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Fan fiction by koalagirl9 posted over a year ago
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"Please wake up Mike"I hear a sweet voice say as i wake up. Everything is a blur and i don't know were i am.
"Am i in a mental hospital"I say.
Then the sweet voice speaks again.
Voice:No silly your in the regular hospital you burnt yourself with a match for some silly reason and had to be rushed to the hospital you wouldnt even be living if your mom did'nt hear you screaming
Me:wait Zo is that you
Zoey:Bingo why did this happen anyway
Me:I thought...Well...I thought you hated me for the umm....Chester thing
Zoey:What?I know you cant control your MPD.Its just a small quirk
Me:so were still cool
Zoey giggles and nods the leans close to my forehead and kisses it.
Zoey:and never hurt yourself
Me:Lesson learned.
Zoey:to be honest you were passed out for 3 days in a coma because you fell on your head and i was here almost 24/7 anyway i gotta go see you when you get out of the hospital.
Then i fall asleep and i see my personalitys again
Fan fiction by koalagirl9 posted over a year ago
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I lie on the ground what should i do?I think.If i tell my mom i'll be grounded intill i leave this house.All though that cant be any whorst then the pain in my leg.Plus how would i explain to zoey she'll be super mad.I limp to the kichen to tell my mom after explaining it to me about what happened she just brought me she even gave me her cell phone to call Zoey.I get a cast its glow in the dark.When i get home my parents sign my cast.I asked Zoey if she can come.She said yes.After signing she kisses the cast.I look it said I ---- --- zoey the lipstick made a mark over the rest.I wanted to know.Then i notice my shirt is hooked on the chair when i move my shirt comes of and i turn into vito.He said that he did'nt need the the cast and its it of my mom puts a blanket over my somewhat sexy chest my hair goes up and turn into dumb old Mike Geoman.
Mom:what the hell did you do Micheal?
Me:it was Vito i swear!
Mom:ugh i know why did you take your shirt of
Me:it ripped
Fan fiction by koalagirl9 posted over a year ago
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I run home my mom stares at me as i run in.
Mom:your late
Me:me and zo lost track of time
Mom:go to your room
I look at her and then...
Chester:back in my day we didnt go to our room we got whipped with a wooden spoon eh?
I run to my room hoping my mom would'nt take that advice.When i get to my room i fall on my bed.
Stupid chester...now im grounded and i told zo i'd call her (before the story started)she will hate me now.Then i see the wall phone its very old from the last person who lived there.But i try.It works.
Me:hey Zo
Zoey:Hi Mike what is up with the caller id it said unknown number
Me:dont ask long story
Zoey:hey im going to the park.Wanna come
I hang up crud i cant leave then i see my window my 2 story window.I jump out and scream.Then my fear turns into pain my
Leg was bent bad the wrong way.