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ZUN and Tasofro have announced Touhou 13.5: Hopeless Masquerade. It's another fighting game. It appears to have a different engine entirely from the other Touhou fighting games. The sprites are also different. While having a higher, resolution than the old sprites, they have less style. I think that I'll miss the old sprites, but that might just be nostalgia.

"It took a great deal of planning until the announcement, I'm sure because it was completed properly and developed with different concept that it felt like years." -ZUN

Introduction to Touhou 13.5: Touhou Shinkirou - Hopeless Masquerade -

Frequent cataclysms, the terror of disasters that cannot be opposed...

This flooded humanity with despair and pessimism. Amongst their communities, a heavy atmosphere swirled about.

But even so, it was not despair. Rather, something closer to the feeling of inescapability that humanity's future would not change.

"Why not!?"

Apparently, someone had spit those words out, as I felt those words barely come into audibility.

That's right.

If nothing is to change, can't I do anything I want?

That's right.

Isn't it fine if I live moment to moment?

One by one, the emotions of the people in the community were released, and simultaneously, order fell into ruin. There were people who looked at the situation from a different viewpoint.

They were practitioners of religion.

These religionists thought to grasp the chaotic hearts of the populace. Because it was a good opportunity to gather people to their respective agreements even as they took back order.

Monks who built temples in Gensoukyou, Taoists who sought to leave behind the secular world and achieve immortality...

And the priestesses who sought to be restored to their rightful seat.

These women resolved themselves.

That these were their respective 'entrances'.

Now, let each of them, wielding their faith as their armament, fight with grace and splendour, stealing popularity and reputation from one another!
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