6 1856 over a year ago
Forum about anything  james55 12 184 over a year ago
HELLO MUST READ  james55 4 498 over a year ago
What Do You Guys Think Of The New Contestants?  dXcFan14 8 502 over a year ago