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Fan fiction by emmab13 posted over a year ago
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So, I decided to write a story on what I would like to happen if I met Mike. Enjoy!
I was only 14 years old when I heard the scream for help. I was walking home from school when I saw some boys kicking, punching, and just plain beating up this poor guy. I ran over to them. "Hey! Leave him alone!" I shouted at them. "If it isn't Emma the Lonely. Are you sticking up for your boyfriend?" Ryan snickered. Ryan always hated me. Only because everyone loved me, don't know why. They just did. "I don't even know him. Now I said leave him alone,". I punched Ryan right in the nose, that began to bleed. "You'll regret that Emma," said Ryan. The three guys ,then, walked away.

I looked down at the boy who what covered in bruises and cuts. Along with ripped clothes. Other that that, he was sorta tannish, with raven black hair. I helped him up. "You OK?" I asked sorrowfully. "Yeah. I'm fine. Thank you so much," the boy replied. "Anytime. So, what's your name?" I asked. "Mike Sharrow(Share-o),". "Nice toy meet you, Mike. I'm Emma. Emma Bolkovatz(Bowl- ka- vats), but you can call me Em,". "Ok. Cool," Miked...
Opinion by Frankiestein65 posted over a year ago
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(Sorry this is so short)

Mike- Sweet guy. He is probably the most laid back of the personalities and he is sure to capture Zoey's heart if he can control his MPD. 😀

Chester- Probably my least fave personality. All he does is grumble and moan and he is just not cool. 😒

Svetlana- I like this personality! Svetlana is just a bundle of energy from Russia in my eyes. She should be in the Olympics! Shame she doesn't appear often. 😉

Manitoba Smith- Wow. Just wow. This is probably one of mikes best personalities yet! Flirty, yet adventurous, and from Australia, an awesome combo! 😉

Vito- Seriously?! You had to make one of them "I think I'm so hot" guys. BTW, Mikes personalities seem to be coming from all over the globe right now. Russia, Australia and now Italy?! God! Anyways, back to Vito. He has about a flirty level of 100000000000000000000000000 and is just no girl really likes him. Except for maybe Anne Maria... 😏
Opinion by carlie445 posted over a year ago
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All His Personalities.
Not Mine. All rights go to wikipedia.

Mike, known as the Multiple Personality Disorder,[6] unfortunately has a disorder which causes him to have five different personalities, which are: Mike (the regular guy), Chester (an old man), Svetlana (a Russian female gymnast), Manitoba Smith (an Australian adventurer who is a parody of Indiana Jones and Steve Irwin), and Vito (a parody of Michael Sorrentino). Regardless, he has a relationship with Zoey, and even Anne Maria (who is attracted to Vito), though in the end he overwhelmed his personalities and stayed with Zoey. For Zoey, Mike is hot and smart (as confessed by Zoey in the episode, "Ice Ice Baby")