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Fan fiction by Sk8bordNewMoon posted over a year ago
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Ivie's POV
It has been a couple of days now and the bracelet still shocks me. I would do anything to get this off my arm. I'm sick of this feeling. Every time I get shocked by this dumb bracelet, I feel as of I have to throw up. And I desperately hate throwing up.
I sat in my bed before the sun was coming up. My room was almost completely dark except for a small blue lights coming from under neath my door. Jabs? It could not be them. What would they be doing here, in the dorms.
I quietly creeped out of my bed and went to the door. I cracked it open and peered out. A jab looked right at me. I stared back, wondering why they were here. I opened the door a little bit more. It made some kind of noise and some more jabs appeared. I quickly shut my door. What now? I am wide awake and there is nothing to do. Plus there is no way out! Except for those passage ways Ian was talking about. I felt a tine hole in the floor. I pulled it quietly open and slipped in. I started wondering around down there. They were very dark! I could barley see fifteen feet in front of me. I climbed a ladder up to another floor. I felt like I had been in this very same exact sport before. This...
Fan fiction by Sk8bordNewMoon posted over a year ago
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Cambridge Academy Chapter Thirteen
Ian's POV
"Ivie, Ian." Headmaster said. "Ian thank you for bringing Ivie to my office."
"I'm here to stay!" I said. "Ivie does not want to be all alone with you so she is not going to be alone with you."
"Ian, we have to get to class." Madeline said. "Come on!"
"No, Ivie wants me here!" I said. "Don't you?" Did she still want me to stay?
"Yes, I really do." Ivie said as she looked down. "But I do not want you get sent to West campus because of me. I would feel awful!"
"If you do not feel comfortable than you do not have stay." I said. "I will stay with you if you are scared that bad!"
"Ian." Madeline sigh as there was a knock on the door. "Let's go!" I continued to ignored her.
"Ian, really just go." Ivie said as feared entered her eyes. "Do not get in trouble because of me." Her voice was also shaky.
"Be carefu!" I whisperd. "Fight with all your might and then run as fast as possible if you have too."
Article by CJsbiggestfan posted over a year ago
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what do we do ian should we go back or stay

i think well i don't know we have to plan this first first we should vote to see if we should go back

suki well i'm in no hurry to see my family even if we thought the headmaster is stupid i think we should go back

suki i wan't you to make sure your thinking about this it could just be a trap you know headmaster's plan so we will come back

but we don't know

fine i'm with suki on this

great ian what about you

fine i'm with you gies cj

well he is my father i'm in

okay now plan time what do you mean if they trie to keep us we will create an destraction and leave the same way and never trust them again who's in

we all are in ian

great then lets go gies and hopefully not make a mistake

ian you have to appoligise to the headmater first

yah i know suki and i will now lets go