As stated in the first three parts of the episode, Gwen and Trent are getting married and are having a big wedding, with the help of some of their friends. Here's part three. This time, some of the preparations are going haywire.

Leshawna's Journal

Despite my pineapple allergy, I have decided that I should work on the batter and the frosting, but it wasn't gonna be easy. There had to be some individual situations with what type of flavor frosting Trent and Gwen would like, or what kind of cake decorations they'll like. This was going to be one hell of a decision. But first, I needed to confront to Harold. He said that I needed to get the flavor first, then I could see which one that we'll use. When I got back, there were massive uptight dilemmas with the wedding and the catering. There was no way in hell I was gonna let this shit get through.

Gwen's Journal

The new tailor that he just hired was doing a fantastic job working on our wedding outfits, and he was as nice as a flower that just sprung. His name was Michael Stone, and he stated that he got his interest in the fashion business since he first started college. He took classes on how to design and customize outfits, especially for special occasions, like weddings and parties. Not only did he do the outfits, but he added some special features to them. On my dress, he added some special glitter that lit up the room, and on Trent's suit, he put a lotus flower on the left collar and added a bit of jazz. From the moment we layed eyes on this guy, this would turn out to be a better experience.

The wedding will be included in part 4, as well as journals from Owen, Duncan and Tyler.